Your Weekend Forecast for November 16 – 18, 2012

Best Weekend Ever!

Grounded for love, great for sex, spending money and having a grand ole’ time, this weekend is one of the best weekends as we retire the Scorpio Sun mid-week. The Capricorn Moon from Friday morning until Sunday morning allows our emotions a steady vibration. Sunday morning the Moon is in the air sign of Aquarius as we ride out the last watery weekend of the year.


There will be a breath of fresh air on Sunday morning as the Moon moves into Aquarius, this vibration lights your fire, and you end the weekend on a high note of pleasure. You were the one who got things going all through the weekend, and now you get a chance to refresh for your passion.


You’re in your element, feeling good and very capable of tackling a big job. There is a rainbow at the end of the work-storm that makes your hard work and dedication well worth your efforts. You’re also feeling a tad frisky, and your partner is catching your vibes. Hot nights ahead.


Your level of communication soars to new heights. There is a block of time that you set aside for your creative juices to flow, so give yourself a hand as you accomplish a short-term goal. Money seems to be in a very good place, and you actually get to plan a getaway for the holiday season.


Making the most of your opposite sign in your ruling planet makes for a fun weekend. There is a vibration of love that over the past few weeks seems to have escaped you. Welcome back, sexy Cancer. This weekend, you make up for any lost time.


Money is a focus for you as you plan for the holidays a tad in advance. You are one who loves this time of the year and wants to create a beautiful setting for your loved ones who are planning a visit to your hometown.


With the stability of the Scorpio Sun and the motivational energy of the Capricorn Moon, you find yourself in a very positive place. Work gets very busy, and little breaks in the day and evening give you the strength to keep it going. It is a time to reap the rewards for all your hard work and service that you have shared over the year.


A warm loving energy both giving and getting is on the menu for this weekend. It’s a busy time of organization, planning and making things happen. Your creative side is showing, and you will have fun putting it to good use. Making decorations and seating arrangements for the holiday season are a very pleasant way to use your talents.


Waving goodbye to your Sun sign is a bittersweet feeling. You feel most powerful when the Sun is in your sign. This is true for all the signs, and you’re happy to share the strength and power with the rest of the zodiac. Take advantage of the organizational energy and get what you need in order this weekend.


Usually you’re straight to the point. This weekend, however, you’re more mindful of your thoughts, words and actions. There is a sense of orderliness as you propel forward on your path. This newfound force brings a financial turnaround which makes you very happy.


Big bucks come your way, and oh how happy you are. No one is saying that you love money, but you sure know how to make the most of it when you have it. This is an abundant time in your life, and from this moment on you find pleasure in your gifts of creating a bounty. Making your list for the holidays is so much fun.


Although it’s not time for spring cleaning, you catch the organizing bug and start with the closets. Uncovering some items you thought you lost comes as a surprise, giving way to a full-blown out cleaning spree. There will be lots of company over the next two months so getting this job done now is a blessing.


A lover takes you out both Friday and Saturday night, leaving you a tad tired. Sunday you relax and take time to get ready for the week ahead. The movies on your DVR and the leftovers from the weekend dinners mean you’ll end the weekend with a big smile and a good night’s sleep.

14 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for November 16 – 18, 2012

  1. Michael

    We willsee if this is true. I’ve been waiting to fulfill others happiness with what is called riches.I would give it all away!

  2. quinn ext. 5484

    dear Michelle,
    it can be hard to let go i understand. first organize things the best you can, books, records, tapes, clothes, shoes, statues, etc.
    than take your camera and take pictures of all the STUFF.
    buy big black bags and put all the things in them and call good will or salvation army to get the STUFF picked up. or bring it to any place that takes donations.
    print out the pictures of the STUFF and make a scrap book. so much more room and all the memories in one place.
    call me if you need help. im great with organization. and letting go.
    i hope you start on this project this weekend – and have fun doing it.
    much love,

  3. quinn ext. 5484

    hi karen whitehouse –
    you never know what surprises will be hidden in the closets… sometimes letting go of old stuff is liberating.
    and also makes room for all the xmas goodies coming your way.
    make use of the vibration. and enjoy the fun of seeing stuff that has been hiden away.
    happy weekend,

  4. Michelle

    Your forcast are so correct for myself and my family. How can l let go of my hourding, l keep everything. My mum and dad have passed away but l can not let go of anything even all the kids books and toys and clothes, thy are all in there twenties

  5. quinn ext. 5484

    hi yamuna,
    in western astro you are cancer born in the year of the monkey.
    it is very possible that both systems of astro are correct just different.
    this in fact gives you more insight into yourself. use it to your advantage. knowing the best parts of each sign.
    for the daycare the vibration of the cancer sign is more compatable, open and loving. so with work think like a cancer.
    have a great weekend,

  6. Yamuna

    I’m a srilankan, my b’d is 22.7.56, according to srilankan astrolagy I’m a virgo but here it is cancer, what should I go by, also please tell me what is going to happen to my house and why I dont get any kids to my daycare. thankyou. God bless you.

  7. minoru k. kamai

    likes 2 deys scope…stio having issue w/ money and job…thank you and have a bless aloha fridey…always minoru ( thanks for the help…


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