Jupiter Opposition: Growth, Luck, and Excess

Jupiter Opposition: Growth, Luck, and Excess

Jupiter Opposition Sheds Sunlight on the Shadows

As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter represents growth, expansion, luck, and excess. Once every thirteen months, while Jupiter is in a retrograde phrase, the Earth moves between Jupiter and the Sun. This causes a Jupiter Opposition. In the U.S. this event occurs on May 8, at 8 PM Central Time. However, it officially occurs at 1 Universal Time on May 9. To see when Jupiter Opposition occurs for you, visit earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/universal-time. As explained on the same website: “Because Jupiter is opposite the sun, it’s now rising in the east around sunset. It’s climbing highest in the sky at midnight and setting in the west around sunrise. It shines more brightly than any star in the evening sky, and is the second-brightest planet, after Venus.”

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Jupiter Opposition and the Sun

Jupiter is now in the sign of Scorpio, a sign that differs from Jupiter. While Jupiter tends to look outward to expand and improve, Scorpio tends to look inward to get to the heart of the matter. When these two are at opposition, we tend to feel invincible. Things just seem to go our way. However, it’s most important that we see the bigger picture: excessiveness can lead to loss rather than abundance during this time, especially if we’re “feeling lucky.”

Jupiter’s opposition to the Sun can have an almost karmic feel to it. For instance, if you see everything as a gift to share with others, this time feels rewarding. However, someone who is more selfish may waste this energy by taking it for granted. This could lead to spiritual poverty. Either way, Jupiter offers an opportunity for spiritual and personal growth as it causes us to look within ourselves.

About Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It represents expansion. It also represents luck and doing good things for others. Jupiter in retrograde makes us look deep within ourselves and Scorpio is a sign that knows how to dig deep. The Sun in opposition sheds light on those darker, untouched, and unseen areas. It also helps us clean out the cobwebs. The goal of this phase is to align our innermost feelings with our outer-most actions. Then, we’ll find a balance between our human selves and our higher selves. As the sign of transformation, Scorpio’s influence on Jupiter’s position to the Sun can be a time of great inner growth and spiritual healing.

Feeling Our Emotions

Jupiter in any water sign can make us come face-to-face with our emotions. This is especially true when it’s Scorpio who likes to get down into the depths. Beyond just getting to know yourself better, things can get downright intimate. It can open you up in places you’ve long pushed down. Nothing will be left untouched.

This is an opportunity to shed light on our deeper selves. We are being offered this window of growth to spiritually heal and develop a more enlightened path. Therefore, it would be wise to use it to our advantage. After all, no planet in our solar system is as big as Jupiter and there’s nothing brighter than the Sun. Using that kind of power can transform us, especially while in Scorpio, the sign of transformation itself.

Give and Take

Finding the balance between what you give and take may be the simplest way to explain how to travel within this Jupiter Opposition transit. This is all about your outward extensions into the world (Jupiter) and how they reflect back on you and your intentions (Scorpio). The more you interact with the world and the people in it, the more you’ll see how you and your actions are perceived. That can be uplifting and enlightening. However, it can also be jarring at times. Remember, this is a transit that promotes personal growth from within. If you make some tweaks and changes, you’ll be working off some serious karmic energy and that’s always a good thing.

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