5 Ways to Change Bad Luck

How Do You Reverse a Losing Streak?

It seems that bad luck follows you everywhere and there’s nothing that you can do to change your luck. First wrap your head around the concept that life is not something that happens “to” you. You’re an integral part of the entire mechanism of life. Quantum physics is proving this every day, and if you’re a believer that prayer works to heal, or that the Law of Attraction applies, then there’s no excuse for thinking that you’re stuck with “bad luck”!

Here are five tried and true tools to get rid of bad luck:

1. Negotiate With the Universe! Watch what you say, think, or write down. If you say you “just aren’t lucky,” you’re in fact creating that energy around yourself, and unconsciously showing it in your body language, attitude and speech. Let the universe know that you deserve good things to happen!

2. Change the Karma! No matter what karma you’ve created in the past, I’ve always embraced that you can never have too much good karma in the bank… so get out there and do good deeds, put dollar bills under windshields, drop coins into parking meters, go visit sick or lonely friends, volunteer, let others in line in front of you… it adds up, and will “attract” good karma! Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

3. Perspective Check? Sometimes we get caught up in “being right” in the need to protect our own egos. It’s so easy to become defensive and closed to others’ needs. I like to use the old adage of “walk a mile in their shoes” or “they’re doing the best they can with the tools they have” to reconsider the situation. These tools can help you to look at what seems like “bad luck” and see that it may just be what someone else needed to happen instead. All things that you go through are not “bad luck.” Most, if not all, are compassion training!

4. Spiritual Reboot! Take some time out to pray or meditate on what’s happening, in order to stop the “trend.” Once I rule out all the above, I will look at the clock, or the calendar and make an official proclamation to the universe that at a certain time, on a certain day, I would like to be done with the negative trend, and am willing to see the lessons involved so that I can move on to positive living.

5. Seek Help. If you can’t shake the feeling that there is a dark cloud over your head, do not be fearful of asking for help! Maybe talking with a good friend, a respected relative or a counselor can help. Don’t give up if at first you don’t find the right person to talk to… there are many different ways to find a helpful listener, life coach, minister, spiritual leader—or call us, we’re always there for you!

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16 thoughts on “5 Ways to Change Bad Luck

  1. priyanka singhpriyanka singh

    hii……my name is priyanka i am 23year old. i completed my graduation(b.com 2012) but still i am unemployed due to my nerveousness…..i cant face pepol who takes interview even i get scare to pick a phone of strenger…….i really want to get out from this problem. i want to do job……..but because of this problem i cant do anything. please help me.

  2. Nadia

    I am beautiful, Educated, but no luck at all, I lost both my parents, after I lost them I lost my job as well, I do not have money, I do not have job, I am single mother, No sex for about 7 years. I wonder why? why my life up side down such this? I was good with my parents.

    I always imagine good things, I watched Secret movie and I read book, but always bad things happen to me. Why?

  3. R Cochrane

    It saddens me, that you are putting yourself in a position of “helping” persons, when you are clearly not specifically trained to do so. Getting that training would be such an asset for you, because you are very intelligent, and that knowledge would empower you so much. I say this, only, because you have honestly, put yourself in a position to harm. Advice can be found on a street corner. All persons that are looking for help, need an environment, containing these three environmental conditions to heal. Listen to what others are conveying to you. Ask them along the way to make sure that you understand them correctly. Convey empathy based on your accurate understanding of what is “hurting” another. This is the environment for healing. Advice can be had from anyone, and most times, what has been offered as advice, has already been tried long ago. Trying to educate someone, by stating the obvious, to somebody in pain, does not work. An environment for healing works. Just an environment containing these three elements alone can change a persons life. Feeling genuinely understood, by somebody who is not judging, but cares, and is genuinely trying to understand, can put into motion, amazing things naturally, without a word of advice. This is what trained helpers do. The best thing that you can do, if you call it karma, is to just tell person to seek out help from trained professionals. The rest that you are offering, really is just advice, and that is terrible karma for you, because you have put yourself, most likely unknowingly, in a position to harm, when you want to help. You intelligence, with some training, will empower you to help others unlike you have seen before. This is advice, from one trained helper, to you, who have the potential to be an amazing, training helper. I sincerely wish you the best! Take care!

  4. Madhavi

    Last two years my husband has been posted out of city….my elder daugter too is out of city for further studies…..i stay with my younger two children …earlier my father stayed with me but he expired a month back….
    That leaves me all alone the whole day whilst my kids go to school
    Iam unable to manage things all by myself emotionally physically and mentally..
    I cry miost of the time and at a drop of a coin my hubby and i get get jittery vid each other

    Iam helpless…i need him to b back…
    Y is god not listening

  5. Raju khaidem

    I am so bad luck i am going do do good work just going down i am so bad luck because of me my family was unhappy bcoz of me. i want to protected my familly i could not how should i do i want become a perfect person.plz tell me what can i do..!

  6. Luda

    Thank you ! It was very useful to read your advice. Thank you very much. It was what I need now. Your words support me more and better than some thing else or some one. I need an advise very often. You gave me good advise very quickly. I understood and I am agree. You right!

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I agree with Yemaya…..we create our own ” luck “…..and have the power to shape our own Karma ( going forward ).

  8. Yvette

    I would like nothing but positive energy in my circle. It been hard for me and most of all I am trying to take of my parents , but I do not have the money to do it. It hurt so bad because I want them to be happy

  9. Marc from the UK

    Forgot to add !!! Two things that happened today! 1) I was thinking about a loyal client who I deal with, I kept telling myself I will contact that client and inform him of our opening date of our relocated business, and hopeful we will conclude a new deal that he wanted to do . 2) On arrival at work today I walked past a conference room that still had some food layed out for a meeting that was concluded that morning, I remember thinking wouldn’t it be a shame that the food went to waste, I visualised the Centre caretaker manager, calling into my office and handing me the Bacon Butty!!! Guess what? My Clients wife called in, escorted by the Centre manager handing out the BACON BUTTY’S Heaven!!!

  10. Marc from the UK

    I am on a new path of learning, I love this article, I have read the book ” The Secret” and although hard going it does have an effect on your positive thought processes! I now deal with difficult situations with an accept it’s happened, what can I learn from this and move FORWARD!!! Positivity breeds positivie results .


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