Change Failure to Possibility

Psychic Angel Helps You Transform Failures into Positives

Psychic Angel ext. 9266 is a natural born psychic who has survived two near-death experiences. In addition to her clairsentient, clairvoyant, and clairaudient skills, she is also a strong empath. She is very sensitive to people who feel like there’s no way out from failure. Her perspective helps her callers tap into their personal power and move on from wanting to give up. As she says in the video, “It’s kind of like the light at the end of the tunnel… do whatever you can to see that light.”

When we’re confronted with the looming sense of having failed, it can be very difficult to look for that light at the end of the tunnel, and very easy to want to stay sunken in the depths of disappointment, regret, and self-doubt. But this is the time when it is most essential to dig deep and trust that we can get through this challenge, and look to the light to guide our path ahead. Angel says “It’s ok to go through down times… [but] you have to grow from it, and you also have to figure out what do you want from that failure, and where do you want to go to?”

It’s true that “when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” Change the way you look at what you interpret as a failure, and instead of a closed door, you will see that the so-called “failure” was actually a springboard to catapult you into a brand-new possibility. So in keeping with Angel’s advice, here are some tips to jump-start you from a failure to a possibility.

1. Focus on what is making you stronger. Sometimes after we go deep and pull ourselves out of a challenge, we get an empowered sense of self and learn what we’re really capable of achieving.

2. Acknowledge your feelings. If you bottle up all the negativity, it’ll just come to light sooner or later anyway, and can take a toll on your well-being, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Find a healthy way to release your feelings. With journaling, you can write out all the deep, dark, unhappy feelings, and then crumple up the page and welcome a fresh start! Or do some physical activity, like kickboxing or aerobics, and intend the physical movements to be a release of all the anger and sadness.

3. Reframe your situation to transform it into a positive. Was it a valuable learning experience? Did you learn something important about working with new people or a new situation? Did you learn where you can improve? Did you learn what you truly want?

4. Welcome the opportunity to be gentle with yourself. Instead of mentally beating yourself up, treat yourself to something special. Maybe an afternoon in the park, a movie, window shopping, spending time with children or your pets. This takes the focus off the negativity, and help you remember to count your blessings.

5. Take a solution-oriented approach. It’s tempting to dwell in the despair and guilt if we’ve created a bad situation. Allow yourself a brief “mourning” period to feel bad all you want. Then shift it! Say, what is my new plan going forward to create a new outcome next time? Make a clear, specific plan using everything you’ve learned.

6. Adopt a new mantra, such as “everything happens for a reason.” Or, “every decision I make is for my highest good.” Connecting with source, through prayer, or meditation, can help you connect to the bigger picture too. Sometimes things don’t work out because another door is waiting for us down the bend, and sometimes we need to go through the experiences that at first glance don’t seem to be working out, but in actuality are serving a different purpose. Maybe we needed to learn a lesson, or needed to get clarity on what is really meaningful to us, or we needed to enrich our character and personal strength.

7. Don’t go through it alone. Talk to someone you can trust. We’re all human, and we all have moments of feeling like we’ve failed. Talk to a friend, a trusted family member, or a counselor. Calling a psychic can help you see more aspects of the challenge that you may not have been aware of, and can help guide you to ways you can succeed next time.

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6 thoughts on “Change Failure to Possibility

  1. scared

    thanks, its what i needed to hear. i grew up in fear of my father. he is an alcoholic and would beat my mother and us kids. then my mom decides to leave us four young children with him. i had to raise my little sisters to the best of my abilitly and when i was 13 i started using meth. i am now 27 and addicted. i want so bad to do whats right but i feel like im a failure because i always fall back. its really hard, but anyway thank you for this powerful article.

  2. chuck

    This is a great message, I had lost my wife this past july 2011, at the same time I lost my businesses do to a deep depression I fell into after my wife had passed. I have since been living with my best friend who I loved for years. She doesn’t have time for people feeling sorry for them selves and has little children that I help with now. I will be moving back to my house to try and move on with my life. My friend always says there is someone else that has it worse than us, you know she is right. I am one of the fortunate ones to have a friend so supportive. I am hopping when I return to my home in another state I can go on without my friend being so close.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    This was a powerful and transformative article……Great job, Angel !!!!!! Nice video too.
    It is only thru our mistakes that we learn and grow….failure toughens us up, makes us wiser, sharper, stronger…..much like the tempering of a fine sword thru fire !

    That is why we are here on the earthly plane… better our Karma, to learn from our mistakes, and navigate the obstacle course of Life itself.

    This article is worth printing out to read from time to time…..

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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