Embrace Your Inner Goddess and Shine!

Those Born Between October 10 and December 5 Offer the Ultimate Gift

Between October 10 and December 5 is the time of year that offers the “Gift of the Goddess,” ruled by the star Spica. In ancient times the soft blue, but bright glow of Spica shone from the wheat sheaf of the Goddess Virgo and was considered to be the Gift of the Harvest for humanity—enjoying the fruit of the vine, the bread, the cheese and life itself.

In Christian astrology, Spica represents the Christ Child in the lap of Mother Mary. What the star brings is what is needed and wanted by humanity at any given time.

If you were born between October 10 and 18, your sun was in Spica’s realm. If you were born from October 18 to December 5 in most of the Northern Hemisphere, you have Spica as your powerful Heliacal Rising Star. In both cases, you have a very, very special gift that is needed in your time. It could be the talent of guiding others through your words, design (computer or artistic), music, your parenthood to someone equally special, or a number of other areas where you have a compelling need to share.

An important thing to do each morning when you look in the mirror is to affirm that what you are offering during your daily activities is of amazing value. If you are part of the Libra group, it may be as simple as your amazing charm and personal beauty, along with genuinely kind empathic words and smile. This has saved people from suicide many times in the past. You have this power.

For you Scorpio types under Spica, your (seemingly “dark”—really human) humor through your knowledge and tolerance of the depths of human emotion will really reach others. You might actually be a therapist or writer, or artist offering a stark, even shocking, beauty. Or this might be part of your daily expression.

For you Sags with Spica, your fiery passion and joy will be your guide. Whatever you take joy in sharing will be the answer. As long as you value the things that bring you joy and share them, you are a gift to the world.

“You are a perfect child of the Infinite, and you deserve the very best!” – Shyla ext. 5431

So, Spica people—you come in many forms and all the elements—the earth of Virgo, the Air of Libra, the Water of Scorpio and the fire of Sagittarius. Each element is needed, and your gift shines through—just what people need!

“Recognize and share your gifts. It not only brings confidence and success to you, but empowers others as well.” – Faith ext. 9608

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