11 Broken Strategies Women Use For Revenge Against Their Exes

Ya Never Gonna Get It!

Dear ladies, I feel that it is my duty as a member of the male species to have compassion and explain a few of the things you’re doing that aren’t working. OK, he dumped you, or stopped calling you, or whatever. It’s time to move on, not time to scheme and plot to get him back or get back at him. Yes, I understand that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, etc, etc, but I think the Buddha also said something about attachment being suffering. And you’re just not letting go of those attachments fast enough…

Here are a few of the things that women can do when they’re obsessing about the man that got away that just categorically cannot and will not work. Just get over it! Get over it! Ya never gonna get it!

1. Calling and texting more the more he ignores you. No, he’s not in trouble. No he doesn’t need you to check up on him. No, he wasn’t kidnapped. He’s freaked out that you’re calling so much. Cut it out.

2. Constantly hovering on his Facebook page. We can see that now. Those face icons on the left side of the page show who’s looking at our profile the most. Why is your face constantly at the top? It’s freaky. Cut it out.

3. Constantly commenting on his Facebook page. Same thing goes for passively-aggressively “liking” his every update, especially if other women comment on them.

4. Guilting him for moving on. Look, people change. They get more clear on who they are and what they’re looking for. They go on to the next lesson. You should, too. “Life is full of changes, and a broken heart is an opportunity to grow,” says Lacy ext. 5494.

5. Calling his friends to see if he’s OK. Never, ever, ever do this. It’s a major violation of boundaries. Almost as bad as:

6. Stealing his friends or his social groups. Do NOT sleep with his best friend to get back at him. Do not become BFFs with his BFFs and act all innocent about it so that he now feels uncomfortable about hanging out with his support network. This is psychotic behavior and totally foul. Don’t do it.

7. Throwing around hexes, curses, get-him-back spells, or other magic f***ery. What are you, eight? This is not an all-girls slumber party. This is the real world. You’re an adult. Deal with your feelings like one and take rejection as a sign that you were doing something wrong and/or that he wasn’t the right one for you, not that he cosmically wronged you and must pay by suffering the wrath of your wickkkked hexes. You are not an extra in “The Craft.” Grow up.

8. Complaining about him on the Internet. It just makes you look bad, scares off other potential suitors, makes your friends think you’re a whiny brat and wastes time you could be spending looking for somebody new.

9. Showing up at his doorstep and/or his office. Remember that movie “Fatal Attraction”? Yeah. Don’t be that chick. There’s laws against it.

10. Sabotaging his new relationships and then showing up as the shoulder to cry on when it all comes crashing down. If you plot this far ahead, congratulations. You have won the Evil Conniving B**** Gold Star MENSA Award for today. You’re still an Evil Conniving B****. Get a life. Get someone new.

And, of course, the All-Time Top No-No:

11. Never, ever, EVER get pregnant and force him to commit to you. It’s gonna end in tears like you wouldn’t believe. It starts at “a miserable life for you, your dude and your child” and goes straight down from there on an express elevator to the firey core of the Earth. You do this, and you have now and forever joined the ranks of Unbearable Hell B****es and shall be branded for all eternity. DON’T DO IT!

Of course, I’ll wrap this up by saying that, yes, almost all of these things men can do as well, and that men can be callous in the extreme. But learn the lesson and move on! Move on! Move on!

A good psychic reading, of course, can help you make that transition. Here’s a few words of wisdom from Chloe ext. 9421: “Healing a broken heart takes time and is a gradual process. The first thing someone can do is begin to change their thought process. Each time you find yourself lost in your own head, entertaining a little fantasy (whether it’s you giving them a piece of your mind or visions of you re-uniting), hit the STOP button. Tell yourself ‘STOP.’ You may only be able to do it for a few seconds until you’re right back in your head again, but just raising your consciousness in this way can eventually turn that ‘pause’ from seconds to minutes and then minutes to hours and hours to days.”

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27 thoughts on “11 Broken Strategies Women Use For Revenge Against Their Exes

  1. Michelle

    I met a man a while back and felt such a strong connection to him that I made it my wish to get to be with him and my wish came true for 6 weeks. Suddenly he seemed not interested and when I showed up at his door one day he freaked the hell out. I knew instantly I made a mistake and it was over. I didn’t hear from him for over 2 weeks. I finally texted him and asked what was going on and he told me he met someone else. Why couldn’t he just tell me? My heart was completely broken and I did send several emails and texts telling him I could be better for him. He never responded of course. The one day he did and told me he had some things of mine to give back to me. I thought this was my chance to get him back but all he did was give me my things and told me to leave and acted like I was stalking him. Well maybe I was a little but nothing like Glenn. It has been a few months and I still talk about him and think about him every day and wonder what happened. Why did my wish dissipate? I absolutely hate it when someone tells me to “just move on and get over it”. It is not that easy. Why do I feel such a strong connection if it wasn’t meant to be?

