When Your Heart is Breaking

Smile, Though Your Heart is Breaking…

I value each call I receive here at California Psychics, but there are some calls that are heart-breaking. I believe many people call us because they feel they have no alternative, no other way of locating the information or reassurance they are desperate for.

One lady in particular called me recently, who had called before about her marital situation. The marriage was in tatters and she wondered if I saw it improving at all. Her husband did not seem all that interested in making it work. Indeed, he went out every night by himself, and the lady feared he was seeing others. This lady, “Janet,” said that things were not improving at all since we had last spoken, and wondered if I saw anything better for her in the marriage.

This was truly very sad. The husband, who was unemployed, had begun this behavior since losing his job. He had not been able to find another, and seemed to be bolstering his ego by seeing different women. Janet said he had been verbally abusive and virtually ignored her, otherwise.

I know this is a good lady who wants to be a good wife. But, as I told her, no-one can force her husband into working on their marriage, and it appeared to me that he was not interested in keeping the marriage intact. I saw a separation coming that she did not want but at least she would not have to personally witness his continuing behavior.

Janet just wants to be a good wife in a good marriage. To add to her pain, her husband infected her with HIV, which appears not to distress him at all. Now Janet feels that if she leaves her husband, no man will want her, as she is infected with HIV.

I told her I did see a man in her future who would love her and be able to deal with the knowledge of her HIV—but how tremendously painful for her to deal with this situation now, both mentally and physically.

The information Janet wanted me to see, I know, was that her marriage would improve and her husband’s behavior would be back to what it used to be. She wanted for him to stop seeing other women, and stay home with her in a secure marriage.

But what I see for her immediate future is very upsetting. Her husband does not care and will not care about saving the marriage. Right now, for him, it is all about what he wants for gratification. Janet does not figure into his plans except for someone to do the housekeeping.

I hate to see answers such as this to the questions people like Janet ask. Their hearts are breaking and there is nothing I can personally do about it. I can give positive information regarding other future events to them but, truthfully, nothing positive about the state of their marriage.

We, as psychics, can comfort and advise. We can tell of future events and feelings. But we are unable to change the behavior of others or make them act in a more caring fashion. It is honestly painful for us when the caller’s heart is breaking and there is nothing we can do. I wish we could do more for them.

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  1. sammiepoo123

    Tansy your really nice I have had the opportunity to talk to you. I know it has to be hard to deal with. Thanks for sharing this article.


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