Are You Missing Prosperity and Fulfillment in Your Life?

We are all seeking prosperity and fulfillment in our lives. What that means to us can be completely different than another person’s definition of prosperity.

What Do You Think You Really Deserve?

Take everything you know about the economy, unemployment rates, your debt, your income and the current balance in your bank accounts. Would you say you are prospering? If you don’t think you are, do you think there is an abundance of prosperity out there for you to tap into? What if I told you that the Universe has an unlimited amount of prosperity and it’s just waiting for you to get a piece of it? Well it does, but you need to reexamine your definition of prosperity and how you have gone about getting it in the past. I asked some of our psychics how you, dear reader, could attract prosperity and they were very excited to share their knowledge with you! A reading with one of our Destiny/Life Path psychics is just the thing you need to create prosperity in your life!

What are the different types of prosperity and are they all equally important?

Spencer ext. 5643: “Prosperity is a general term, like an umbrella, for many ways of thriving and flourishing. It’s a global description made up of different things such as health, wealth, happiness, love, family, fulfillment and more. There are 7 billion of us on this planet and we each define prosperity based upon what we think it is.” Are you struggling to find your measurement of prosperity and fulfillment in your life? If so contact one of our psychics to help you find what you are looking for.

Judianne ext. 5129: “Unfortunately, most people feel prosperity is financial. I feel that all prosperity is important but spiritual prosperity has the most value. If you work on your spiritual prosperity, all the rest follow.”

Makenna ext. 5791: “Feeling worthy of wealth and love on a psychological level is one type of prosperity. Another type is knowing and having faith that there is an infinite supply and that your needs will be met. Releasing fear and tension and replacing them with an open mind is another type. In addition, supporting other people’s success and feeling admiration as opposed to envy is another form of prosperity.”

Why do some people have so much while others have so little?

Lumina ext. 5087: “If the individual moans, complains and bellyaches all the time than what they are attracting in their life is negative energy, and they won’t be prosperous.”

Makenna ext. 5791: “Prosperous people don’t settle and don’t believe everything they are told. They do whatever they want to in spite of the status quo. They take advantage of the opportunities around them, while others stay complacent. There is more room for them to prosper since so many others simply accept their situation.”

Maggie ext. 5027: “The laws of Universal Energy are very clear in telling us that what we ask for, we will receive. Successful manifest by knowing they deserve abundance. The Universe gives them what they ask for. Those of us who lack abundance, even though we may be wonderful people, tend to feel we are undeserving in some way.”

Libby ext. 5288: “The Universe does not judge and decide who should or shouldn’t prosper. How you feel about your own ability to attract money and prosperity is what the Universe is going to respond to and is what you are going to see manifested in your life.”

Amanda ext. 5605: “People who believe there isn’t enough to go around are always finding themselves lacking and in survival mode. Survival is the flip side of thriving.”

Why should we focus on attracting more than just financial prosperity to ourselves?

Lumina ext. 5087: “We also need spiritual prosperity which means we develop a strong relationship with something greater than ourselves. We should also desire bodily prosperity which is good health. If our health is poor we can’t really enjoy our financial abundance or material possessions.”

Spencer ext. 5643: “Prosperity is restricted if it is in only one area. When life is balanced with health, wealth, happiness, fulfillment and love the flow is unrestricted.”

Makenna ext. 5791: “Financial prosperity is only one aspect of comfort and happiness. Money will help, but it can’t bring to you authentic experiences that are priceless.”

How can we attract prosperity even in tough (economic) times?

Sandy ext. 5768: “Giving, releasing and letting go creates space for energy to move. Fill that space with good thoughts, energy, dreams and desires and prosperity will follow. Know within your soul that you deserve prosperity in all areas of your life. Do your part and the Universe will meet you half way.”

Spencer ext. 5643: “The Universe is infinitely abundant. Claim your piece of what you want. Then all you have to do is convince your subconscious you deserve it.”

Judianne ext. 5129: “This is a ‘yes’ Universe and we must believe in ourselves and our power to have all good come to us.

William ext. 5131: “Do you tell yourself that wealth is for ‘lucky’ people? If you do, you don’t deserve prosperity. You are clearly telling the universe that you don’t want it.”

Do you have a prosperity mantra to share with our readers?

Spencer ext. 5643: “To have prosperity, just simply claim it, ‘Prosperity is mine!’”

Fiona ext. 5178: “My favorite prosperity affirmation is ‘I open my mind to prosperity. I open my mind to abundant prosperity now.’”

Amanda ext. 5605: “I now allow, accept and receive infinite abundance and goodness in my life.”

Judianne ext. 5129: “One of my spiritual teachers said ‘Go out into the world believing something is yours and you will own it, but if you doubt this, you will never attain it.’”

Let’s all take a new approach to prosperity and abundance in 2013. You have the basics, but for a personal, step-by-step plan, give any of our Destiny/Life Path psychics a call!

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    Infinite/Eternal Divine Blessings to ALL Psychics!
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    SANDY AND JUDIANNE , has expressed the most unique clarity on prosperity. T.Y. for the enrichment. The encouragement will last me a lifetime.


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