How to Really Seduce a Man

Ready to Seduce the Man of Your Dreams? Here’s How!

If you’re looking to seduce the heart and soul of a potential beau, you’ll need to look past the superficial things. Here’s what you really need to focus on if you want to get him… and keep him!

Meet His Needs

Everyone has an individualized assortment of needs in life, which can be met through family, work, hobbies or relationships, depending on the particular need. The old philosophy that food, sleep and sex are the three basic needs of humans is as accurate today as it was when it was first conceived of. And this brings us to the notion that in a healthy relationship each person should be able to meet the needs of the other. When it comes to men, understanding what he needs to be healthy and happy in life and being able to give it to him in a beneficial way is key to a long and loving relationship. This might mean cooking foods he enjoys, allowing him the time he needs to sleep and maintaining a healthy sex life that you both enjoy. Meeting emotional needs is also crucial, as is your ability to support your guy during the difficult times as well as the good ones. When you meet his needs, you have seduced his heart and mind, as well as his body!

Show Him Your Appreciation and Admiration

Everyone likes and needs to feel appreciated and one of the best ways to secure a man’s heart is through validation. Men have a sense of pride, and acknowledging his efforts, sacrifices and successes is a sure way to seduce him for the long term.

If he can feel that you notice, respect and admire certain things about him and his achievements, you will have seduced him in a more meaningful and lasting way. Embrace your partner in his entirety and watch how seductive you become in his life!

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Don’t Try to Control Him

Loving and accepting someone means allowing them to be the unique person they are without the need to change or control them or their behavior. If you are looking to seduce a man on a deeper level, this is a powerful choice to make in your relationship. It’s attractive and appealing to have a partner who has enough confidence in herself and the relationship to allow her mate the space they need to be and do what is essential for their happiness and well-being. Trying to control your mate displays insecurity and neediness, so let go of any of those thoughts or behaviors and focus on celebrating the connection you two have, and trust in your beloved’s choices!

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33 thoughts on “How to Really Seduce a Man

  1. meme

    This is what works for my relationship with my man. Frist of all there has to be true love on both parts. We show each other respect, we appreciate each other,,complaiment one another, we always say thank you & please. We not only tell one another, we SHOW it in the thing we do for each other. We tell each other countless times a day I LOVE YOU. We don’t argue, if there is a issue we let the other know in a calm manner, then we TALK about it. Allowing the other to express how they feel in a comfortable setting. We always come to an agreement that both are happy with. We do all chores ,cooking together. Some times, we give each other a day off and we will do the days chores by ourself . we both pamper each other. We TRUST EACH OTHER! That is very,very important for any relationship. Without TRUST, & LOVE, RESPECT, you have nothing. By the way, we are always there for each other without critisicime. Understanding, & putting ourself in the other ones shows. PRACTICE these things from the heart, and you will have a relationship that you only dream about. I know by experience, it works. Just be sure to give each other their space. There is plenty of together time that is much more enjoyable when you do. Love and relationships can and will be an awesome thing when we take time to learn each others needs respect them. Don’t try to change the one you love, love them as they are. Most of the time it’s you that needs to change. Everyone has their faults. no matter what, if you and your mat truly love one another you will find what works for your relationship. good luck. To the women who lost your husband, my heart goes out to you. I pray the LORD will comfort your grief , take all the time you need to grieve.God knows your pain and HE is with you. He will never leave nor forsake you. Ask Him to help you through this time of loss. GOD BLESS YOU!

  2. Tomy

    To the one who lost her Husband, pls be grateful you had the opportunity of experiencing a life full of love with someone, ’cause that’s the obvious reason you could be feelin low and greiving, Don’t forget there are stil many of us out there stil in search of that Love and intimacy you”ve shared, some are even way too old and have ended up teribly bad in some relationshps. So focus on what you”ve been privileged to share with him, I’m sorry for your loss.

