Reasons Why a Psychic Prediction May Change

Reasons Why a Psychic Prediction May Change | California Psychics

Just Off the Mark

How is it that a psychic, who is usually right on target, can make a prediction that either doesn’t happen or doesn’t happen exactly when or how they originally saw it? Did you pick the wrong reader? How do psychic readings work, anyway? And where does free will play into all of this? How a reading comes together is a complex thing that is dependent upon many variables, some of which don’t always align the way we wish they would.

Why Psychic Predictions May Change

There are several reasons why a psychic reading doesn’t happen as you expected it to. Some are outside your control and others are well within your power to change or alter.

“Predictions will always depend on the energy at the time of the reading and what is happening in your astrology. Tarot provides a story of what’s happened or can indicate what’s to come. Predictions can change if the circumstances change or depending on the choices you and the people you are asking about make.” –Psychic Carson

  • Your energies don’t mesh. Just as with people you might meet in your day-to-day lives, when you contact a psychic reader, you just may not connect with each other. Connection is especially important when you are having a phone or chat reading, in lieu of being in the same room. This is one reason a psychic might ask for your name and birthday.
  • Either of you is having a particularly off day. No one can work at 100% all the time but we don’t always have the option to simply sequester ourselves. This can lead to a reader who is using more energy than usual trying to make a connection or a client who is closed off. Either way, the reading will most likely be off.
  • There are multiple paths and possibilities. As I explain to my clients, for me, it is like standing in the middle of a giant spiderweb and I focus on the strands that are vibrating the strongest. That doesn’t mean that it is the only path for the caller to choose, and it is possible to switch to a different one, even if you’re halfway through your journey.

“I am typically shown different scenarios with differing outcomes. I will share these various scenarios with the caller so that they can use their free will to proceed in the way that aligns with their desired outcome.” –Psychic Chevy

  • You change how you would normally react because of the reading. When you are given information about how something will play out and then change your decisions, the end result might be completely different than what was originally meant to happen. This is where free will comes into play. Very few things in life are fixed points and the slightest change you make can make some pretty big waves down the road.

“Knowledge gained from the reading can impact decisions but not so much the reading. I always provide honesty and direct readings; I don’t sugarcoat words because it is not in the interest of the caller to only be told or hear what they would like to know. As a psychic, it is often a balance between accuracy and interpretation, which on occasion is often joyful or fearful.” –Psychic Carson

  • Someone else changes what they normally would do. Sometimes it isn’t your choices that change but those of other people involved with the prediction. This is one of the hardest to deal with. You can be doing everything right, following the path that was laid out for you in your psychic reading, and sometimes all it takes to upend everything is one person making a change to derail all your hard work.
  • The timing is off. One reason for this is that our sense of time is different from that of Spirit Guides and Divine Intelligence. They can see the big picture while we rarely get such insight. Another reason can be that the reader hears July and simply assumes July of that year, when in fact it means the July of two years in the future. The reader didn’t get all the information and was only able to share a part of the prediction with you.

We have this wonderful ability to manifest and change our destiny. When we check-in and do a scan we see where our probable future is headed. If we like it we stay the course. If we don’t like it we can check in and see how different actions and behavior can change the outcome. –Psychic Laverne

  • You didn’t believe the reading. If you decide to simply ignore what you are told it can change how things play out. This is where being open-minded is important.

“Follow the guidance given and trust the process! Try not to let your fear drive you to take action when guidance has suggested stillness or vice versa.”Psychic Chevy 

  • You were not willing to open up. An accurate reading requires a reciprocal flow of energy. If you come into the reading with your shields up and/or with the attitude that the psychic reader needs to prove something to you, then there is no way for the needed energy to move. Remember, most readers are picking up on your aura and if it is defensive what they share may be equally as defensive.
  • Misinterpretation of the information. Psychics filter information through their own personal lenses. Two different readers may each see someone holding an infant, but one interprets this as you someday starting a family, while another sees the need to nurture your own inner child. A lot of this comes down to how well they work with their Guides and experience.

Scientists, especially parapsychologists, say that “information changes under observation.” I find that the guides don’t tell us everything. They tell us just enough to see the signs that we are on track. Serendipity or Higher Power winks when the person you are thinking of bumps into you or texts, or when all traffic lights are miraculously green. These are omens that you are headed in a good direction. Don’t oversteer. Trust the predictions to unfold on their own! –Psychic Laverne

Finding the Best Path

As with everything in life, there are always variables, and most psychics focus their readings on probabilities with the highest potential. By factoring in how you have responded to similar situations in the past, along with how things are currently playing out in your life and where you are headed, readers come up with the most likely path that your life will take. Always remember that there are very few aspects to your life that are set in stone. It is more like a free-flowing river that may shift its path when it desires to do so.

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