Your Weekend Forecast for June 8-10, 2012

A Perfect Blend of Energies

A perfect blend of energy as the melding of the sky and the water create a weekend for travel, spiritual endeavors and inspiring conversations. The Gemini Sun gives us choices while the Aquarius Moon from Friday to Saturday afternoon lends itself to deep thinking on emotional issues. The Moon shifts into Pisces on Saturday softening the vibrations and tenderizing our hearts.


Use your creative force to combat the blues. Staying in your head keeps you from having fun, so let go. Get out of the house or office—we all know you’re a workaholic—and for once prove those you love wrong. Take the seat behind the wheel for a road trip.


Helping a friend move is not exactly what you were thinking when getting out for the weekend came to mind. Your efforts are rewarded with kind words and some financial benefits as well.


There is so much to do and only two days to it. Take a deep breath, center, balance and focus. You will find that your lover, friends and family will be happy to make the plans for the small things as you tackle a project that is close to your heart.


Finding yourself deeply involved in a serious yet joyous spiritual project takes you to the outer limits of your thinking. This is a very beautiful weekend and your mood is quite perfect.


First, you’re up than you’re down—feeling like an emotional punching bag is not fun for you. The good news is that you help a loved one accomplish a task that is very important. Be prepared so your strength shines through.


Being picky this weekend will not get you anywhere. “Contain” is your mantra as you plow through trying to understand how you got to a point in your relationship that leaves you speechless. Show your mate some love.


Getting out of town proves to be spot on. The flight is perfect from take off to landing, both going and coming. Everything in between serves up some new ideas that you are able to delve into for years to come.


You are not in the mood to leave the house, so friends bring the vibrations of other countries to you via food and movies. Watching the Travel Channel also inspires.


Moving forward and pretty fast at that, you seem to have wings on your feet as you fly through different venues absorbing creative stimulation for the week to come.


A trip to the ocean is in order and if not the ocean, any body of water will do. It helps facilitate clearing out the old thoughts that have been spiritually trapping your creative side.


Venturing out with old friends bring memories to the surface. Keeping a dry eye is a challenge as emotions run high. Getting hugs from loved ones will keep you balanced and focused.


This weekend you find yourself breaking the circle of events that have been your usual theme. Reaching for new heights and attaining them is a pure pleasure making this a delightful weekend.

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