Women’s Dirty Little Secrets

What Women Would Rather Keep to Themselves

In the Grand Dating Game, while women may put on a great show for their men, their activities behind-the-scenes can shed an entirely different light on their desires, needs, and guilty pleasures. If you’re truly ready to hear some of the gritty truth about these enigmatic women, read on.

1. Sometimes women like to dress up to attract every male’s attention, even if they aren’t remotely interested in these men, just to feel sexy and desirable.

2. Women sometimes wish they were more casual about things like sex, threesomes, and stripping but without the emotional consequences.

3. If a man tells a woman that he never wants kids, he’s just taken himself out of the running for a future with most women.

4. Women want you to always take care of your physical self. Even if they say they love you no matter what, they don’t mean that it’s ok to “let yourself go.”

5. Ladies often have fantasies playing in their heads while they are in bed with you. This is not to say that you aren’t a good lover, but that they use those images to heighten their sexual experience.

“People we attract into our life are reflections of who we are, therefore become first what it is you want to attract.” – Rivers ext. 5273

6. Women secretly like it when their man becomes jealous over another male’s attention (as long as it isn’t obsessive and controlling!) and may even fuel the fires of jealousy just to feel desired and wanted by their guy.

7. While women may be supportive of a certain amount of masculine flaws, there’s a line already drawn in their heads which you might not recognize until you’ve crossed it and it’s too late.

8. A woman will talk about you to her friends. Often. This will include the good, the bad, and even the ugly. You’ll just have to live with the fact that her friends may know you better than you know them.

9. The amount of random hair grooming/plucking/waxing she does on a regular basis may disconcert you. No matter how much grooming/hair plucking/waxing you may do, she probably feels you could do more.

“When looking for true love, I like to focus on WHERE to look, and WHAT to look at for my clients—it’s to be very successful!” – Yemaya ext. 5143

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18 thoughts on “Women’s Dirty Little Secrets

  1. Patricia Johnson

    I was offered a freebie by your company – Some merchant falsely charged my debit card which I intended to use as my treat to enjoy your observations for as long as I could until you cut off the free offer and then back it up with my debit card if we needed to continue – I really need that free offer this evening if we can work it out because I’ve been so trashed out by two different men that I loved dearly over the past five or seven years even been intimate with them both at one or another. I’m on disability and it seems the cocksmen, pardon my French, are no deeper than a shallow sex experience in which they both revealed to me they want somebody else with more to offer – Give me break – Its crazy – I have been known to self mutilate in the past and we don’t want to go there no mo’ over neither one of the dogs – Insanity every Thanksgiving of my life in which I’ve been known to be so hurt I go down to a bar a pick up a cowboy and its on until all get arrested and get felonies – that’s how angry and broken hearted again I am – We don’t want to go there – I need a psychic’s advice to see how much worse its gonna get?

    Anything you can do help much appreciated.

    Really thanks,


  2. seeeee

    A lady i love is in the arms of another man but the promise is she doesnt love the man,that i shld give her time to divorce this man,i tryed to to take my mind off this lady but i feel like dying my heart aches,i knw its not good but i love this lady,i aam dying with jealousy

  3. YUSUF

    icant gave you my all secret but i will gave some basic information apout the woman first i doint had more than you do have apout the woman second woman ist realy nice to me when i join to them tree its a mother and sister and dougter so i allwys looking for a woman because i love them

  4. LJ Innes

    the curtain has been lifted. i hope the men in our lives can handle the truth LOL – very insightful, loved this article.

  5. Goddess Sara

    Hi Yemaya:
    I don’t understand your last comment: “When looking for love…-it’s to be very successful!” Are you saying that looking for someone who is successful or that your method has ‘proven’ to be very successful?…
    I’ve been looking at online dating sites and I always am amazed at the way some men ‘present’ themselves…some show themselves in a photo(which are supposed to be recent) with a woman or family, some are smoking, some are embibing what appears to be mass quantities of beer, some will actually swear in their comments. and I wonder, ‘What sort of women are these men trying to attract?” I mean, I by NO means consider my self a prude, but I wouldn’t touch any of these faux pas’ed profiles with a ten foot faux pole!!! What do you think they are thinking? Do you think it’s just a case of ‘arrested development’ and they think they’re being ‘cute’ or ‘funny’?…cuz I look at that and go NEXT!!!!!
    Thanks for the fun article- all of which I concur with. If you could just clarify, however, what it was you had intended in the last line, I’d be grateful. Thanks!!

  6. imdad

    NO matter what ever you have written about women but one thing is quite clear that if you are strong in the bed and can give full satisfection to a woman she will be very loyal to you through out your life provided you lookafter her properly because she will be hungry of your love more over she will never tolerate other women in your life

  7. Leo femme

    I really hate generalities like these type of lists. Not all women are freaks like the ones who answered for this poll.

    some of these are not dirty little secrets…..most women I know do not want to be strippers nor do they spends hours grooming. Most mature women, that is. Yes, we do fantasize while I bed but who doesn’t? That’s no secret.

    we need to stop perpetuating myths about women that can lead many younger women to low self esteem.

  8. tomi

    something else that bothers me. My husband and I have been married for 29 years. He has never been one to have a lot of sex and he and his best friend have always kinda made sexual remarks toward each other. but now we are not having sex with each other and he keeps making sexual remarks about his best friend. Im really thinking hes gay but he doesnt come out and say it. Many a time he has chosen to go on trips with his friend instead of being with me on his days off. I am really getting grossed out.
    I used to still want to have sex with him but now Im just kinda cringing under my breath.


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