How Take on the Dating Scene After 40

You’re Never too Old to Find Love

You’re never too old to love and be loved. Dating over 40 should not be something that scares you, but rather bring about confidence in knowing that your experience should give you an even better chance of finding the relationship you want. A lot of important discoveries are made between your 20s and 30s, and by the time you reach 40, it’s time to put these to good use. For some people, that may entail making more money; for others, adopting a lot of cats. However, if you happen to be among the crowd looking for love, you’ve found yourself on the right page.

Update Your Appearance

This is the section of the article where other experts would recommend getting your teeth whitened, waist cinched, grays dyed, wardrobe revamped, and forehead botoxed. Well, I’m not going to say any of that, because I don’t think you need it, unless you do. The important thing about updating your appearance is to feel good about yourself. For me, a couple of days in the gym does wonders for my confidence, and that is my upkeep. Do whatever you’ve got to do to find the same peace of mind. Don’t feel guilty if you need to spend a little money on yourself; you’re worth it. Get more personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Get Out

At this point, I am supposed to encourage you to get out and do the things you like to. However, you already know that. What you may be a bit stubborn about is going to your friend’s parties, joining a local club, or attending an upcoming high school/college reunion as a single adult (parent). Sometimes a past flame can be rekindled when two previous soulmates find each other again. Even if these avenues do not pan out, the relationships you create (or re-create) may spur a distant opportunity from the friend of a friend.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

I’m not going to lie to you; it is going to be more difficult to find a partner at 40, than it was at 20. A lot of singles over 40 are lonely, frustrated, tired of the games, and may have just given up entirely. It takes work to find these diamonds in the rough, which means you will have to roll up your sleeves, and put in the effort. Let people know that you are available and looking. Make an effort to make eye contact with those around you, and don’t settle for missed opportunities when you find yourself drawn to a stranger across the room.

Wear a Sock

Surveys suggest that a surprising number of adults over 40 don’t bother to wear protection during dating sex. I know that you know better than that, so I will leave this as a simple reminder.

Lose Your Professional Hat

Some singles find themselves dating over 40 because they have devoted their life to a prosperous career. It takes a very specific set of rules to be successful in the business world. However, these same rules can get you canned in the dating realm. Men are easily scared off by dominating woman, and women can be repelled by a guy who throws around his achievements like a resume.

Remember, You’ve Got Plenty of Time… Despite What Your Calendar Tells You

One of the advantages of being younger is that you feel like you have time on your side. This confidence allows singles to think relationships through, and get to know someone before making a commitment. Dating in your 40s is like speed dating on steroids. You no sooner open the door to say hello to your date, and you are already evaluating their potential to fit into your 10-year plan. The best way to get to know somebody, is to avoid the trap of evaluating them based on your expectations, and just enjoy their company for the first couple of dates.

However, Don’t Waste Your Time With a Dud… You Already Know What You Want!

Some mid-life daters may overlook certain red flags, just to have the security of having someone who’s interested in them. This may feel like a confidence booster at the time, but it will only end as a downer.

Reach Out and Touch Someone, Virtually

The odds of finding a match in your neighborhood are much lower than searching across the miles of nearby cities and counties. According to a survey by AARP, 40 percent of dating Web site members are from the age 40 and over crowd. This means that the virtual realm can give you the same odds as a twelfth grade chemistry class. A few important tips are not to be too picky (initially), don’t lie on your profile, and don’t throw in the towel before you’ve had a chance to get sufficiently wet.

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18 thoughts on “How Take on the Dating Scene After 40

  1. Kane

    It, is rather interesting that I found your article today, because I was watching a movie earlier in the day that spoke to many of the issues you touched on. I felt very uplifted after reading it. I will be 40 next year and its a bit scary, not having found “the one” yet. Sometimes I feel something must be wrong with me, or am I just going to end up by myself because I want a man who doesn’t cheat. My last boyfriend made it pretty clear that he doesn’t exist. I still have hope that he out there.

  2. Trisha Vasquez

    If life begins at 40, bring it on because im simply tired of being lonely, all im asking for is no drama, and just a great companion, my life is all about college and kids, nothing wrong with that but i need some me time as well!

  3. ismen

    nice one .. maybe at my age right now is till can find one .. i’m 52 & till now i never find a guy for me after having a bad experience with my former parten

  4. Sherry

    Well, even though I’m not quite 40 years old yet, the advice is helpful. I actually enjoy being single. I’ve had some “offers” from some pretty interesting characters but I love the feel of not being tied down to anyone. It’s pretty nice to not have to answer to anyone accept yourself!

  5. Rosemary Tellez

    Thank you for the great article I have been feeling alittle down latly and should be divorced within 30 days. Being over 40 some…:) brings me to the conclusion…i am “too old” to find love again! After reaading this article I feel much better!

  6. Richel

    nice enlightened my mind and give me some lesson and answer why I reached this age having no boyfriend at all.. I am too picky and keep them evaluating according to my expectations..gooosh…it is so humiliating..

  7. Marc from the UK

    103 eh!!! And still died with a smile, this great grandpa knew the secret of life, and no doubt it was from within and not material! Great read Gina and very enlightening !

  8. Diane Crane

    Been there done that…. happy where I am and know what I want. That’s an insight that doesn’t INSTILL fear at all…..

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article, Eric, very honest.

    Age should never stop anybody… Great GrandFather lived to the ripe old age of 103, and was dating 3 lovely ladies who were all in their 80’s.

    Great Grandpa ” liked them young ” which is why at 103, he only dated 80 year old ladies who could keep up with him.

    He broke his hip square dancing, and while recuperating in bed, died of pneumonia with a smile on his face.

    All 3 of his girlfriends attended his funeral…..this is a true story…I was there.

  10. JOSEPH


  11. Marc from the UK

    As someone who may be over 40!!!!! I found this agreat read and affirmation at the same time, useful pointers as well. I am single and on the dating network which is a weired experience when once you had it all and suddenly you are out there sometimes a bit bewildered but it is equally met with enriching experiences. I think the first golden rule is to deal with the past while in the present, be honest with yourself about who and what you are, and be true to your self. we are not perfect and we have faults, so take that on board when meeting new people that they are just that “people” and they are also on a life path. I agree it is like speed dating on steroids! and I find that strange, almost like a job interview but for a compatability role! Don’t take rejections to heart, and realise that others are on there own journey and to respect that.


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