Are You Addicted to Love?

Might As Well Face It…

“Addicted to Love” is a great Robert Palmer song. It’s also something that really does happen to those passionate souls who connect for a moment with someone of equal passion and then have to face the hard truth of losing them. The rest of time seems to be unimportant and the obsession about what could be happening as opposed to the harsh reality of being away from this connection can make life seem to stop in its tracks!

A few months ago, a man we will call “Joe” called me for a reading. He was totally focused on a young woman who was never going to come back to him. It was shown to me that this young woman had such severe emotional problems that the man had become “off balance” and lost in the young woman’s issues. All that Joe wanted in the entire world was to have this fiery young woman back in his life! He was honestly addicted to her! I had to be the one to tell him that he had to move on… or risk losing the true happiness that was waiting for him when he released the young woman from his heart.

Sometimes it is easier to focus on that passionate fire than to look at your life and live with what is right in front of you. It is so easy to try to “fix” or rescue others than to maintain and elevate your own life. Many past life connections are placed in your life so you can see the areas that you need to address before it is too late.

When you lose someone who has filled your life with joy, heartache, drama and lies, they take up every spare piece of you… until the day when the room they take up in your world has stolen your present life and challenged your future.

Joe finally listened to what I was showing him. He finally had to release this woman and open his heart to the future. He did! His last call was all about a new woman in his life who had a much more balanced energy and a much brighter future. I have seen that they will live many years in a state of true happiness… all because he finally listened to the hard truth!

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One thought on “Are You Addicted to Love?

  1. Marc from the UK

    I was in a relationship that was full off fire and passion as well as tenderness, the down side was lies, deceit and being treated badly, the answer was to let go of what was a ten year addiction almost as it ticked most of my boxes, the reality is I have gained my life back, harmony and balance with a lot less stress! I still wonder how that other person is, but realise it was a meant to be passing phase of my life, letting go was the lesson, not just the journey.


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