How to be Picked up By the Man of Your Dreams

Though it’s traditionally the man’s job to pick up a woman, it’s equally the woman’s implicit duty to make herself pickup-able! That’s right, a woman’s most effective way to capture her dream man is by enabling a situation where he can successfully approach her. To get his attention, one must look, act, and speak tastefully and honestly. However, you must not reveal too much too soon. In the beginning, you should be an understated version of your amazing self. Let the man peel away deeper layers at each date, discovering new things to love about you. Here are four methods that will give your dream man the opportunity and desire to sweep you off your fabulous feet in no time! Get more personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

4 Methods to Get Your Dream Man

1. Look Just Right for the Occasion

Make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the venue, but with a tad more sophistication. For example, if you are going to a bar or club, dress sexy, but don’t reveal too much. Keep it classy. If you are going to the grocery store, dress casual, but not too frumpy. Keep it stylish. Many women meet their mates when they least expect to, like on their Sunday errands. So, look your best for every situation, and always wear something that could be a potential talking piece like an interesting hat or necklace that a man can ask you about. Remember, a man wants to pick up a woman who clearly takes great care of herself, appears unique and interesting, and outshines all the others around her.

2. Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

Put yourself in your dream man’s zone of proximity. If you are interested in him, get closer to him, face him, and make your presence known. Then, make it easy and inviting for him to approach you. This will be easier if you are alone or with just one other girlfriend. Give him eye contact but be careful not to stare at him, give him just enough attention to indicate you would like to chat. Oftentimes, a man will not notice you just because he literally does not see you, so put yourself out there so he cannot miss you in a crowd. Wearing red is always a sexy attention-getter.

3. Speak Up But Know When to Shut Up

Express yourself, but adjust your attitude as needed. For example, I tend to be quiet in social situations, so I encourage myself to speak, make jokes, and ask questions when I am out meeting people. If you are the opposite and tend to be too loud and outgoing, try to listen more and speak more quietly. A man wants to pick up a woman with a good sense of social manners in that she can both speak with confidence and heed others’ stories. The initial conversation with your dream man should flow effortlessly back and forth with neither person monopolizing the conversation.

“Whether you want a job, a house, a friend, a mate, lead with your strengths.” – Reed ext. 5105

4. Land Your Mr. Right by Letting Him Catch You

To land your Mr. Right, you should let him pursue you. Let him request your number, ask you on a date, kiss you first, text you first, call first, and any other first you can think of! Men like to be in control and pick up women. Your role is to be pickup-able by responding each time he reaches out. But, be careful that you are not too available in that you are canceling your own plans and meetings just to be with him. Continue to prioritize your own work, schooling, family, and hobbies, but be considerate of making time for him regularly. A man wants a woman with her own life who values him enough to schedule him into her calendar.

Though many of us women have an urge to pick up a man when we recognize that he is a catch, we must resist that urge and give him a chance to be the man and pick us up! If you look like the kind of girl he is seeking, you act like you want to meet him, and you are sweet and sociable, then you will have a better chance of landing Mr. Right. Men are hunters by nature, so enjoy being his sexy prey in the game of love.

“The eyes can be your most valuable tool in attracting a person. A wink, a shy glance, that come hither look. And then of course the smile.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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2 thoughts on “How to be Picked up By the Man of Your Dreams

  1. Cristiana Anton

    “Though many of us women have an urge to pick up a man when we recognize that he is a catch, we must resist that urge and give him a chance to be the man and pick us up!” – yes, Ms. Mikos, maybe you identify yourself with this, because you (maybe) have a higher-than-admitted dose of testosterone for a woman. Truth is, a “real” feminine woman will always want the man to make his first move. It’s all in the feminine-masculine, passive-active principles, and the dominants that prevail when you act in a certain way. I must assume that is common knowledge to you.., isn’t it?


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