Will Visualizing a Perfect Relationship Manifest It?

Is It Enough Just to Visualize It?

Many counsel that in order to attain our goals, we must first deeply visualize them occurring. This process certainly shapes and conditions one part of the universe and the way it manifests experiences for us (what is often referred to as the “astral plane”), but it leaves out many of the other steps, not least of which being the material world and the steps it is necessary to take in the material world in order to allow the desired experience to manifest. Can a perfect relationship be manifested by visualization? It certainly helps, but in and of its self, visualization is not enough…

The Sun Herald reports:

The law of attraction rests upon this fundamental idea: whatever your mind envisions will be attracted into your life. For Kevin Costner’s character in “Field of Dreams,” the law of attraction propelled him to construct a mystical baseball field that would later allow him to interact with his deceased father (mowing down several crops of corn to do so). For others, the law of attraction may manifest a less elaborate vision; a new job, a creative outlet yet to explore, or a perfect relationship.

With the law of attraction made so popular by books like The Secret and its predecessor, The Power of Positive Thinking, it leads us to wonder: if you build your proverbial “relationship” baseball field, will he (or she) come? Perhaps. But you may want to hold off on mowing down any corn crops just yet.

The Secret and The Power of Positive Thinking promote the notion that our thoughts form the foundations for our lives. Or, that essentially, positive thinking leads to positive outcome – and relationships are no exception. Research on this theory with regard to relationships, however, introduces a few interesting caveats.

What do you think—what are the crucial steps to manifesting?

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