  2. GC

    I strongly agree with browneyes, Gypsy and danyela. I do find this article to be a bit stereo-typed and judgmental towards women. I’ve seen guys behave this way, also (including a sibling). Currently, I have a male friend who is still pining over a relationship that ended 2 1/2 years ago and then, recently added his ex-girlfriend on Facebook thinking that there’s going to be more and all it’s done is given him an opportunity to keep a superficial relationship going and delay his healing process. However, it’s his choice. Several of the psychics who have commented on this article that I’ve read with and felt there was a true level of support with my broken heart, I now feel indifferent about reading with you in the future. I also don’t feel that a psychic should bring any of their client’s comments to these public conversations regardless of how general they are and no names being mentioned. It’s disrespectful and unprofessional.

  3. Ella

    Trouble with men saying it’s over:
    Sometimes they avoid what they think is confrontation AND sometimes they want to keep the door open so as to casually return domeday if some other chick doesn’t pan out.
    Truth is they want it all no matter who they hurt in the process.

  4. Robert

    I just want to Run Away from my Wife of 26 years because she is abusive . She shows me NO LOVE AT ALL , But if i even try to go away , She will not let go ! Unwilling to Move On Even Tho I Am .

  5. anna

    please PLEASE spread this article around. Put it somewhere outside of CP too if possible… many times in life I was interested in a guy but chose to back off because he had some psycho ex-girlfriend…and yes, many of them openly tried to ruin the ex’s chances for a new love turning MY life into hell! By the way, I’d also include “kissing other guys in front of him to look like she’s so happy and powerful or something” … even my mom did that to my dad when he left, what a terrible sight for a child to see!

  6. browneyesbrowneyes

    Thank you Verbena. Yes, I am taking better care of myself and moving on. Not that I dont still think of him, but not in the way that I used to. Im finally learning to release it all and enjoy what is in front of me and live in the present instead of expecting something in the future. Who knows? Maybe what was predicted will happen someday but Im not sitting around with the expectation anymore.

  7. danyela

    Yes. Its a good article great advice. But I resent the fact that its only directed towards women. And only two or three sentences acknowledging men do this too. When all my relationships yes all three, ended with the guy behaving this way. I think in order to get a point across you shouldn’t point the finger at one side. Remain neutral. Because both men and women do this. Not just women.
    Danyela V.

  8. Gypsy

    If the person you are in love with would be honest & tell you it’s over then most people wouldn’t need to resort to all those other tactics to get even or revenge. There is nothing more maddening then when the person you love & thought loved you stops texting or calling without any explanation. It’s no wonder a person gets so vengeful. Hey guys how about trying the truth for a change. I know I can handle the truth better then wondering what the h..l happened & get so mad I see red & want to scratch his eyes out. This is being a total coward & not acceptable. Yes I’m going through this same thing right now & all I gotta say is it’s his loss. I want to do all those things but know that it won’t do any good, only make me more upset. I don’t deserve to be treated like I’m insignificant & my feelings don’t matter.

  9. Danni, ext 5193

    I love this article and truly hope it is READ by many!! Each and everyday we make choices. Choose to love and respect yourself. Embrace the change and the lesson! Love is a gift NOT something someone owes you :).

    Love and Light!!!!

    Psychic Danni

  10. Amy

    Great article!!!
    Great advice verbena. I believe that ” Time can heal a broken heart, but it’s also can break a waiting heart.” I have been in this road before and waited patiently and put my life on hold. And it’s hard to start something new with baggages inside your heart.
    I learned that happiness is a choice. you deserve to be happy, so choose to be happy. how to be happy is up to you. i just hope you dont look for it in another person or relationship or in a thing.
    Seek God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha…. or whatever you call your creator according to your faith right now. they’re all the same. feed your spirit. Whenever my mind fills in the fantasy of us being together ” I stop myself and instead i wish him off goodbye and goodluck.”
    ” you need to forget about the boy who forgot about you”- the notebook.

  11. karenlf1957

    This is all good now…..what if it is the guy thats doing most of this?
    11 Broken Strategies Men Use For Revenge Against Their Exes”

  12. Tina

    Great article!! It really hit home after a recent break-up with my boyfriend after 10 years. He lived off me for 8 yrs. and it was a nightmare. I am glad he’s out of my house. He never worked, helped or contributed. He cost me a massive amount of money and I took a ton of abuse from him all the time. I cared for him and did his laundry while he ate my food, slept in my bed, smoked marijuana in my house, grubbed my last dollar off me every day, used my car and cell phone, ran around cheating and “sliming” with other women and took extreme advantage of me. I was treated like a free landlord, or better yet…a dishrag. I constantly screamed at him to get out of my house! He refused to leave, cause he had nowhere else to go. It’s hard to believe that I actually fell in love with that piece of s***!! Where was my mind!? He is evicted now and I can actually take a deep breath. I just really need to stop sending him nasty text messages. I feel very betrayed, but this article gave me the insight to move on. Thanks!

