A Guide to a Better Love Life

Create a Healthy and Loving Relationship

Are you seeking love advice? In need of some love life tips? Don’t worry, you’re not alone; everyone needs a little help in the love department at times. There have been many studies performed on happy successful couples and many of them laugh at the thought of having an unhealthy relationship. Sadly, many of us experience an unhealthy relationship in our lifetimes. There is hope to discover and create a healthy, loving and caring relationship that can last a lifetime. The guide to a better love life is just around the corner and available for you to grasp onto and put into action. Check out these love life tips below.

Effort Required

Many people in relationships seem to lack effort. They get lazy and figure they have won the love prize; therefore, no more major effort is required. This is the wrong approach to love and a healthy relationship. Effort is always required even if it means making your girlfriend or wife a romantic dinner sometime or watching the NFL game with your man without complaining. Do something caring for your special someone every day without the expectation of anything in return.

Communication is Key

Make an effort to communicate with your partner. Tell them your goals, dreams and allow them to see your vulnerable side. Share your daily lives together by catching up before you settle into routine patterns like watching a movie or dinner with the kids. Talk to them like a best friend, a family member or trusted source. Communication is the number one factor in a successful love life and relationship.

“While communicating and loving each other through the dark times, you are indeed embodying perfect love.” Rowan ext. 5423

Ask for What You Need

When we hold back and stop sharing our relationship goals and expectations with our mate, we loosen the bond between us. Build stronger bonds by sharing what you want from the relationship, whether it is a spicier sex life or quality time.

Make Time for Each Other

Life can get busy, kids interrupt and work can take over at times, but it is always important to make private time for you and your mate. Put your partner on your to-do list as number one and make sure you both put aside the time to do something special.

Fight Fairly

A guide to a better love life is not complete without setting boundaries. First of all, don’t fight in front of the kids. Second, fight fairly with each other and avoid any painful name calling and the bringing up of any past issues that have been previously laid to rest.


If you have a fight with your loved one, make sure you always apologize if you were in the wrong. The more that an apology is ignored the more resentment has a chance to set in and could cause further problems in your love life. Say sorry if you are at fault in any situation with your partner. This will keep your bond strong and your love life intact.

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3 thoughts on “A Guide to a Better Love Life

  1. Lana

    I find it very difficult to find anyone who is as giving as me. I don’t expect 100% but I do expect something! In my family, we are known to be considered pleasers and before long we are single again. I think the secret is that we are choosing the selfish takers and that has to stop.

  2. ann

    yes I do believe that men need to give back as I give very freely and I do not seem to get anything back so I have been thinking time to move on and find someone who can give to me as I do to them thanks for reassuring me once again


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