Astrology: Revamp Your Life With Mars

It has been a long winter and the arrival of spring always seems to give us the boost we need in our lives. There may be more of a spiritual reason for this than just warmer weather.

Get a Spring in Your Step When Mars Goes Direct

It’s finally spring! Many people use the new energy of spring to foster forward movement, the clearing out of old baggage, and encourage making fresh starts. This month there is an extra-special boost in the form of Mars coming out of retrograde on April 13. Do you need advice about your life; if so call one of our psychics now.

Until now, Mars had been retrograde in Virgo since January 23. When Mars is in retrograde, it indicates delays or obstacles in events related to qualities associated with Mars, such as passion, physical strength, sexual energy, and courage. On the positive side, Mars in retrograde gave us a chance to sit back and reconsider where we stand on these topics from a less fiery point of view.

However, as Mars goes direct, still in practical, analytical Virgo, we can get ready for a burst of dynamite, albeit dynamite rooted in Virgo’s earthy, grounded energy.

So, during this renewal of Mars’ energy, fire, and passion, enhanced with the steady and reliable Virgo energy, you can set a firm yet vivacious foundation for your new goals this spring. With that in mind, here are some ideas to really revamp your life this season, supported with dynamic Mars energy.

Shift Your Consciousness

The planets continue shifting and doing their thing, whether we choose to acknowledge them or not. You can certainly choose not to incorporate the knowledge of the planetary movements into your life. But when our decisions correspond with the dominant energies around us, we can only enhance our lives, and achieve positive and beneficial outcomes. I liken it to a weather forecast. You can choose to ignore a forecast for stormy weather, but if you plan a picnic on that day, you’ll probably get rained on.

Focus on what new projects or goals you want to welcome this season. Is it a new relationship? A new approach to a current relationship? A new job? A new fitness or health goal? New experiences, like traveling to a place you’ve never been, or trying your hand at a new skill?

As you decide, experiment with creating an approach in the style of Mars energy. Incorporate the passion and fire! Approach your new endeavor with zest and enthusiasm. Don’t settle for second-best, or the safe choice, but go for what truly makes your blood flow and your heart sing. This way, you are consciously aligning your energy with Mars, and further incorporating Mars energy into your life.

When we shift our consciousness, we shift our reality. Shift your consciousness this season to welcome exciting, assertive, high-impact additions to your life.

“There is one true path to empowerment and that is through speaking the inarguable truth… the truth of who you are and what you feel.” – Psychic Aurora ext. 5365

Time for Assertive Action

When you know what aspect of your life you want to start fresh, instead of a cool, calm, and collected approach, consider stepping outside the box. If you want to manifest a relationship, instead of your old methods of meeting people, try a new and maybe scary technique, like going to an event or venue you’d never considered before.

Try bold, assertive actions. Instead of just joining a gym, why not sample rock climbing or Zumba dance classes? Think big, bold, beautiful! Remember that Mars is still in Virgo as it goes direct, so your assertive methods will have a touch of Virgo’s steady, practical energy to assure a solid outcome.

“Don’t let others’ opinions of you determine who you are.” – Psychic Rivers ext. 5273

Consult Your Chart

Learn where Mars is in your natal chart to revitalize your life in a very personalized way. You can purchase a copy of your natal chart, or talk with an experienced astrologer, who can determine where Mars is in your chart through your date, time, and place of birth.

For example, my chart shows that I have Mars in Cancer. This means that I tend to save up my most forceful, assertive energy for situations that affect my loved ones and home. So this spring would be a great time for me to initiate projects to benefit my family and home life. In doing so, I will be drawing on Mars’ direct energy to really kick these efforts up a notch.

Happy spring, and may all your endeavors this season be enhanced with high passion, vigor, and a zest for life!

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