Control Your Sensitivity

Imagine how many footprints in the sand have been made, how many first kisses and dates have taken place, how many children have been conceived under the full moon! The full moon can be a magical time of romance, passion, plenitude and calm, but it can also be a time when emotions run high and the world seems, well, a little crazy.

The moon puts us in touch with intuition and emotion. When full, its lunar power can make us more sensitive than usual. Many experience increased stress levels and emotional volatility. Negotiating these forces can be a matter of recognizing this connection between ourselves and the moon. If you are normally a highly sensitive person, or notice that you become more sensitive during a full moon, these tips can help you cope with that sensitivity and make the most of what can be an equally auspicious time.

Moon journal
Start a moon journal in which you write down anything that might be on your mind each full moon. This is a great way to take note of any full-moon madness you may have witnessed and to sort through strong emotions you might be feeling. Moon journaling helps you not only explore, but celebrate and accept all of your feelings, which can make you whole again!

Pull back
The full moon has a tendency to reveal what isn’t working. Don’t be afraid to pull back or out of projects that just aren’t coming together. In addition, it may not be the best time to start new projects or make big decisions. Sometimes reclaiming your energy is the best way to cope with a disruptive full moon. Conversely, if the increased energy output from the full moon is helping you accomplish your goals, make use of it. Your intuition and emotions will let you know what’s right.

Healthy indulgence
Be prepared… to sit back and relax. If you feel the urge, treat yourself to something special, but take note that the full moon is a time of increased cravings. It won’t do to repress desires, but you also want to avoid anything unhealthy. Try to give yourself beneficial treats like soaking in a hot bath with therapeutic salts or a massage from a trusted professional. Avoid any kind of treatment you are not yet comfortable with. If you do end up breaking a promise, forgive yourself because giving in is a whole lot easier on a full moon! And, remember, within a few days, everything will be back to normal again.

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