Be Strong When Your Heart Is Broken

It’s Not the End, But a Beginning

You’re in shock. You can’t believe that your relationship is over. You’re crying. You’re angry. You’re hurt. It’s impossible to focus on anything other than your loss. Your heart is shattered, and somehow you have to figure out how to pick up all those pieces and go on with your life.

Finding Meaning

One word that will repeatedly go through your mind and flow from your lips as you talk to your friends about what happened is “Why?” At first, there will be no satisfactory answers to that question. When you’re hurting, it seems like no reason could ever justify the pain.

The key to finding meaning in the situation that broke your heart is to believe that there is a good reason, but that reason probably won’t be clear to you until some time has passed. After you can get some emotional distance, you will be able to see the purpose for what happened.

In her book, Everything Happens for a Reason, author Mira Kirshenbaum explains that “the reason something happened to you was to make something better in your future.” Keeping this point in mind when your heart is broken will give you strength.

Psychic Kim ext. 5512 explains that after two months of being an emotional wreck, she experienced a spiritual shift from pain to elation. The next day, she met her husband. “So when my pain healed, love immediately followed.”

Embracing the Gift

In time, you will discover that what you thought was the worst thing to happen to you might actually have been the best thing to happen. As you reassemble the pieces of your broken heart, you will find the gift awaiting you. Says Kirshenbaum, “The cosmos worked hard to give you this gift, so you damned well better use it.”

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9 thoughts on “Be Strong When Your Heart Is Broken

  1. karen

    we have two kids he left me wit a newborn for a gurl he was sneaking around wit and keeps stringing me along but he changed for her

  2. Theresa

    @Lovesick, there is a good book by Howard M. Halpern, Ph.D. called “How to Break Your Addiction to a Person” that might help you as you work through your struggle.

  3. lovesick

    Angel really wonderful insight but how did you move on after him?? I can’t, I just really want to die!! No children involved with us in my marriage or in his second marriage.

    I have been in what we started as ‘casual sex’ but unfortunately I started to have feeling for this guy. In the beginning, neither of us were married but he was dating another girl at the time and I another guy. He wanted out of the relationship and few times which torn my heart apart and I cried so much but I kept going back to him. We stopped seeing each other for about 4-6 years (he said he had to stop me from getting too involved) and each of us married the person we were seeing. We ran into each other again and started the ‘casual sex’ again. I told him I was not happy in my marriage now and he told me, she asked him to get married a million times so he finally said yes. She works for a very important person and makes lots of money. He was married to another person before and he never cheated on her, he could her cheating on him. This new person he always cheated on right from the beginning. He hurt me but calling it off again and on again but I always went back to him (even though I knew crying and heart break was in the future)! This time I decided to back of and just have ‘casual sex’ but I still care about him and he knows it. He keeps telling me “We know this has to end evenutally but we still see each other at least once a week.” The last time I would not have sex with him and when he left I cried and cried. I keep asking myself, “How do I get out of this because it is slowing killing me and I know one day he will be gone again?” When he has left on other times I cry so much I get sick and have ended up in hospital. He says he does not want to hurt me and he cares about me but can’t commit. I think he loves the ‘sex’ and is lying but I just can’t seem to break clear of him. I have never stopped caring (don’t want to say love anymore) about him. I have tired but feel so broken heart and cry so much, I feel like I am going to have a nervous breakdown and don’t want to live without him, when I can’t see him! We have been seeing each other for about 20 – 25 years now. If you have been in my place, you know what I mean, other will call me an idiot for doing this so long but they don’t understand. Someone who has not been in this type of situation, DON’T know what I am talking about so DON’T judge me!!

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    When I died and crossed over the second time, I was shown that indeed everything DOES
    happen for a reason….

    ..and I was also shown that everything is linked together….sort of like links on a chain.

  5. Angel

    This is so true. After a 17 year relationship that included 13 years of marriage. He left me for someone else. The pain was worse than my mother passing away. He was my whole life. But after I started to heal there really was not good reason for the break up. We had 3 great children together. Assets were paid off, the kids were older so no sitter was needed. It was time to live (military) travel and enjoy life. In spite of the physical, mental and emotional abuse I would except, because we were “A happy family” on the outside. He had to rip my heart out for me to see all the abuse in spite of all the love I had for him. He is now on his 3rd wife (I was his 1st). 2cd wife stayed married about 7 or 8 yrs, he had 4 step kids! Now on my 2cd relship/not married for 12 yrs, and 3 more kids. He has never physically or mentally hurt me. We argue now, but I feel safer and more loved. Men will be men even without the abuse. Why setell. Love yourself enough to let go


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