  3. Kayley

    I believe confidence is important and sexy, but I also believe that vulnerability is sexy too. I’ve found that jealousy that constantly surfaces is a huge turn off. I’ve also found that it’s helpful to remind ourselves that men are simple creatures; flesh, food, sex & sleep. And of course the stroking of the ego..

  4. Seema suree

    I loved a person in our second meeting and we just fell in love, due to some misunderstanding we did not talk to each other for 4 years. But he keeps creating fake email id and chat with me.. Thats may be he cant express his feeling directly or he may be playing with me.

    What should I do to get him back…I miss him too much

  5. Melissa

    I hear ya, Jackie. My best guy friend is like that. He’s been telling me for the past 6 years that I’ve known him how he wants to find a nice girl. He’s had an off and on relationship with a b-word, as he often referred to her as(and I don’t disagree with him on that), complains about how she treats him like crap, hits him, nags him too much, too high maintenance, selfish, too demanding, etc. One night I was brave and told him how I felt about him. He broke up with her and started dating me but then broke up with me after a few months, saying that I was “too nice and sweet”. What gives? It feels like men like women who are witches with a capital B. I don’t get it.

  6. Bella

    This I 4 Glenyce —— humm 1st of all there are not enough of words 2 express my sorrow 4 UR grieving process .. Yes I do know how U do feel .. I buried (3) in a row even though it was a long time ago it still feels like yesterday .. FYI IF i might add I was only a child myself @ the time when I buried / lost them … Does it get any better NO & NOT really I would be lying if I said yes bc NO it want bcz you will always carry the / their love with you U DI have 4 them with U always / FOR EVER 2 .. But U must find away 2 TRY 2 COPE / live UR life once again .. IS it possible NATA is impossible ever .. Maybe try joining A survivors group yes IT might help it helped me FYI 30 years later I still go 2 participate IN the meetings 2 help me realize why my ass is still here , so NO judgements here … once again I am truly so so so sorry 4 UR loss … Not that this matters WHEN I thought I had it bad being in 1 month I’ve had 2 surgeries recently & now I had 2 start radiology this week 4 the 3rd TIME & FYI this time (( I’m really pissed OFF about it 2 bc I feel like it’s not being fair with that being said (( ” I can’t cry over split milk )) well quess what this week I am doing IT again 4 my throat cancer that just want GO away “” it is what it is “” AND also IN the past month due 2 my labor of love being my job I have help bury AND attend 2 children’s funerals FYI being (1) today that have died @/ or BY the hands of their OWN parents hands, PLZ believe me that is NO club NO parents / persons wants 2 be a member of EVER .. Here’s my silver lining 4 over 10 years I’ve been helping 2 set a child wrongfully convicted FREE, well now Ryan’s FREE to nite .. This is what helps me with my grief I give back @ 200%.. I am sorry 4 UR loss maybe try 2 remember this “” #1) “” it not over until “GOD” says it’s over BUT when it’s UR time 2 go “” it is what it is “” “” sorry “” it is what it is “” # 2) every day above ground is a good day rather if U want 2 be here or NOT UR the 1 who is still here .. # 3) this is gosh darn VIP , PLZ try 2 remember this ( no it’s not always fair) why BCZ when you think U have got / had it bad PLZ try 2 remember there IS always someone OUT there in this harsh world who will always have / has it way way way more much worse off than what U do .. #4) U are still here 4 a reason & U must find UR own path / way / purpose now here on earth until ya meet up again with UR loved 1 .. No judgements either way, like I’ve said I’ve even had 2 thank “GOD” myself in recent days / times 2 thank him 4 my own lucky stars do I have it all that bad NO I don’t .. bc look @ all the folks who just lost their own lives over seas , they have NATA 2 go back 2 IF they did survive the storm bc they lost it ALL they have NATA zip NATA FYI … When I see their spirits almost @ NATA / zero it’s BCZ they don’t have NATA yes it breaks my heart .. What about URS .. once again I’m truly sorry 4 your loss .. Plz be blessed I do wish U all the best my warmest wishes 4 U in UR time of grief maybe this might help U out .. 4 me it does give me some retro perspective about my life’s purpose as in yea ” life is very short ” + U only get 1 chance @ IT/ UR own LIFE 2 so it right “” .. plz be well (((Glenyce))) NO judgements here !!!!

