Negative Thought Damage: Let It Go

Getting Over Past Hurts

It’s amazing how greatly thinking negatively can influence our everyday experiences. Negative thinking can lead to negative experiences because we’re constantly thinking that everything will go badly. By living with this pattern of thoughts on a daily basis, we limit the amount of fantastic opportunities we can encounter. Negative thought damage can greatly influence all areas of your life including your family, work, health and close relationships.

Letting go of negative thoughts can be difficult if you are constantly re-programming your brain with these ideas. There is hope for change and it will take a lot of personal insight and effort on your behalf. The power of a negative thinking is very strong. It is time to rid yourself of dark and gloomy thoughts and time to start living a quality life. You will be amazed at how different your everyday experiences, relationship with yourself, as well as your relationships with others can change. Here is how you can start eliminating those horrible thoughts and start re-programming your thinking in a positive manner.

Think in Shades of Grey

Many people tend to think in black and white. Black and white thinking is an extreme way of looking at the world. While there may be suffering and negative experiences in the world, it is important to see all the good that goes on as well. If you are an avid world news enthusiast and if every news station is your best friend, try cutting down on how much you watch or listen to. Negative news broadcasts and even negative talk shows can greatly influence how your day will go. Instead of listening or watching the news in the morning, listen to the music of your favorite radio station. This can improve your day at work, time with family and the success of your close relationships. You’ll be amazed at how happy thoughts and positive ideas will pop into your mind.

Affirm. Affirm. Affirm.

Affirmations can be a great help when trying to let go of negative thoughts. Many of us wake up and look in the mirror, only to pull apart ourselves or our bodies. Write down some positive affirmations and paste them on mirrors or places around areas of the house that you frequently visit. Say them out loud and empower yourself. You will notice changes in your thoughts throughout the day if you dedicate time to read over positive quotes and affirmations.

Avoid Isolation

Isolation can take us to dark places. Try not to isolate yourself too much in your day. Of course time to yourself is important, but if this goes on throughout the day you are not encountering any positive experiences. Positive experiences can be talking with a friend over coffee, having a laugh with the check out girl at your local supermarket, or taking your dog for a walk outdoors. We may not think these experiences benefit us, yet they all do in some shape or form. Don’t miss out on the beautiful moments; connect with others.

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4 thoughts on “Negative Thought Damage: Let It Go

  1. Mary T.

    You are so right about the negative effects of isolation! After awhile, all it does is re-enforce the negative thoughts. Getting out in the world with positive people and beautiful experiences helps to balance your attitude!

  2. devyn5303devyn5303

    I think you have some great ideas about how important it is to monitor your thoughts. Your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world around you really do influence your life. I like your part about affirmations. I use a system of 3x 5 index cards that help to focus my energy in the right way each morning and throughout the day.

  3. misskrystal

    Our thoughts really can control us-there is so much power in our thoughts….as well as energy.
    Excellent article. Miss Krystal


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