Conquer Your Roadblocks

Break Through Anything that Stands in Your Way

Psychic Paige explains in the video that when we listen to the nay-sayers, those who say it can’t be done, we are putting up roadblocks to our success. Although these nay-sayers might be friends, family or co-workers and they might mean well, what are their motivations? Are they afraid you might fail? Are they fearful that you might get hurt? By allowing them to define your life path, instant roadblocks are created. Sometimes the roadblocks are undetectable, deep in our subconscious.

Sometimes the roadblock comes from within. That small voice Paige talks about is your conscious/subconscious trying to guide you towards your goals. When you ignore it, you create your own roadblocks.

I dreamed of becoming a massage therapist. However, I didn’t think I could do it because I worked full time and it would be expensive. One day, I decided to see if I could do it. If not, I could leave the dream in the dust. Much to my surprise, I found a school nearby with evening and weekend classes. I even found a way to pay for my classes. So I did it. I’m now a certified massage therapist. If I had allowed my thoughts to predict my future, I wouldn’t have achieved one of my dreams.

By reconnecting to your inner voice, you’ll remove roadblocks very quickly. If you’ve never heard the voice or have long forgotten what it sounded like, use these tips to help reconnect to your inner voice.

1. Meditation: It’s Not What You Think

Meditation can mean sitting for long hours thinking about nothing. However, in this meditation, we want to sit and listen to ourselves. Begin by sitting comfortably in a quiet place. Breathe deeply in and out of your nose, slowly and repeatedly. Allow your mind and thoughts to focus on your inhales and exhales. Then, as an observer, watch what thoughts float to the surface. There’s no need to interact with the thoughts. Instead, allow yourself to remember these thoughts when you come out of the meditative state.

2. Yoga Pose

If sitting quietly is too challenging, then do some yoga! Again, breathe in and out through your nose and allow your thoughts to focus on the breath and the pose. As you’re doing the poses, watch your thoughts. There’s no need to interact with them, just make note what the voice or voices are saying.

3. Creative Writing

If meditation or doing yoga are not compelling, sit with a journal or at your computer. Breath deeply in and out through your nose (noticing a trend here?). When the first thought pops into your head, write it down and keep writing until the thoughts start to repeat themselves or until you feel you’ve heard enough.

Now that you’ve connected to the voice, is it surprising everything it had to say? Was it all positive? Was it all negative? Or was it a mix between the two? It really doesn’t matter what you heard, what did you learn?

When doing these exercises, I found out that my inner voice was rather smart, insightful, jealous, mean and wonderful. By listening to the voice, I saw my path more clearly. I understood where my instincts and gut reactions were coming from and why. Since I became a certified massage therapist, I’ve gone on to conquer many more dreams. May you clear the path ahead to achieve your dreams.

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5 thoughts on “Conquer Your Roadblocks

  1. Paulette

    Lots of times when people discourage you it is because they don’t want you to succeed. I am not kidding. They don’t want you to do better than them, look better than them, or have more money, etc. It is sad. I have never begrudged anyone anything. The universe has enough for everyone.

  2. hallender

    Kathy, I’ve been in the same boat! It’s amazing how opportunities suddenly open up around us when we embrace who we really are. As soon as I told the world I was writer, opportunities started pouring in. It was like the universe was waiting for me to wake up and just realize it for myself! Congrats on the ghost writing! Have fun!

  3. Kathy

    This takes me waaay back. I have always wanted to be a writer. That’s why I majored in English/concentration on writing in college. Now, my life is focused on teaching. I think I love teaching, based on the experiences I’ve had in that field. But the other day I sent a copy of my meditation to a psychic healer, and she said I should be a writer. I’ve already started on the “teaching path,” with getting ready to open a tutoring service, but with her words, I suddenly feel “discovered!” AND she has asked me to be her ghost writer!! Being that I don’t have any students yet (school is just starting), I feel that I can do both for awhile, and see which door opens for me. Or have two careers. Who knows?

  4. misskrystal

    No matter who we are, we all face roadblocks and obstacles.
    But it is how we deal with them that gets us to the place we want to be, much faster. This is a part of life.

    This post was fantastic. Paige, excellent video, totally enjoyed this. Thank you.
    Miss Krystal

  5. Jacqueline

    Beautifully said, I have had the pleasure of meeting her and she is such a lovely, insightful psychic.
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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