  7. Jeri

    I have done all those things, and more. All it has done in the last 7 yrs is turn him into a mean spoiled person who now teats me like a child and tries to control every aspect of my life, including where I work. How can I get back the man he WAS, and get rid of the boy he has become? Is all lost?


    The man can seduced with all this thing .sex, foods and sleep. But sometimes is monotonous. Some man they have all perfect but still looking for something different! They need more than that… I found something that really work.. The man is really seduced when woman has principle and character to say stop , sometimes you need to domain the guy they love it in the right time.. Since I’m with my man 14 years the relation is getting stronger day by day. I maintain my mystery that’s the point why we are not bored. I think the best enemies of good relation is the bordness and monotonous life. We need to get thrill . Sex foods and sleep is not enough!!! We need to show the confidence with our self. And the best cool aura…anyway hope everybody can understand my English its not my strong side… Ciaooooo amigas….

  9. Greta Garbo

    Men are babies! I agree that we need to meet his needs, but MOST men are incapable of meeting a woman’s. I believe he needs to seduce us!!

  10. Nancy

    Why is this focused on what a man needs from a woman? I think it goes both ways …so why not address it to both men and women.

  11. Deana Steiner

    To the above that lost her husband , very sorry for your loss and though i cant completely understand i realize inside myself how hard this would be and horrible it would feel to loose someone so dear to your heart , again very sorry for your loss .. but your post is very unfeeling to others who may need a lil pick me up in their current relationships , loves or simply life in general … I feel you very selfish to express yourself in this way to others … not to post things like this ..of love and partnerships … yes u need to grieve and your life as hard as it may be right now will get better but you are not the world , you are not the center either . i dont mean to sound harsh but dont ask people not to post things of life because your in pain right now because of your loss , that is unfair to others in this world who may be in situations to where that single small article made a single persons life easier and maybe gave them some source of clarity and calmness in their hearts and lifes .. Please before you judge me for this post think about it.

  12. Annette

    Jackie I like ur comment that is so true. Why is it a man has a woman that treats him like a king, but yet most men don’t choose whats good for them they always go back to a female who treats him like crap.

  13. Bella

    🙂 🙂 … Lol lol lol ummm hummm lol , & thank you very much , very interesting / great article once again (CPSYCHICS) I bet this 1 gets a lot if feed back lol lol …. I agree with ALL of thee above, it’s 2 funny L O L lol … All my best wishes / best hopes 🙂 holidays 2 – 4 all , PLZ all be blessed / PLZ be happy with 1’s own self 1st .. 😉 🙂

  14. Sophia

    I think everyone wants to be unconditionally loved and accepted in many relationships but most
    especially a romantic/intimate one; that’s how intimacy is built. The article really isn’t just for men but everyone.
    God Bless

  15. Tammy

    What can you tell me about a past love that serviced in my life.

    I needcto know how accurate you are. There are a lot of fakes out there. Give meca little introduction

  16. Mary

    This seems to work both ways. I need the same thing from a relationship. Does that mean I think like a man? No. I don’t need to be under someone’s thumb, I enjoy a relationship that lets me be me and the freedom to do what I need to do.

  17. jackie

    I’ve done all of those things and they either cheat or go back to their ex’s. I have learned by them going back to the women that treated them so badly that they enjoy that. Someone can only say they will change and do it for a short period of time to get them back. What I would love to know is how their relationships end up after giving up everything they ever wanted to go back to what they weren’t getting in the first place


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