Your Solar Eclipse Forecast

Leave Outdated Ideas in the Past with the Eclipse

In astrology, a Solar Eclipse is basically a New Moon on steroids. Occurring approximately twice a year, each one offers us an opportunity to completely clear the decks, cut to the chase and begin again with more authentic footing. The Solar Eclipse in transformative Scorpio on November 3 is particularly potent in terms of this possibility. Aided by the Uranus Neptune trine (where science meets imagination, offering simultaneous intellectual and creative boosts), this eclipse encourages us to leave outdated ideas in the dust (and the past) where they belong, facilitating meaningful and positive progress.

How can you maximize this immense energy? Read on!

Hold on to Your Hat!

Everything speeds up in and around the time of an eclipse. Awareness increases and hidden truths come to light. While it will take approximately six months for the events triggered at this time to fully unfold, you may feel quickly and profoundly impacted by the shifts that occur. Which arena of your life is affected depends on your personal chart. Those with Scorpio or Taurus as a Sun Sign (or a Scorpio Rising) will be the most obviously affected across the board. However, there are other, more subtle shifts that will occur according to your planetary placements. You may want to consider having your chart done if you haven’t already done so.

Embrace Change

It could be as big as a new relationship or losing your job or as small as the way you talk to your friends and family, but whatever needs to shift in your life will be jolted into doing so at this time. On that note, you’ll be much better off if you embrace it rather than fight it. Trust that whatever transpires is in accordance with your highest good. Moreover, react accordingly (with grace and consideration) even if you’re caught off guard. These two tactics will help you increase the speed of your successful acclimation to whatever shifts occur.

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Get Ready for Zen!

It may have been the game day chant from Friday Night Lights, but “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” should also be your mantra in and around this eclipse. Do whatever you can to get pure perspective. Why? Because even though Mercury is in retrograde, the days surrounding November 3 are prime for seeing through confusion if you’re keeping your eyes peeled and your heart connected to creating your own highest good! So, rest adequately. Exercise. Eat right. Don’t overindulge. Whatever you can do to keep your body functioning optimally will translate to deeper understanding on the emotional and spiritual planes. That’s right. This eclipse makes enlightenment possible on many levels, if you come at it from a place of preparedness.

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2 thoughts on “Your Solar Eclipse Forecast

  1. eee

    some say good,some say bad.its all confusion!its best to listen to oneself and be with oneself!thats all!!!!!!!!!!and have faith in oneself.

  2. not telling

    ha-ha. I just lost my job. I have just been told this early afternoon that my contract is ending due to lack of funding. I am Scorpio Rising under Vedic astrology. I am in total dismay right now….how in the world this happened so suddenly???


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