  13. indigodanceCAT13

    Absolutly brilliant… just loved this.

    I see it so many times before in fellow women folk.

    If your heart is broken by another – it cant heal back in the same way – the whole relationship has changed – it will mend eventually, but the healing tissues only form a new version of the orginal bond – not the same bond (it cant, it got broke).

    Within the new version of the relationship you build a new strength – even if that does mean the final parting.

    If you dont let go when you know you are meant to, then you not only end up with a broken heart, its totally liquidized (like in a blender !!! all those blades !!!) – then that is totally beyond repair and now one can put it back, not even you.

  14. Bissy

    I walked away with grace and style, I don’t text, call, show up or stalk in ayway; In fact I have moved 1500 miles away. HE comments on MY Facebook, HE calls ME, HE suggests dinnerdates when in town. Yet, we have been officially over for 9 months, his decision. My heart is not healing because he is maintaining contact. And like a moth to a flame, I am drawn to that which hurts me. Moving on is difficult enough when trying to get him out of my head. Moving on is impossible without the strength to refuse him. When will someone write with insight on how to REALLY get over him?

  15. drsonshineDr. Son


    I love that you said “the dumping you was his loss”. We all too often forget that it’s not as much as we would like ” about us”. Well said my friend.

  16. drsonshineDr. Son

    Wow! Sounds like someone needs to take a “chill”. We all go through hurt, anger, resentment, rejection, grief and most of all of feeling no longer loved. Saying just ” get over it” is not as easy as you make it sound. Although saying the things that are probably not a good idea to do I can agree with. People need to recognize they are having an issue with letting go and find out within exactly why and MAKE the decision to let go. If you never agree with yourself to do so then you never will. Be well. Namaste

  17. Chrissi Matusevics

    I thought a broken heart is supposed to grow bigger to love better, not go bunny boiler with the pain, been there, and hated it but managed to move on, hated it that we had the same group of friends though so it was difficult, as neither of us really wanted to be without the other, but I as a person was too immature to appreciate what a great man I had, unfortunately for both of us at the time, still, now I got a lovely hubby, a lovely son, and a new life too

  18. browneyesbrowneyes

    No, the faces at the side of your facebook page are not the people looking at your page the most. They are simply the people available to chat at that time. You cant see who has looked or is looking at your facebook page.
    In reply to the advice to move on,,,,,what about when you get advice from all of your psychics that there will be another chance with the person that ran out on you? Sort of hard to just move on then, wouldnt you say?
    Broken hearts do take a long time to heal, longer than any other broken thing on or in your body. I wonder sometimes if a broken heart ever truly heals. But I do agree with the advice about “stalking”. I made the same mistakes, and it was the broken heart that led to it and the low self esteem that I was left with. Revenge is sweet…sometimes. But I have learned it is better to let it go and walk way with some class. Maybe this was my life lesson in my heartbreak situation.

  19. Mariana

    100% true! I dodn`t know the pic`s shown at one side of ur facebook were the ppl who are looking your profile at the most!! interesting data!!
    I laugh a lot, and yes, sometimes, we are ridiculous doing such things..

  20. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    This article just made the top of my list of favorites !!!!!!!!

    Way to go Krishna Bill !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  21. Denise

    Is that really true that the pictures that show up on Facebook on the side are the people who are looking at our pages the most????? I had NO idea… Interestingly enough, the dude who “disappeared” without a word 6 weeks ago, yet proposed MARRIAGE (YEP!) is always at the top of the page there. What does that mean?

    Why are dudes so weird?

  22. -quinn ext. 5484

    >>>Buddha also said something about attachment being suffering.<<<
    what a true statement that is. when we are attached to something we must take care of it or we hurt if we are not caring for that attachment as it becomes part of us.
    but on another note, all's fair in love and war. taking the effort or making the cause to make the relationship work no matter how is part of the all's fair energy.
    i would love it if women took their lives into consideration when getting dumped and figure out why – not fault the guy.
    once i said to a female caller that there are worse things then getting dumped, after all he is still alive –
    caller said it would be easier if he were dead!!! so i get how extreme us gals can be when hurt.
    when you finally move on please don't bring the suffering of attachments to the new relationship, if you do the new will get old very fast. learn and start fresh, clear out be ready be real be compassionate and know that dumping you was his loss.
    quinn ext. 5484


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