Love and Date a Virgo

Dispelling the Virgo Myths

There are many myths about what a true Virgo is like, but that’s just because they’re so difficult to describe in a few simple words. This is the sign of the sexy, but discerning maiden of the harvest—not the virtuous and untouchable virgin. Some Virgos may seem contained and unapproachable, but Virgo desires a deep, down-to-earth connection with someone special.

Date a Virgo

Dating a Virgo can be like dating someone with x-ray vision and an X-rated mind. If you’re dating a Virgo, the most important thing is to be yourself—at all times. Virgos have an uncanny ability to discern deception, phoniness and insincerity better than a well-trained government agent.

If you’re playing games with them, they may find pleasure in the sport for a while, but they already know that the relationship isn’t going anywhere. Despite their compassionate side, they’ll view your dating life as an interesting observation of human behavior and then drop you when the “real thing” comes along.

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Virgos also have a secretive side. Beneath that cool, got-it-together suit they wear in public is a sensually expressive and somewhat wild soul. Despite outward appearances, they long for someone to throw their arms around them and kiss them passionately—for starters. As an earth sign, Virgos enjoy the pleasures of touch and taste and they possess an innate talent for the art of physical pleasure.

Love a Virgo

Virgos need to share closeness with someone special—it is their constant underlying desire. But due to their hyper, self-critical inner voice, they’re not always so certain of their ability to have the relationship of their dreams. If only they knew how powerfully magnetic they can truly be! This is the very reason why they’re so humble and even more appealing to their admirers.

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Love and the Virgo Woman

The Virgo Woman needs a soulmate who understands her feelings even when she doesn’t utter a word. She’ll offer her lover all the creature comforts of home and behind closed doors she’ll work tirelessly to deepen the connection. She’s passionate and loyal and she enjoys connecting with her lover—mind, body and soul. The Virgo woman wants an equal partner in every way who offers only genuine love.

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Love and the Virgo Man

Virgo men seek a genuine and honest connection with someone who is intuitively connected to them and knows them like no one else could. The Virgo man has a fantasy about the perfect partner who is both honest and slightly mysterious in a sexy way. He longs for someone magically intuitive who peaks his natural curiosity—someone he’ll want to know more deeply. Given a little more confidence in his own ability to read people, the Virgo man might find the perfect partner in a friend who knows and understands him inside and out.

6 thoughts on “Love and Date a Virgo

  1. Tamara

    I am so grateful to all these people who are writing all these articles to help people to understand each other & appreciate what they have. I am 67 years old & my future may be will be connected with a Virgo man who is 2 years older. We knew each other from our childhood & were raised in same town. He loved me when we were young but I loved his friend who finally betrayed me. So I married to another man, he married to my friend, whom I introduced to him myself. We met after 40 years & found out that both were unhappy in our marriage lives. I am divorced for 9 years already, didn’t date with anyone being afraid of being destroyed again & he is getting a divorce now, we live in different countries communicating with each other on Skype or phone. I am Virgo too & it scares me . We have almost the same personality! Can we get along enough to be happy till GOD gets us to his home? I don’t want to be unhappy again at my old age & don’t want him to be either because he is going to leave all his family, friends, relatives to be with me. This is his desire more than 5 years already & only now I am more likely to accept his intention to live together. Your articles gave more understanding of VIRGO men how to treat them to get their love as long as we live. I am more confident now that he will not betray me & will be as devoted to marriage as I am. Thank you for giving some courage to me to go forward with our relationship. God bless you & all true lovers.!

  2. sheryl

    I am dating a virgo man and he is everything to me I am an areis and I am wondering if things are going to work out for us. I love him so much and we have had our ups and downs. We have been going together for 2 year. he got hurt in a nother country can’t get home to his country. He has asked me to marry him and I really want to. I am wondering if we will be together for the rst of our lives and are we going to be happy? would really love to hear your respomce. Thank you for your time.

  3. SF

    Hello LJ,
    Thanks for the response. I won’t give up. So as it turns out the Virgo man is just a busy one and doesn’t keep in touch on all the time. So far, looks promising. Since we live in different cities, he’s planning on visiting late Sept. So no matter what happens, I will always remain a happy Cancer chick. Thanks.

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  5. LJ

    Dear Sad Cancer Chick: As a Cancer chick myself, I can tell you that Virgos (earth) and Cancers (water) generally are a good match. Even though you’re sad now, I wouldn’t give up on love or even Virgos. There are a lot of things that go into what makes a person who they are – he just wasn’t the one for you. As my friend’s mother used to tell me, “When one door closes another one opens.” So don’t close your door on Virgos altogether because you just never know. Best of luck – and be a Happy Cancer Chick!

  6. SF

    I just met my first date-able male Virgo, and my god, was it fantastic. First time being swept off my feet. As hot as it was, it has already cooled down.

    Sad Cancer chick. 🙁


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