Cleansing Your Chakras

Cleansing Your Chakras | California Psychics

Stopped Up Energy

An unhealthy chakra is one that is no longer able to nourish itself with vitalizing energy or relieve itself of toxic buildup. For every ocean tide, rushing creak, or raging fire, there must be a beginning and an end. If any of these events were to become frozen in their rage or stagnated in their slumber, there would be no opportunity to build, tear down, rejuvenate, or survive.

Energy must flow. But any constant flow is also vulnerable to build-up. These often appear in the form of traumatic events in your life, such as death, job loss, or relationship breakup. These events can be both old and new, considering some can be quite difficult to rejuvenate all at once. To help cleanse these paths, you will need a grocery list of items, beginning with an understanding of where each chakra is located and how you can tell it may be in crisis.

Seven Chakras, Seven Warning Signs

You have seven chakras in your body. At the top of your head is the Crown chakra, or Sahaswara. It relates to your wisdom and when energy is blocked, it often unveils itself as a lack of direction or goals. Your Third Eye chakra, also known as Ajna is centered on your forehead. It relates to your intuition, and sometimes overindulges in fantasy and imagination when out of balance. The Throat chakra is also known as Vishuddha and controls your expression. It demonstrates imbalance in the form of feeling judged and disconnected from people.

Your Heart chakra, or Anahata, controls love and compassion. When energy is blocked you may notice an increase in anger, jealousy, and self-loathing. Your Solar Plexus chakra, known as Manipura is found in your lower ribs. It relates to your personal power and the expression of will, and when out of balance, acts out with bouts of aggression or lack of self-esteem. The Sacral chakra (Svadhisthana) is at your belly button, controls your creativity and sensuality, and may show signs of either extreme emotional outburst or a lack of emotion (or desire) when out of balance. Finally, your Root chakra, or Muladhara, is in your pelvis and controls courage. Procrastination or greed is often at the forefront of an unbalance.

Tools of the Cleanse

To cleanse your chakras, you will need a few tools, including some good walking shoes to bypass the urban pavement and reconnect yourself to fertile ground. You may also need a colorful assortment of food, an open window, access to a quiet room, a well-stocked closet, and a pair of strong hands.

And with these basic tools gathered, let’s discuss how each can help.

Mother Nature

Lakes, oceans, and other bodies of water can help heal your Sacral, while Root finds balance when connected to the earth, so you can improve balance by spending time in nature, particularly barefoot in the sand, grass, or dirt. The Throat requires open access to the sky, counting clouds, or star gazing.


Fresh air can help the Heart chakra. Being in motion, as in driving in a car or boat, may help escalate its effects. Your Third Eye relates to light and can find balance within the rays of sunlight coming through an open window. The Solar Plexus may also benefit from sunlight.


The Crown chakra lies beyond the physical body, and therefore responds best to meditation or prayer.


Massage can be an effective way to boost the energy in your chakras. Your Root responds to feet, leg, and gluteal massage. Sacral can be opened through the hip flexors. Solar Plexus responds to massaging the navel area in a clockwise direction. Heart prefers the upper back and upper pectorals. Throat responds to neck massage (front and back), and Third Eye by massaging the jaw, temples, and nasal passages. Crown balances through scalp massage and gentle hair pulls.


Wearing red clothing or jewelry may help balance Root. Orange tones bring balance to Sacral, yellow tones to Solar Plexus, and green for Heart. Blue balances Throat, indigo for Third Eye, and violet for Crown.


As with clothing, indulging in foods of your chakra’s color may also help bring balance. Choose natural foods, and not packaged varieties that have been died with synthetic color. The only chakra that cannot be helped by food is the Crown, considering it lies beyond the physical body.


Each chakra responds to its own sound. These sounds can be duplicated by verbally speaking these words in chant. Root responds to “lam”, Sacral, to “vam”, Solar Plexus, to “ram”, Heart, to “yum”, Throat, to “ham”, Third Eye, to “sham”, and Crown, to “om”.

Chakra Nourishment

Everything nourishes itself through energy, including your Spirit house. Having a clear path for energy will allow wisdom, revelation, health, and clarity to find their way into your life, while allowing an exit for anger, disappointment, and frustration. Use these tools often and discover your best life yet.

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