6 Holiday Self-Care Tips

Take Care of Yourself First

The holidays are all about giving to others and my gift to you is these self-care tips. Whether you’re giving gifts or your time, you can easily lose yourself in the process. However, instead of careening into the New Year feeling totally burnt out, enjoy a freer, cheerier month with these six self-care tips. Here’s how to put yourself first this holiday season.

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1. Don’t “Shop ‘Til You Drop”
By now you’ve likely done most of your holiday shopping—or you’re anxious about how much you haven’t done. Instead of scouring every store for the perfect gift, shoot for the “good enough” presents for your loved ones. Remember that gift cards (and good old cash) aren’t lazy presents—they’re actually more useful than some toy or book or trinket that you think someone will love. Allow yourself to take the easier route with this first of six self-care tips and everyone will be better off for it.

2. Stay Out of Family Drama
Don’t let yourself get thrown into whatever crisis or situation is brewing among your family members (or friend group, for that matter). If you’re hosting, make sure your holiday guests know that you won’t tolerate any drama in your house. If you’re going over to someone’s home to celebrate, do your best to remove yourself from the situation. This second of six self-care tips reminds you to stay out of matters that don’t concern you.

3. Give Yourself a Gift
Don’t spend all of your holiday gift money on others, leaving nothing for yourself! Instead, put a little aside. Whether it’s a massage, a great coat, new fitness equipment or even a nice chunk of change for your savings account, you’re on your shopping list too. If you forget to gift yourself something, you may feel resentful when spending money on other people. Therefore, in order to truly give with an open heart, you have to take care of yourself as well.

4. Streamline Your Social Calendar
Remember that you don’t have to attend every party or gathering you’re invited to over the holidays, otherwise, you’ll have no time to recharge and relax throughout the busy season. Prioritize which engagements you have to attend (or want to attend) and give your regrets to the rest. This is the fourth of your six self-care tips because it encourages you to not spread yourself too thin. It’s better to be fully present—and, dare I say, merry—at a couple parties than exhausted and surly at all of them.

5. Leave Early
If you can’t get out of a party or gathering, but you really would rather not go, decide that you’ll only stay for an hour and then head out. This way, you give the host the courtesy of your attendance and you also give yourself the grace of not devoting a day (or night) to an engagement you’d rather not have.

6. Buy Instead of Make
Don’t go overboard with the baking and cooking and making. If you told your parents you’d bring a side dish or dessert but whipping up something from scratch just isn’t your forte, don’t be a hero. Go to your local bakery or restaurant and buy something premade. The same goes for handmade gifts. Yes, you may save a bit of cash by blending some DIY bath oils but if your creations don’t pan out, you’ll end up having to purchase gifts anyway, making this idea not so financially smart.

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