10 Commandments for Becoming the New You

It’s Never too Late to Reinvent Yourself

How do you create a new you, reinvent yourself when nothing is working for you? Life turns on a dime, and sometimes you have to delete your whole program and rewrite yourself—tweaking just won’t cut it. When you’re ready, here are ten no-fail boosts.

1st Commandment: Evaluate

Figure out which you needs reinventing. Your career self? Your spiritual self? Your relationship self? Some other aspect of your life? Take stock of who you are. Be brutally honest, and decide where the metamorphosis needs to begin. Ask a psychic about your situation today!

2nd Commandment: Love

Open yourself to receiving love. Our success isn’t about how many people we love, but more related to how much love we allow ourselves to receive. Incoming love enables us to trust what we feel, to seek help when we need it, and to read input in a positive light—all essential to finding courage to evolve.

3rd Commandment: Give

Focus as much on contributing to others’ success and growth as you do to your own. Put yourself out there and help someone. Through that unselfishness, you will gain insight into your own path.

4th Commandment: Do Something Important

Work at what matters. Before you leap into a new you, take stock of your skills, talents, values, and philosophies. What’s important to you? Find multiple ways to incorporate that into your daily life. Career? Do a job that counts for something and do it as best you can. Love and marriage? Commit totally and live your vows every day. The spiritual you? Each time you take a step, leave positive change in your path.

5th Commandment: Screw Up

Be brave enough to immerse yourself in something even if success isn’t guaranteed. Give yourself the gift of failing without guilt or recriminations. There, right there, is the unfaltering first step to a new you.

“If you do not like the book of your life, start a new chapter, turn a new page, and rewrite the ending of your bliss.” – Psychic Robin ext. 5492

6th Commandment: Reach Out

Welcome the help and generosity of others. Cultivate a network of quality people and open yourself to their input. Stop trying to sell yourself and allow others to take you in in their own time, their own way. Connect to people and freely offer them what you have to give with no expectation of payback.

7th Commandment: Accentuate the Positive

Avoid participating in gossip, harsh criticism, or belittling others. Open your ears, eyes, and heart to quality input. End each day knowing you were a decent person, and you’ll be on track to meeting your goals.

8th Commandment: Pray

No matter what form your God, your prayers, and your church take for you, never neglect your spirit. Before the sun sets each day, no matter how dark your nights seem, find something to be grateful for.

9th Commandment: Heal

Reach deep inside—see where your personal injuries live. Each of us has been wounded; it’s part of being alive. Define those hurts. Figure out what you learned from them. Nurture yourself through the healing process, even if it means seeking professional help, and then move on.

10th Commandment: Learn

Every time you face a challenge, every time you take a step back and begin again, each time you fail or succeed, study the experience. Learn everything you can and use that knowledge to move forward.

Reinvention isn’t quick or simple. It’s painful and requires dedication, but there is no reason you can’t create a new you. Every adult faces life events that seem to mow us down, but with courage and enlightenment, we manage to persevere. My son told me a while back that he gets where he needs to be by doing one thing, at least one tiny thing, to move himself forward every single day. Excellent advice.

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9 thoughts on “10 Commandments for Becoming the New You

  1. SuzanneWA

    This is the best “10 Commandments” for one’s self, that I have ever read. However, I would like to have a copy of it, and see no “Print” sign on this space. If you could FW it to my email address, I would certainly appreciate it. Thanking you in advance. Suzanne Winter-Austin

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    ” Every time you face a challenge, every time you take a step back and begin again, each time you fail or succeed, study the experience. Learn everything you can and use that knowledge to move forward “.

    LOVE the above quote !!!!! It’s ALL about learning and growing.

  3. Cherri Cartwright

    so many things to read out there that can and will make u a better person,if your open to it.i have learned so much,on the power of the mind,body and spirit.i have grown and have peace even through the storms.its a great place to be.


    I love it…and i thank you for making the 10 commandments of new You. You are blessed by God for doing it and millions of people are benefiting it. Thanks and Take care.

  5. Helen Mattock

    Excellent article. Going to post these commandments on my computer as reminders and guidelines. Great support. Thank you.


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