Modern-Day Goddess or Female Commitment-Phobe?

Are You Just Fooling Yourself?

I can feel, smell and sense a commitment-phobe a mile away. I deal with them every day in my life and my work, and it takes one to know and understand one.

After my husband died when I was 27, I shut down on all levels to love. I ran from my psychic gifts, because I knew he was going to die, and my efforts to prevent that didn’t work. It’s taken many years to come to grips with my own inner patterns. I used to say, what’s wrong with men today? Why can’t I find the right one for me? Well, it wasn’t something wrong with them, it was me. I was subconsciously choosing men who were commitment-phobes. And believe me, being empathic made me a real whiz at it.

I have had several marriage proposals over the years that I turned down because I couldn’t look at the man and say I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. That was my proposal years, and then I hit the player years. I attracted many suave, good-looking ones, too! Then came the day the one that really got under my skin, the one I had a soul connection to, the one I could read right through, the one who melted me when he held and kissed me, and the one who could send me into a primal screaming fit. The ultimate commitment-phobe, my perfect match. I put myself through four years of pure hell over this connection that was so intense. I did everything a person could do to make it work, played all the games until I said enough, stop the insanity!

See, there are several types of feminine phobes. I was never the one to go after a man in a relationship or married. My psychic and empathic gifts kept me from that type of pain. I choose something much more challenging and painful. Well here it is in a nutshell—I choose to be the modern day goddess who can date whoever she wants, and without reservation or fears of commitment, because I’m single and I can. Smile, ladies… you can, too!

Who knows, maybe Mathew Hussey can chime in on the case—by the way, he sure is handsome. Great smile, energy and accent. It’s about getting the right guy for you. After all, you deserve a great connection. California Psychics has many lovely readers who can help you with any relationship issues, to move on or hang in there. Remember, it’s you who has the ultimate control of your future relationships. You have no control over anyone else, and the relationships you draw to you are an extension of you.

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7 thoughts on “Modern-Day Goddess or Female Commitment-Phobe?

  1. abigail

    I read with Abigail for the first time today. She was amazingly accurate with her information. As an example she knew my birthday month and also where my love interest lived to name a few details. I would definitely read with her again. She is a lovely person with a true gift!!!

  2. C. Adams

    Commitment Phobes come in both sexes. I am still reeling from one after 3 months of being released…. We had such a karmic connection I woulda thought it could have transcended all time; and maybe it did. Turns out in a past life we were married and that was ended extremely prematurely by tragedy. This life, she got her licks in first lol…. and left, after pushing and pushing for stability and commitment…. and when life finally allowed that to be; off she went skipping down the road never to be heard from again (at least not painlessly)…. and so once again, a broken heart is the source of a limitless learning…. I am starting to believe that people in general become commitment phobes out of fear…. primarily the fear of the heartache that will come, if they commit and end up with a broken heart just like the ones they create.

  3. LUCY

    Great article Abigail! Relationships are so challenging at times and every relationship takes work. If 2 people are fully committed they can make miracles happen between them. Otherwise, it is an experiement usually ending in one or both hearts breaking. I love the way you share your own journey. As psychics we too have to face mortal life.

  4. misskrystal

    oops boo boo sorry for the typos lol
    hit send before I was ready-I was saying I love the way you tied this all together, at the end.
    Miss Krystal

  5. misskrystal

    Thank you, for sharing this journey, Abigail. I love the way you connect it at, all, at the end-I am curious, too, what Mathew Hussey would say, about this. Would be awesome to hear from him. 🙂
    Thanks again, for the wonderful post! Miss Krystal
    PS Hope you and your family have a wonderful Turkey day!


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