Why He Noticed You

What Was it That Caught His Eye?

Ever wonder why certain men have approached and pursued you in a particular social situation? Chalk it up to what you will, but in actuality it’s all about the beautiful you and how you shine in their eyes. Let’s look at how you’re projecting just the right attitude and persona that draws him to you and tempts him to pursue you with gusto.


Confidence is universally attractive. Knowing and liking yourself contribute dramatically towards what you project in any environment. How you carry yourself, what vibes you are sending out, act like a magnet attracting what you are emitting. An attractive, well-adjusted guy can immediately read this from your body language, facial expressions, etc.

Eye Contact

You can be projecting the most positive and attractive vibes on the planet, but if you act like you don’t even notice him, there’s a good chance he’ll see that as a sign of disinterest, especially if he’s been trying to catch your eye. The eyes can speak volumes and if you reveal yourself in them, along with your interest in him, that’s exactly the kind of signal that’ll have him making a beeline for the you.


Along with eye contact, the way you position your body, touch your hair, and smile while looking at him adds another delightful layer of flirting. If he intrigues you, let him know. It takes a lot of nerve for most men to approach women, so if he’s approached you, you have sent him all the right “I’m interested” signals. Want to find out where to find real romance? Psychic Lucy ext. 5353 can help!

Your Story

Everything that makes you who you are is projected in your person and in your interactions with others. If you are among friends or co-workers when he sees you, he is not only seeing your exterior, but the story of you, your personality and how you appear among those who truly know you. He likely sees some of the things your friends enjoy in you as you are interacting with them. This allows you a chance to shine in a public setting, as you are enjoying yourself among those you care about, which can easily attract others, including all those Romeos!

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