Jupiter Retrograde Forecast for 2012 – 2013

120 Days in Review

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion and the largest planet in the zodiac, goes retrograde every 13 months for approximately four months. Being in retrograde doesn’t mean unhappiness, bad luck or poverty. It does mean a review of our interactions in some of our closest relationships and a realization of how lucky we really are to have certain people and circumstances in our lives. Want to see where you’re headed during this time? Get an astrology reading from Psychic Justine ext. 5402.

How can we make the most of a Jupiter retrograde? We can look inside ourselves and review our own inner workings—how we think and react to certain situations. During this retrograde, we can imagine our outer world as existing in slow motion, giving our inner selves more time to reach deep inside and possibly tweak the relationship between our outer and inner existence—between our human selves and our higher selves.

Jupiter in the Third House

This time around Jupiter will retrograde from October 4, 2012 through January 30, 2013. Through the entire retrograde and while direct again through June 2013, Jupiter will remain in Gemini. Gemini rules the third house which in turn rules connections, communication and the need to absorb information and impart knowledge. Jupiter, in part, represents higher education as well as a curiosity about the more spiritual side of life.

A Dash of Retrograde and a Pinch of Introspection

Retrogrades are not literal—planets don’t move backwards; it’s a matter of perspective. Still, it’s amazing that life during a Jupiter retrograde does tend to slow our pace a bit. It’s a good time to look deeper within ourselves and to use the power of the retrograde period to perhaps tweak the recipes we’ve been cooking up in life.

During a Jupiter retrograde, life still moves forward (just a little slower), giving us time to make the necessary changes along the way. You now have a little more time to take new events into consideration when it comes to “the big picture” and make relevant changes that match current situations. It’s a time to indulge all other possibilities and to adjust our thinking and get prepared for when Jupiter goes direct again. Think of where you’ve been and where you want to go, and match your actions to the plan.

Stay in Orbit

It’s important to review, but not regress. Look at all changing circumstances as good and needed events, and not something that should worry or depress us; Jupiter is all about growth. Besides, facing our innermost qualities can be refreshing. If you’ve taken advantage of this time, when the retrograde ends you will see it as a rewarding and enlightening experience. You will find yourself ready to face challenges with a new spirit of strength from within that emanates outward. Most of all you’ll appreciate Jupiter’s expansive nature—propelling you to greater heights as your world starts to move full-speed ahead again and you find yourself confident and ready for whatever life sends your way.

26 thoughts on “Jupiter Retrograde Forecast for 2012 – 2013

  1. fiestaestrella.wordpress.com

    This blog provides good insight into Jupiter Retrograde! Jupiter will be retrograding again soon, on November 7th.

  2. Karen Nakamura

    Been with this site for a couple years and really appreciate its guidance. However, would really love it if you’d add the degrees of the planets. I’ve been trying to find transiting Pluto’s exact degree in Capricorn for a while. And where exactly is Jupiter? Transiting my venus at one end or my daughter’s at the other?
    Thanks for everything,

  3. Nancy

    This message is for Agnes. Hi, Agnes, I wanted to let you know that I have had the same experience as you. I advise you to go within and trust your intuition. Sometimes when we have readings, we are in a negative space or upset with our loved one and the psychic picks up our energy. Go with your heart. Best of luck.

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  6. Agnes

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    My birthday–April 19, 1952 in Budapest Hungary
    Steve birthday–August 22, 1957 in Oakland, CA

    Is there anyone out there who can tell me for sure if my future is with Steve or with someone else, if someone else than who and when will I meet him and will I remarry and if so when will I remarry?


  7. Randy

    You know I’ve been mostly on the go all my life just as a agshould be only pausing to see if sometime I might have hurt someone. If I even thought I might have, go back and see f they took it that way. Outright I’ve never hurt anyone on purpose and if by accidental oversight I hope god can makeit right for me. I’ve been hurt myelf and never wanting anyone to experience the hurt or let down feelings ‘ve had.Now I’m single and think it woud be best to remainthat way. May God bless those unforntiate souls out there and guide you and above all give you undying love and confort.

  8. sandra

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  9. runninyl@yahoo.com

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  10. Dorothy Cullum

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  11. Sangeeta

    Wish you could elaborate more on the effects of Jupiter retrograde in different signs or houses!
    Enjoyed the little information you gave.

  12. lucy mckena

    First of all I donot have a credit card which is the first thing they ask for,and I can’t afford your prices after 5 min. I am 79 yrs old what is there to tell about me.I have a wonderful family and I have good health. If I were to ask a question it would be what the rest of my life has in store for me and also my husband. Thank You, Lucy

  13. lucy mckena

    I am sorry but I do not have a credit card,an I cannot afford your prices.I am 79 yrs ol what is there to tell me about the rest of my life. I am very fortunate that my health is good and have a wonderful family. If I did ask a question it would be what the rest of mylife would be like and


    Hai it is a nice prediction and good to know good things in the forecast and articulate our life as it comes to us.keep predicting for the sake of others and nature will protect you.All the good things in life comes by virtue.All the best to all the California Psychics.

  15. Nola Kathleen Graham Dunning

    Excuse me please, I’m typing in the dark here and hadn’t noticed I’d skipped a few letters out of my name…I’ve corrected 🙂

  16. Nla Kathleen Grham Dnning

    Hope youns’ are doin’ well today! Can I ask, if my birthday is 9/20/44 (along with my twin brother) are we on the cusp of Libra? Thank you!!!

  17. Dawoodi Morkas

    I was born on March 13, 1954
    Jupiter was retrograde then and at 3.3 in Gemini, how does this reflect on me after 58 years?

  18. josefina cabudol

    I FEEL vibrating in my inner body and feel air buzzing in my air also chest in pain like stabbing. and my heart is jumping and cannot sleep sometimes,

  19. marc from the uk

    Does this article suggest that this time is about catching your breath, slowing down and having time to re evaluate our live’s? At the same time putting in place actions and learnings before the pace speeds up again? Great article and educational. I have just made a life change in my working life, and feel that this is the time to take stock, chill out and learn what I am wanting to do, as I am in the fog! I know what I do not want, but awaiting nspiraton and a course of action.


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