Create a Dreamboard to Manifest What You Want!

Make Your Dreams a Reality

Roll up the Law of Attraction, arts and crafts, and meditation and you have DREAM BOARDS! I love this process and use it several times a year, and it works for me. So I’m going to share my secrets with you!

1. Start with poster paper, at least 16 X 24. Choose a color that best represents to you what “energy” you need to manifest these desires, red for action, passion, and speed; pastel greens and blues if you need calm, clear, and serene energies; or go bold, powerful and divine with gold or purple!

2. Chose those goals that you are working towards, be realistic, keep it to a few, and be willing to do the actions and footwork to manifest them as well. Look for the more spiritual goals to take on, yet don’t be afraid of asking for what you need, a car, a new place to live, love…

3. Gather the other supplies; scissors, glue, glitter, colored pens, stickers, as well as all the images that represent what you want to “pull” into your life. I like to browse the Internet for images, surf through magazines, or actually add things like sand from the ocean, or ticket stubs for plays, or leaves from my favorite nature walk… if those things help you to visualize what you want, then make them a part of your Dream Board.

4. Set yourself up with your supplies, and then put on some music that you feel will move you forward towards your goals. Create sacred space around you by doing a prayer or meditation that asks for divine guidance in this creation and the actions you are taking to manifest a new energy into your life!

5. Figure out the “time frame” of this board’s quest. I usually do one board from spring to fall, but you can do them over any amount of time, one year, three months, two full cycles of the moon, from New Year’s Day to Mid Summer. Your choice… be realistic about how much time the actions you need to take to meet the divine half way!

6. Now be mindful of what should be at the center of your picture. What is the main focus, or the “beginning” point of your journey? Now slowly and with great thought and intent add each element, and then begin to artistically connect and beautify each section or area until you feel it represents the important things you want to manifest over the time you have chosen, make it fun to look at.

7. Now hang it someplace where every time you see it, you think, “Yes, it is my WILL to manifest these things into my life.” Be willing to do prayer or meditation at least twice a week where you visualize yourself WITH those things in your life, and be sure that you are willing to offer up kindnesses to the universe in exchange for those gifts!

8. Be positive in order to attract positive energy!

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3 thoughts on “Create a Dreamboard to Manifest What You Want!

  1. Carla

    still waiting for results. been a year. Done with true heart intent and nothing has come of it. should I make a new one?


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