25 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Soul

Enliven Your Spirit to Enrich Your Soul

We as a society are good at taking care of our bodies and minds with exercise and schooling, but we often forget that our souls need attention and care, too. Rejuvenating our souls should be a daily habit. Consider doing more things that liven your spirit in positive ways. Here is a list of 25 ways to bring peace and light back into your life through soul rejuvenation.

1. Read more! Always have books by your bed, in the bathroom, in your purse, and in your car. Read whenever you are bored to fill that time with a meaningful and enriching activity. Choose spiritual and uplifting books.

2. Let go of the past. Cut all emotional ties to past failures and relationships that bring you down. Move on and focus on your bright future! Ready to let go of your past, but not sure how? Talk with Psychic Justine ext. 5402 who can help you break from the past.

3. Go to church regularly or become apart of a spiritual community. If you already go to church every Sunday, volunteer to help with extra church activities. If you never go to church, visit several churches until you find the one that feels right to you. For spiritual communities, look for them through a Web search or through your friends on Facebook.

4. Burn sage in every room. This will cleanse your home of negative energy.

5. Take a nice, long, relaxing bubble bath. Make it a nightly routine to relax your body and soul after a long, hard day.

6. Persevere. No matter how hard your life is, keep pushing forward and remember what Charles Bukowski said, “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.”

7. Go to the spa. Or make your bathroom into a spa with eucalyptus oil, plenty of steam, scented scrubs, and other rejuvenating products.

8. Forgive all the people who have wronged you. Have a fresh start with them or completely cut them out of your life. Don’t deal with the negativity anymore. Not sure if you can forgive them? Psychic Yvonne ext. 9883 can help ease you into it to promote further healing.

9. Call an old friend and catch up on old times.

10. Volunteer. Pick an organization or program that you believe in and donate your time on a regular basis, especially around the holidays when you have time off and organizations need more support.

11. Donate money to a charity whose mission you strongly believe in.

12. Cry your heart out. Let out all the tears at once. This is very cathartic!

13. Scream at the top of your lungs to release your vent up energy and aggression. (You may want to scream into a pillow so that you don’t scare your neighbors.)

14. Laugh! Joke with friends more often. Go to a comedy or improv show on the weekend.

15. Look through all your old photos and reminisce about how far you’ve come in life.

16. Go without makeup. It feels so good to go all-natural.

17. Stretch. Do yoga, Pilates  or basic stretches to relax your body and mind. Consider meditating on a regular basis, too.

18. Clean your home. A clean house will actually make you feel better in general.

19. Relax. Just sit down and relax. The world goes by so fast and there is so much to do, so make time to do nothing! Even if it is just 30 minutes a day, we all need our down time to have a well-rested soul.

20. Play board games. Have a few of the classics at hand, like Monopoly, Scrabble or Jenga… Playing games makes us feel young again.

21. Dance! Dance in the morning to wake up; dance in the afternoon to cut loose.

22. See a therapist. Talk over your issues with an expert to help release stress.

23. Do anything you’re passionate about. Take up a hobby, sport, or craft that you enjoy. I like to write poetry, play Scrabble, and go bowling. Engaging in these activities is incredibly rewarding and rejuvenating because it is “Me Time” that I deserve.

24. Start over. Not happy with your life? Then get a new job, change homes, take a class, or end your relationship. Don’t get stuck in a rut.

25. Call a psychic. Ask a psychic what you could do to rejuvenate your soul. They will surely have excellent spiritual suggestions for making your soul content.

24 thoughts on “25 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Soul

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Well, Melody, nice article

    and since I’m on vacation until Nov.2nd I will be doing a few of the things on your list such as : #’s 1, 5, 9 and LOTS of # 19 !


    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    Please, lets try to keep those in the path of Hurricane Sandy in our prayers and thoughts.

  2. lucy mckena

    Iwould love a reading but,have no credit card and can’t afford your prices aafter the 5 minutes. If you are willing to read just for the 5 minutes without someone asking for my credit card I would apprceiate that. Like I said in my last note I am 79 yrs old and in pretty good health have been married for 30 yrs. old Could use some extra momey but; that is it. I know that is impossible and I won’t hear any comments back from you.

  3. Randy

    Melody this is very good suggestions if your not happy don’t even commit yurself to something long term or get caught in something you can’ get out of go with everday the way you feel and don’t be dominated by anyting especialy over your head be realistic. Always in control of youself or whatyou need, life is short and everyday gets shorter.

  4. Pinder

    Really great 25 ways to rejuvenate your soul I liked it very much Thanks a lot to tell people how could they feel relaxed with their body and mind…………

  5. pat Sharp

    This is TOTALLY unrealistic! 3,5,7,9,10,11,18,20,23,24. are NOT doable……….SHould I sit here & play board games while my impossibly cluttered house is falling down around my ears?
    I DID try to take a hot soaky bath Fri. the water stopped running at 2″ in the tub. I called the plumber in tears TO ENTREAT him to come finish the job he started 2 month ago, so that I don’t have to throw the circuit breaker off to keep the pump from burning out IT WON”T TURN OFF. Every time I want to flush I have to go through 3 rooms with 7 right angle turns to do this.it is hell on my old knees. He called me back that night said he is too busy to do it, he will eat the $150. I owe him get another plumber. the 3 I have called are not calling back,. So you think getting a hobby will fix that? & of course I can’t really v clean the house without running water OR finish the painting commission I have to do………..One old friend is busy dealing with her aging Mother this weekend not available, another has thrown me under the bus……………This after 3 years of positivity, sopreading the light/healing others etc. There are no jobs forthe younger ones let alone a 73 yr old, & the Republicans have successfullymanaged to cut us SS recipients down to the bone. Another old friend has invited me to visit just for a break..she is 5 hours away I would need to BUY a passcard to get across the boarder, ( previous attempt failed due to obsolete birth certificate ( which got me 3 passPORTS in my lifetime; not good enough for the homeland secritty nazis now) they kept my 45. fee and a said BUY another birthcertificate) Myprofession; Artist to which I have devoted 55 years or more intensively and completely ( no day job, needed I sSOLD work regularly) is now vanished, Art is everyman’s hobby no mater how incompetant. & unless you are an elephant or a cute 4 yr old they won;’t spend money on paintings or even recognize value when they see it. I had come father in life 30 years ago before the reagan gov started theri destructin………i do ypoga i see a therapist…not putting $ inmy bank account NOT FOR SHOPPING FOR SURVIVAL ONLY I DON;T NEED A LOT BUT AI AM GETTING TOO LITTLE. YES I AM VOLANTERING TO GET OUT THE VOTE TO MAKE CHANGE……….ANY OTHER IDEAS??? NEW AGE GARBAGE??

  6. GIna

    Thanks for this blog, it gives me an insight how i deal with this stress. Hmp, let me say i am confused how to cut down the relationship started in a lust but grown up with love. On the other side, i have my guy who been waiting for me so long…..please help


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