3-Step Cleanse

There’s more to Spring cleaning than a clean closet and a sparkling bathroom. If you’re looking for a spiritual pick-me-up, invest some energy in your living space. You may never look at a vacuum and a scrub brush the same way again. Not only is a clean house a good thing, but a clean mind and soul also have as much value – if not more!

Try our 3-step plan to make the most of spring and set your intentions and engery for a happy, healthy life.

1. Flush out negatives
Defy those packrat tendencies! Tear down and toss out those negative ideas, self-criticisms and regrets. Annihilate words like “can’t,” “didn’t” and “wish I had” from your vocabulary. While you’re at it, dispose of remnants of unhealthy relationships, and let go of anything that might be holding you back. Limit your time with naysayers and skeptics. It’s a season of new beginnings and fresh perspective. When you purge the negatives cluttering your outlook, you make way for a life in which anything is possible!

2. Unclutter
Becoming uncluttered is hardly a metaphor. When you eliminate disorder in your space, you are clearing your mind for new direction. Clutter is a negative influence on the way we see ourselves and our work, and the way others see us. Conversely, organization leaves room for empowerment, peace and inspiration. Put up a shelf for those treasured books, and keep your work space pristine. Alphabetize your DVDs, and finish re-organizing your kitchen. Keep a calendar of attainable goals that will constantly leave you feeling accomplished and in control. You might be surprised at how effective you can be when the space you see every day is open and ready for progress.

3. Redecorate with words
Once you’ve dusted your goals and ironed out your ideals, it’s time for the finishing touches! Fill your home with positives. Invest in a new journal and fill it with nurturing words for yourself. Jot down the uplifting encounters you have each day – they’ll be there if you look for them! Collect inspiring stories and let them proudly adorn your bookshelves and refrigerator. In addition to words, decorate with pictures of people who love you as well as those who inspire you. Your home should reflect the colors, images and ideas that make you happy.

Spring cleaning should never be a chore. It’s just the opposite – a joyful, affirming experience. So perk up, clean up your mind, soul and space then enjoy a new happier you!

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