The 6 Things Your Biggest Challenges Teach You

The 6 Things Your Biggest Challenges Teach You

Your Biggest Challenges Have Lesson to Teach

It’s safe to say that no one likes going through challenges. If it were up to us, we’d live blissful existences during which nothing bad ever happened. Of course, nothing could be further from reality. No matter who we are or what our life circumstances may be, we will all experience challenges in life. Some say that it’s these struggles that shape who we are, and of course, make the happy moments even sweeter.

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The challenges you face are great opportunities for growth and self-clarity. When you go through a rough patch, remember that you’ll come out the other side learning the following things about yourself. They’re why these challenges matter.

1. You’ll learn how to react to adversity.
The way you face a challenge can tell you a lot about yourself. Do you isolate yourself from other people? Do you lash out and blame others for your problems? And, do you criticize yourself for your circumstances? Or, do you rise above with your head held high? How you deal with and respond to tough circumstances can reveal a lot about who you really are and can also help you discover the person you want to be.

2. You’ll learn how much you can handle.
There’s a phrase that says life gives you only what you can handle. While this platitude may seem trite, it’s true in the sense that adversity shows you how mentally and physically tough you can be when challenges come your way. When life knocks you down and you get back up again, you add new layers of tenacity.

3. You’ll learn how to grow.
What you go through inevitably teaches you things, right? For those of us who keep making the same mistakes over and over (like dating the same type of people, for example), challenges may reveal if you’re ready to make a change for the better or not. While these changes can help you avoid pain and heartbreak down the road, you can only avoid these experiences if you are ready to put the work in.

4. You’ll learn how to increase your capacity for empathy.
As we go through hard times, we gain perspective on what other people might go through and how they may feel as a result. The more challenges we face, the more we’re able to feel for others. This lesson helps us to become more empathetic to those around us, as well as those who struggle around the world.

5. You’ll learn how to shift your perspective.
The way you deal with challenges will reveal whether or not you can change your mindset to get yourself out of whatever tough spot you’re in. Some of us will sit with the pain and despair, wishing things were different. However, others will find the positive side of the challenge, look for the lesson, and pull themselves out. Understanding that you can change your mindset is an essential tool you can use for the challenges your currently face and also the challenges to come.

6. You’ll learn how strong you truly are.
Rough patches show us, more than anything, how strong we really are. No matter your reaction, no matter how long it takes to learn something, you’ll make it through the other side changed. The inner strength you’ll gain just by making it through each day will certainly show you that you can keep on going, whatever challenges life throws your way.

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