15 Ways to Make Up

Get Back Together!

Breakups are rough, and oftentimes for the best, but if you feel that your relationship deserves another shot, you’ll need a solid game plan for winning back your lover’s heart. Let’s look at a few suggestions sure to put you back in the romantic running!


Give yourself and your partner time to think things over and miss one another. The reunion will be that much sweeter after an absence and you’ll both have a better chance at a fresh start.


Whatever went wrong to cause the split, talk about it. Most breakups come from a lack of communication so speak up!

Say You’re Sorry

It’s hard to work around a wounded ego, but taking responsibility for your role in the breakup is the only way to move forward!

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Plan an Adventure

A mutual interest or a hobby date will reconnect you two and serve as a powerful reminder of why the two of you fit so well together.

Pour Your Heart Out

Tell your partner how much he or she means to you and why. It’s only through being sincere and vulnerable that a real re-connection can occur.

Give a Gift From the Heart

It’s not the gift, but the thought and expression behind it. Giving your partner something that shows you truly know them, what makes them happy or adds sincere benefit to their life can score major points in romance re-connection.

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Be Attentive

Nothing says “I care” like putting those words into action. Show them your emotional support by paying sincere attention to them and being available whenever they need you.


Something in your relationship wasn’t working and that’s why you broke up in the first place. Figure out what it was, how you contributed to it and work on not doing it again.

The Power of Touch 

So much expression comes from body language, so don’t discount it. It’s easy to over think a situation and allow confusion and second-guessing to take over. As long as they are open to it, hold them, touch them and allow physical expression of your feelings to take over where your head may have stalled.

Don’t Play Games

Be open and honest about your thoughts and feelings. If you’re serious about wining them back, you can’t play games.

Don’t be Possessive

Don’t exhibit jealous or controlling behavior! As much as you may miss being close to them, give them the space to truly miss you.

Work on Yourself

Time apart means you get the opportunity to self-reflect and think about how’d you like to improve as a person and as a mate.

No Self-pity

The worst thing you can do is isolate yourself and jump in the pity pot. No healing or growth happens there, nor does it put you in an attractive light!

Be Friends

Friendship is the most solid base for any relationship. Reconnect on that level and it will open you both up to the potential of much more the second time around.

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Go to Counseling

A professional’s perspective can always be beneficial, and if there are issues to be worked out individually and/or as a couple, this can be the perfect way to do it!

25 thoughts on “15 Ways to Make Up

  1. Glenda

    It is great suggestions, and believe me guys and gals, though I want to hold on myself, life is just too short to be with someone who is still married or not into you, (They can always leave, usually do NOT) even if going through a divorce, always a chance they can go back.
    My experience has shown that, while every guy, well, most of the guys I have had in my past want me back within the year of breaking it off with me, they always want me back, usually after I have moved on.
    It ALWAYS hurts at first, especially when they say Oh, you are so wonderful or have not realize it was I who pushed them away out of my great fear of being hurt, and the sooner the better, time really does heal all wounds, and the quicker you move on, well, it doe a lot for self esteem, and you know you need no one but you.
    In the end, at the end of the day, we all look in the mirror and see who we really are, all are humans, we all want and need to be loved, so why waste time on someone who does not???
    Get o finding out who will and does, stand up tall, and put affirmations on every place I your home you frequent reminding you that you are worthy of love, respect and are beautiful in all you say and do.
    We are all unique and have something to offer that special someone, I want some guy who will want me, warts and all, cause baby, I am all I got.
    I may want someone, but need nobody but the man above!!! He is the ONLY one I cannot live without for without HIM, who allows me the very air I breathe, what am I but dust, and to dust we all shall return.

  2. Debster

    I am saddened to see many folks posted on here that they’re completely lost without their bf/gf, and are having trouble making it through life. I do understand, I was in the same boat. I got so depressed, somehow sitting in the middle of the floor for two days eating cheetos seemed sane.
    Here’s the thing, unless you are whole – meaning a whole person, not a shattered one, you’re not really relationship material anyway. If you do get into one, with your ex or other, it’s about guaranteed to end poorly as the reasons you got together in the first place are not healthy. You need something, they need something – a parasitic arrangement develops.
    It is hard, boy can I relate to that. But, what you absolutely have to do is get yourself into “relationship shape.” This means learning how to be happy as a single person first. It’s tough to see this right now, but you absolutely have to find what gives you joy and embrace it. Don’t say, “but…but… he/she gave me joy!” Wrong, they filled a need you had, and maybe still have. You have to move past that, take a good hard look at yourself, and work hard to become the wonderful, loving, best person that you are.
    When are you ready? The day you wake up, stretch, look at the sunrise and think, “wow, that’s awesome!”. If by noon you have not thought about your ex, you are just about ready. If by bedtime, you still haven’t thought about them, then it’s time to date. Fill your life with things that make you happy. When you do find someone, that way you have real and beneficial things to share in the relationship, not just “need/want,” drama.
    Hugs to all,

  3. Debster

    I’d agree on pretty much everything except the “Be attentive,” part, be available whenever they need you. I guess it’s just general advice, but… if your ex took you for granted this is a sure fire recipe to make sure that continues and that he/she won’t respect you. Just thoughts, I’m sure every situation is different.

