You Cheated and She Knows

Busted, Big Time!

You thought you were getting away with it, right? You have been cheating on her and you could have been doing it for a number of reasons: you lack the guts to leave the relationship you no longer want to be in, you were bored and looking for some excitement or you may have actually been trying to save your relationship by avoiding some uncomfortable topics like lack of sexual satisfaction or feelings of loneliness. Whatever stress or conversations you have been trying to avoid are about to rear their ugly heads, because you are starting to suspect she knows what you’ve been up to.

There really is no turning back. You can’t undo what you did. However, what you choose to do from this point on will say a lot about the respect you have for yourself and your partner, your commitment to the relationship’s future and your willingness to do what it takes to “make it right.” Let’s start by talking about your options. I’m sure she is considering hers right now too…

Boys Will be Boys?

Men can get away with a lot in a relationship. Some women might excuse a minor infidelity and chock it up to “boys will be boys,” but even the most forgiving woman can only take so much. Cheating in a brand-new relationship, having sex with an ex, multiple offenses or a full-fledged affair are likely to get most men in trouble, big time!

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You have two options: you can wait and see if she confronts you or you can confess.

Option 1: The Wait-and-See 

Some men who suspect their partners know they’ve cheated decide to wait until she confronts them about it. If it seems like she is waiting too long, it may be because she is up to something. Here are three options:


Many women like to collect evidence before they confront a cheater. They knows men will often lie, but if a woman has irrefutable evidence, denial is not really an option. She could be going through your phone records, looking at your Facebook messages and contacting any potential partners in crime.

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You have hurt her and it could very well be that she wants to hurt you back.  She may pull away from you emotionally and not show you the same level of care and attention you’re used to and make your life miserable at home. Or, she could seek out a new partner for herself.


She might let the cheating go for the sake of family or to avoid humiliation. Keep in mind that unsettled issues will only fester and when your kids leave the nest, your relationship will be on very shaky ground.

Option 2: The Confession

Not many men confess to cheating. There seems to be an unspoken rule to just deny it if it ever comes up. But if she already knows you’ve cheated, you’re only fooling yourself if you think things will continue to be the same. There is even a good chance she will kick you out!

If you confess, it shows that you are truly sorry for what you did and you want help to make sure that it never happens again. Women respect a man who is able to admit his faults, but don’t expect her to be appreciative, thankful or happy about your confession!


She needs to know that you are truly sorry for what you’ve done, so when you apologize, make sure your apology is heartfelt and honest.

A Long, Bumpy Road

Winning her respect and trust back isn’t going to be easy. Are you sure you’re up to the challenge? Are you willing to cut off all contact with the other woman and all the excitement that came with that relationship? How are you going to make sure you don’t cheat again?

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Affairs don’t always spell doom for relationships. In some cases, waning love affairs could be rekindled.  Maybe you’ve tasted the forbidden fruit and realized that it isn’t as sweet as you thought it would be. Maybe you’ve got it out of your system and it made you realize how great what you have at home really is. If this is the case, open your heart, tell her what happened and listen to what she has to say in return. This could be your last chance, so make it count!

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16 thoughts on “You Cheated and She Knows

  1. Sherry

    Very few spouses, married or otherwise, go back and look at themselves, or the part they may have played in contributing to what lead up to the infidelity. This lack of honest introspection is a large component why people can’t communicate. They would rather be a victim.

  2. FJP820

    Nothing hurts more than finding out that the man u love & gave 100% of yourself to is giving himself to another woman. My ex husband tried to get my mother drunk & take advantage of her when I had just given birth to our first child 5 weeks prior. My little sister walked in & even tho she was only 5 yrs old at the time what she described to me & the look on his face shattered my soul. But because we had just had a baby & the marriage was new I stayed. I know he cheated throughout the years & over time actually I stopped caring. I had found out that he had also been unfaithful while he was in the military & also at his bachelor party. By this point I wasn’t surprised cause I always had a feeling deep down inside but I would always push it away cause I had no hard evidence. This was before Facebook, MySpace, emails, texts, etc … (early 90’s). Funny thing is that I left him not because I caught him cheating but because we grew up, grew apart & no longer got along. Our fights were epic & quite vicious. I didn’t want my children raised in that environment. But reading this article brought back that feeling, that deep hurt when I still was madly in love with my husband & my little sister telling me what she saw … the look on his face & the sound of my heart breaking into a million pieces.

  3. steve

    i am cheating with anyone how can you print this in my horescope i am 74 year old i am starting to think that the stuff you print is so far out of line along with other stuff that line to say that you people are full of bullshit your lucky no s dont bear fruit what a waste in money and expections

  4. Robin Bednarczyk

    you’re right about one thing – MOST men/liars DON’T EVER admit to cheating, EVEN WHEN YOU CATCH these so called men red handed – they’ll TRY to convince you and everyone else who knows THAT YOU’RE CRAZY, and “seeing things”. I WOULD be able to deal better with this sort of thing if they just admitted what they did, and move on, whether its with me OR with someone else, at least THAT would show that while they lacked integrity for breaking vows, they’ll try to redeem their integrity with being honest and telling the truth about it. But hey, I guess thats an idealist type attitude to have about men, right?

  5. nicolas

    This article has nothing to do with men that know what they want and even know you attract a lot of it ( trouble ) cause of your good looks, they rather women think they are gay than waste their time kissing and dancing with the wrong wrong very wrong one. Why would anyone think that because you are guy you have to kiss a girl u are not turn on by. And why would women take advantage of the word gentlemanly ? ( As long as I don’t kiss you, touch you or have ever seen you naked I’m not guilty of anything if anyone saw us having dinner at some restaurant and thought she was my lover. ) My father should read this article but again he thought it was natural to see a a lot of women , same time. Never understood why people even date more than one person at once just to , and for what ? What about teh next article tittles “OMG !!! HE KNOWS !” 🙂

  6. Jan

    I am sick of this approach to infidelity. Maybe the one that is cheated on needs to look in the mirror sometimes. Women are so quick to lay all the blame at the man’s feet. AND when discussing cheating…..people routinely but the Man in the role of the cheater. It works both ways and the reasons can be much more complicated than what is discussed here. I agree with much that was said….I just think it was too simplified.

  7. Mary

    How ironic that this article came out. This just happened to me. A necessary eye opener. I did speak with Rose Mary last night about it and she enlightened me. I was going to marry this man but won’t deal with someone I can’t trust. I am hurt but thankful this happened before I made the commitment to him. And to all the people, men and women alike, who can’t get over the “thrill of the hunt”, please do the rest of us a favor and not make a commitment to someone who is monogamous and sincere. Trust is crucial. And fragile. Have respect. Peace and love to all.

  8. mike

    In My CaseShe cheated on me and lied about her feeling for her Husband she doesn’t live with
    For year she told me he beat her and she hates him but she went home for vacation and no contact with me for 3 days. Of course she deny doing anything but i’m not that dumb.I don’t know if i will ever trust her again

  9. kashish dharmani

    Hello thank u so much I read ur reading n its 100 % right. can u take me to the right path I jus want to be tension free happy successed asb I was plz help me.thanx kashish kanchan dharmani


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