Your Post-Divorce Outlook

The papers are finally signed, and now you are officially divorced. Whether your process was brief or long and drawn out, it marks the end and a new beginning. There may not be a way to avoid this being a bittersweet experience, but you can decide how long to stay in the bitter and when to move into the sweet. The end of something that has been coming for a long time is a relief, no matter what the circumstances.

Start simple
As a way to get started with the rest of your life, ring in the new and let go of the old in every way that you can. Consider throwing away or packing away mementos from your time with your ex-spouse. You need to allow the energy of healing and renewal into your surroundings, and gazing at old wedding photos isn’t going to let in what you really need

Stay in the moment
Right now it’s really important that you let go of any and all expectations of what this time in your life is supposed to look or feel like. Be kind to yourself in every way. Indulge in some creature comforts. Don’t feel pressure to busy yourself dawn to dusk with activities and errands. Instead, give yourself plenty of down time to depressurize and relax. Avoid the temptation to compare your post-divorce life to your pre-marriage life. There are many different stages in a single lifetime. You are who you are now, at this place and time.

Consider a new look
When you’re ready, take a trip to the hairdresser. A new look can be just the thing to open up to the world and what it has to offer you now. You don’t need to go drastic to achieve what you want. The key to making a change in your physical appearance is to enhance the things you already like about how you look. Chopping all of your hair off can seem like the best solution for an immediate makeover, but it’s likely that you grew your hair long for a good reason. Cutting a few inches off and altering the color by adding highlights or getting the grey out on the other hand, will be enough to bring a smile to your face when you look in the mirror. The idea is to give yourself a boost – and a fresh perspective.

Maintain Positivity
Finally, keep on the path of positivity as much as you can. When your mind starts down a path of self-pity or defeatism, remember that something has to end to allow the next thing into your life. Surround yourself with people who support you and your decisions. And, go ahead, have some fun. It’s the end of a relationship, but it’s not the end of you.

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