  4. Seema Sen

    we broke up on feb 2013. in between we talked many times.once before a month he wanted me back , we meet for an hour also.in that also he got doubt on me and again we became strangers. he calls me once in a week or so, talk as a friend.i want him back but i feel he dnt want me. whenever i talk about that he just keep silent and say okay will call later bye. what should i do? i need him , i love him a lot.how to win him back. i have decided not to contact him as because once i talk to him i cry for next 2 days too.it hurts me a lot when he ignores me.Kindly give me some solution i want him back

  5. Gladys

    I ve a boyfriend that we broke up for more than five years and he is coming now that he want to get married to me I don’t knw his plan bcos after we broke up I leter hot him I don’t knw if is pay back he want to do now pls advice me

  6. muniya

    im facing such type of problem…….we are on the way of break up almost……we are taking time n giving us some time departing from each other….but we dont do any communication, we dont call each other……i send him message but he didnot replied yet….he dont call me……i missing him so much…..i cry all the time for him…even i cant concentrate on anything…..i really love my husband……and never wana depart from him…….i cant even think of divorce or something like this……i do care of my relationship….but he wants to build up his career departing of me…….after sometime pass he reunion with me then we quarell and we depart again…..when he finished his work he reunion again…..i dont like such type of relationship (depart and reunion again) as i m his wife……what can i do …plz suggest

  7. Jenny

    I met a guy named Dave..We do not communicate any longer because he is not ready to commit. I have never met a person that in a short time have felt so much for and looking into his eyes I feel we are kindred souls. I wonder if our journey through this life will have us crossing paths once again. Will fate have us meet again? if so, when? Is he the one?

  8. oslo

    I broke up with the love of my life two years ago. I never got him back but I still love him and will love him till the end. Love is not being together with a person, it is a feeling that lets them go. He is with another woman but it is alright because no matter what I will always love him.

  9. Vanessa

    A very good advice! Unfortunately, my Ex and I won’t get back together. He found someone else and I pray for their happiness. 🙂

  10. baby girl

    I have kids with a married man we have two wonderful lil boys together and I would like to know if we will ever get back together or at least become friends for the sake of our kids and ours as well

  11. Judy

    I don’t want my view to be public. This between you and me. I’ve had this long distance relationship, we started off as friends, now he wants more, but I don’t feel like he is being honest about some things. I’ve tried to talk trying to get him to be more open. He will open up so far then he withdraws again. Am I wasting my time even talking to him? I really feel sorry for him, he supposed to have lost his wife from cancer 5 years ago and he has a 10 year old son. He’s already told his son he has found him a mother.My kids are grown, and I could love another child. But again I wonder if he’s trying to use me someway. woul you please answer me back?

  12. Kim

    My ex-boyfriend Mike and I broke up last June because he found someone else. They were together for about 4-5 months. Then they had problems and my ex attempted suicide twice because of her. In Nov of last year my ex-boyfriend Mike and I became best friends again and hung out for 3 months. In Feb of this year him and her got back together again and I was left out in the cold once again. I really love my ex-boyfriend MIKE and I do want to get back with him and spend the rest of my life with him. I feel again that his girlfriend is just using him and that he will end up getting hurt once again.
    Will they break up soon? Will my ex-boyfriend Mike and I get back together again? Please help me. I need and want more than anything else in the world my ex boyfriend Mike back once again.

  13. mary abia

    i recently believe that i met i just met the love of my life bt most times he doesnt allow me communicate he is so dominnering in wanting to talk and most times abusive in his comment and it has gotten into my heart that i find it difficult to sleep,he has even refuse my phone calls,i mange to tell him that if i was doing something wrong that he should forgive me, i found that he is erratic and judgemental,i even tried to let him change his attitude towards me but he has refused,am tired of his behavior am about opting out,because,i doubt if he truly love me,will he come back to me, i want to know if we could still be best of friends his name okechukwu okaro pls find out and give me a quick reply.

  14. julie

    If any of these people wanted to be with any of you people, you’d have heard from them. Find someone else, stop dreaming about people who probably don’t give you a second thought. They are not coming back, they are not suffering without you, they probably only feel a little sorry for you, if that. Push them out of your head and forget about them.

  15. Jacqueline Warda

    Hi Reba,
    my boyfriend broke-up with me last April, & for some reasons were not solid. I love him so much, tried to call him , email text & no respond & I know he is suffering I can fell it. I really love him so much & I can not get over it. I need your advice , please. I wont to spend the rest of my life with him, please help me.
    I look for ward to hearing from you,

    Jacqueline Warda

  16. Poonam

    I am sufferning every minute, now i have nothing to lost. my life is going to hell.
    recently i breakuped with my bf. i dont know what to do.

  17. milisa

    My husband and I are getting a divorce… I want him back but he has plans with another. What do I do? I love him soo much!!

  18. Caroline

    How do I get over an ex? It’s been a year since we spoke. He said I was the love of his life. We ended on really bad terms. Please help ? Best regards , me

  19. Cris D.


    I had a friend that I had feelings for. I wanted to tell him that I had
    feelings for him, but I did not want to mess up our friendship we had.
    Then out of the blue he stopped talking to me. I asked him what I
    did wrong. I apologize for whatever I did. And till this day he never told
    me why he stop talking to me. He says he’s moved on. But, I can’t seem
    to move on not knowing what I did wrong. It’s driving me crazy not knowing.
    I think about him every minute of everyday about him. I dream about him.
    Help I cannot move on cause I don’t know what I did. If I knew I would
    just move on. But, I just can’t! I’m crazy, not knowing. I want him so badly
    to be part of my life!!!! What should I do?


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