Psychic Amanda: How to Attain a Happier Life

It’s Really Possible

Want to experience more joy and fulfillment in your life? Want to see your life take on new dimensions of happiness? If you’ve answered yes to these questions get ready to see how simple it really can be.

In 1632, Galileo was one of the first scientists to record the connection between sound and visible patters proving that sound and vibrations are the source of all matter. So if sound becomes physical substance than doesn’t it make sense to speak only what it is that we wish to create?

Follow the thoughts here. Each sound (word) vibrates at its own frequency. There are lower frequencies and there are higher frequencies. Lower frequencies are heavier, more dense, and consequently, sounds and words in the lower frequencies bring about experiences that vibrate in those realms.The emotions associated with the lower energy frequencies are fear, regret, blame, guilt, hopelessness, grief and despair, to name just a few. Sentences to be mindful of are, “I wish I had” (regret) or “If only I hadn’t” (regret/shame or guilt). These phrases vibrate in the lower frequencies of the energy spectrum. Continued use of this type of language will solidify the experiences of a vibrational match to these words and feelings. You’ll experience heaviness, sadness, regret and longing for a better and different situation.

Let’s move up the emotional frequency scale. We come to emotions of anger, resentment, anxiety, pain, hate, hostility and even boredom. These emotions, expressed through language and conversation will again attract and bring into your life more of these situations and experiences.

So, how can you have a happier, more successful life? One of the surest and quickest ways to alter your life’s experiences and attract that which you want to be, do and have in this lifetime, is to be ultra mindful of your words. Your words generate and create an emotion, which falls somewhere on the energy spectrum and in turn attracts an experience. If you choose to monitor your words, and only speak into creation the things that you want to be, do and have, you will see that the universe will begin to support your efforts. You will see that your physical surroundings and experiences will begin to reflect the higher frequencies that you are bringing forth.

Words and emotions that vibrate in the higher frequency spectrum are words such as: happy, cheerful, thankful, grateful, merry, effervescent, love, peace joy, and just by saying and reading these words, you may have noticed a subtle and immediate shift in your own energy. Using these words more often in your conversations will have you vibrating at a higher emotional frequency and as a result, experiences vibrating at these levels will take shape. It is just the way the universe works. There are laws of frequency and vibration, just as there is the law of gravity.

Here’s an exercise that you can do today that will show you how your words effect your vibrational frequency and experiences. Pay attention to some of the conversations you have with the people around you today. Watch to see how the subtle energies affect you. How do the people make you feel? Do you:

• Get tired or even exhausted after spending time with them.
• Feel or sense an immediate dislike for them.
• Feel excited and energized in their presence.

Pay attention to their words and the conversations you are having with them. You will soon notice the strong connection between the two.

From doing this exercise, you will become more skilled at identifying and participating in conversations that will empower you and cause you to take action to raise your emotional frequencies and generate the life you wish to create. It will provide you with the ability to choose which conversations and which frequencies you wish to engage in.

It’s worth the time and effort to experience a happier life for yourself and the miracle of it. You can begin at any time and in any place. It’s only a word away.

9 thoughts on “Psychic Amanda: How to Attain a Happier Life

  1. Terry Lyn

    Oh come on! When you talk quietly to people, they will want to listen to you and hear what you want to say and you can feel at ease.

  2. Terry Lyn

    I’ve heard of garbage in my time, but that takes the cake! People respnodbetter to a quiet voice because they want to hear what you are saying and it’s more pleasent.

  3. Psychic Rowan x5423

    This is so well written. Thank you for sharing such an important practice of awareness. I love reading an article like this that vibrates on such a high frequency. As a singer and musician, awareness of words and sound is of the utmost import. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Deb

    Thank-you, Amanda! Such wise and interesting facts. I know often even pretending you’re in a good mood can take you there. We are so chemical, so fragile and sensitive. But we are meant to be this way and figure out what makes us tick, be successful and best of all, love and be loved. Was it Shakespeare that said “Know Thyself” ? Then we can control ourselves and our happiness so much better! (I didn’t think you mentioned anything there about high pitch voices! I guess “inger” read through your words too quickly) Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Amanda!

  5. Wanda

    inger, Amanda is not referring to the pitch of the voice. She is referring to the emotional frequency, as is clearly stated. What we say and think creates our reality. Amanda got it right. You are way off.

  6. Amanda ext. 5605

    Inger, I understand how you’ve interpreted this. I am not speaking of the tones and literal pitch. I am speaking about words themselves that carry a frequency. Please refer to Dr. Masaru Emoto ‘s work on ” The hidden messages of Water” and Dr. Hawkins, ” Power vs. Force” . You will then see the angle of the blog. Thanks!

  7. Phyllis

    This really means to say that positive meanings of words are reproduced by the universe and return to us in multiple ways. And I think this is true. The brain has various levels of vibration depending on age. Meditation can put us in the Alpha brain wave frequency which allows us subliminal messages from the subconcious. Many inventions have been developed from these states of mind not to mention seeming miracles. PR

  8. inger

    that is total utter rubbish – i’m sorry i love this page but this leaves me incredulous. high-pitched voice are the most strenuous, the most hurt and hurtful, angry and angering, annoyed and annoying frequencies. our vocal chords tense to produce them – the sheer amount of energy needed to produce a shriek is enormous. low frequencies (whichever register is your natural register) express a person who is relaxed, at ease, willing to lie back and indulge.
    this is not psychic it’s physical and we all know it to be so instinctively. animals such as cats and dogs are different – opposite really – low tones are warning signs, normal or high-pitched, eagerness to please. or pain. get it right next time


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