Video: What If You’re the Other Woman?

It’s Complicated… or Is It?

Being in a relationship with the person you love is one of life’s most beautiful experiences. Even so, whenever you are in a relationship with a fellow flawed human being there are complications, difficulties, and misunderstandings to sort through to keep the relationship strong. Now, this becomes even more complex for those who are in love with someone who is already attached to another person.

Enter Psychic Peyton ext. 5312. She specializes in gently guiding you toward your own self-awareness, and reveals your inner obstacles during her readings. These skills, alongside her clairvoyant, empathic, clairsentient, and Tarot reading abilities, are an ideal mixture to assist callers caught up in a relationship with an already married person. In the video clip below, Peyton shares exactly how her gifts guide callers through this tricky relationship scenario.

Get What You Want in a Relationship

Peyton taught me her system for moving through challenging romantic situations. Whether you are the other woman, the one left waiting and wondering, or single and searching, consider her tips below. Get your very own personalized tips from Psychic Peyton ext. 5312 – try a call with her today!


Peyton said, “People don’t realize how important forgiveness is, because too many people hang on to that negativity and want harm to come to that person for what they’re put them through! When that happens, you’re not going to move forward.”

Relinquish Control

“Sometimes people like to control everything. And again, I can see that in the cards, and feel that with the caller’s anxiety. I look at that person, and ask, ‘What is it about yourself that’s causing you not to trust?’” Do you know what you need to let go to manifest what you want? Psychic Peyton ext. 5312 can teach you to break through your blocks and build a fresh path right now. Try a reading with her today.

Overgive Much?

“I find so many times the female gives so much of themselves, even doing behaviors to buy the relationship, like paying car debts or buying cell phones. And who’s not going to take advantage of that? And it’s not the guy’s fault for taking advantage, when the woman is so willing to give.” Whether you’re single or attached, let Psychic Peyton ext. 5312 reveal what you can do to create the relationship of your dreams today!

Peyton’s Solution!

“You need to refocus and look at yourself. Why are you doing these things? Know that you’re worthy of the best. Once you recognize the fact that you don’t have to give in order to buy a relationship, you have to put yourself first. I tell callers, I want you to put yourself on a pedestal, and know that that’s the only thing that you will accept: someone treating you with that type of respect.”

“Once you change your mindset to: ‘I do deserve a loving relationship, because I am a good person, and I do have love to give,’ that’s putting you on a better road to manifesting what you want.”

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12 thoughts on “Video: What If You’re the Other Woman?

  1. Julie

    Love can be so complicated. I’ve been a wonderful guy for close to 3 months. His ex-wife were married for 15 years, and had no children together. He does however enjoy spending time with her grandchildren during the holidays. That’s where my comment is heading. He spent Christmas with his ex and her children and grandchildren. He told me several weeks before he would be doing this and he hoped that it would be the last holiday I would spend without him. I’ve gotten increasingly insecure because of this and today I’m ready to flip my lid. I have been on my own for 20 years, am extremely confident or so I thought and independent. In other words, I don’t need a man to complete me (sorry guys). I can’t understand why my guy would continue to have a relationship with his ex if the only thing they have in common is the house they own together and their dogs. My intuition is telling me that he may still be living in the house. He has assured me they are in no way together, but I still don’t have the certainty or knowledge of exactly what their relationship is. I want to talk to him about it, but I’m afraid, because I don’t know if I can tolerate him having an ongoing relationship with her which then means a break up. This is the first guy I’ve connected with in such a long time and we get along great with each other. It’s just the ex thing that is in my way. I do not want to break up with him-we have both openly expressed our love for one another. Not sure what to do, but I’m in a blue funk that I can’t endure much longer.

  2. Wendy

    I had an affair with a married man, but at the time he was separated. I thought maybe some day we could get into a real relationship. He went back to her, he said because of many factors, his kids, the number of years and the house. He never mentioned because of thee love, does that mean he is going back for everything except love? I wish i knew if he’s really happy now that he’s back with her. I still miss him. And although i wished him the best, i sometimes dream of us together. And i know it’s wrong but i just can’t get him out of my mind and heart.

  3. Lynn Rose

    I’m the other man, thanks for the article. I’m ( we’re ) in the 1st quarter of the 12th year of a affair. Just a word up from the men ( and also, being interested in the ratio of married men vs. married women who are in love with and seeing another person outside the marriage. This time of year for either side of the parities, can be filled with stress and loneliness. But, men are “suppose” to be “dogs”. And will bed anything that’s slow enough for them to catch and mate with. But, read between the lines and there are men like me. The kind that are monogamous, even with the person that having a affair with. ……… ( God bless em’ ) he! he!
    Mine is a long story, but just remember…….. always look closely and give it some serious thought if you want to to discuss it MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! Lynn…

  4. mich

    I am the wife but feels like the other women. My husband has another family on the side. He treats her like a queen and me he can care less about. We have been married for 30 years. We have been together for 35 years. 2 kids grown now with no help from him. And he has a child with his girl friend outside the marriage. He refuse to get a divorce because he dosen want to pay for it. I am not working and i pay out 10.000.00 dollars in bankruptcy while he ran around with his other women boy was i mad when i find out about him. He will not except responsibility to me his wife or his kids and she thinks that she got a good catch. Be carefully taking someone else’ s husband because when he treats his wife like sheit he will treat u the same in the end. maddwomenmlcade

  5. ponysexpress08

    its hard for me to forgive.
    i think it has alot to do with people never saying they are sorry for the way they had treated me….what they said n how they said it…what they did and how they did it.

    i have trust issues. im so tired of being taken advantage of……the one whos ALWAYS giving!!

    i lost 2 people that claimed they were my friends…..1 of them betrayed me…..and made my life a living hell. at my job and at home. needless to say…shes not missed.

    the other…whatever his problem was….i dont think it was necessary to throw away a friend.
    i was going thru some tough issues…with the girl that beteyed me……and he knew it….all i needed was someone to talk to…..and he deserted me.

    friends, family, and lovers and husbands and wives all have faults. but if you have an unconditional love for them, you will see past them. you will help them through them…..not leave them!

    only if the fault is so problematic that its causing you pain, anguish, and unhealthy should you distance yourself from them. but turing you back on them only makes them think that there really wasnt a friendship at all in the first place.

  6. ann

    very good article and so true I believe it all and keep myself on that pedestal and do believe I will find that someon one day
    the love I deserve not left overs which so many feel they deserve not me

  7. chanda

    I need help to forgive my former husband who left me 6 years ago I want to get on with my life but don’t know how! Please help


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