Finding the Perfect Relationship Dynamics

Can You Find the Right Balance?

You wake up one day and find your mate is leaving you, and after a sad farewell you pull yourself together and call the psychic line. The loving reader tells you all good things as you dry your eyes and get a renewed strength to keep on keeping on.

Predictions were made about the person that left, that they would be calling you and reconnecting. You say, “Sure, whatever, really, I don’t think so” and other not so positive things to the psychic. However, low and behold, a month passes and sure as shooting your ex calls to see how you are, you hurry up and call the psychic back to tell them the good news. Not to mention that the prediction happened, just as the psychic said it would.

Your ex is still with the person they left you for but promising to come back after an obligation is fulfilled. You are not buying this and once again, you call your psychic, who by now is on your speed-dial backed with loads of karma reward points.

“What is going on,” you ask, “is my ex really coming back, is my ex telling me the truth, does my ex still love me?”All good questions, the psychic answers with compassion and honesty, saying yes to all the above. It is actually happening and unfolding as the predictions forecasted from the very first call unfold.

The month of no communication turned into regular talks, the talks have become more complex and meaningful. The caller says, “So I should not worry.” After some thought, the psychic comes to the conclusion that maybe it is okay to be a bit anxious and worry just a tad, why, well if you were not worried or anxious and your ex returns it would be no big deal. We need a tad of drama, especially in a relationship, as it creates the dynamic of sparks flying and passions running wild when we reunite after a break-up.

When I think of a triangle of relationship energy what comes to mind is this, we have three people, the one in the middle is the one torn between two lovers, and this person is the lyrics or the words in the song. The other two people are the melody, and the rhythm. They are the music; one is rock and roll the other an R & B groove, the one in the in the middle is the one with the lyrics wanting to be sung. The other two people are playing their musical interpretation very dynamically differently. Which really makes it harder for the one torn between two lovers to figure out whom to be with?

Finding the perfect dynamic fit with your lover is of the upmost importance. Are the lyrics being heard and understood, are the words to the song sweet and sultry or like a rapper in low-slung jeans?

If your ex is torn and telling you that they are coming back, believe them, those are the words to the best song you will ever hear.

Can you dance to the music, is it a passionate rumba, cha-cha or swing dance? Or, is this relationship with all the beautiful words going to end in a break dance?

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