Video: 4 Ways to Crank Up the Passion

Revive Your Relationship

Regardless if you’re married, living together or have only been together for a short time, passion can fade if we become complacent. Or should I say, your assumptions about what you define as passionate don’t change. I’ve met many people who just assumed they would always feel the same about their partner as they did the first time they kissed or had sex. Many times, I find myself wondering if they will ever step out of the fairy tale they’re living.

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Psychic Maryanne. We worked together on her videos, and we even did a Live Psychic Chat (it was so much fun!). One of the things that impressed me about Maryanne was her calm, straightforward manner. With her direct outlook, I had no doubt she could answer this simple question, “How do you put the passion back into a relationship?”

Relationships evolve! And dare I say it—relationships change! Realizing and adapting to change is one thing that can help strengthen your relationship. As well as these great tips from Maryanne.

1. Create Romance

Ladies, it’s not enough to expect he will always know what you want, when you want—so tell him what you want and need. And, guys, ask if you don’t know (and if you really want to know). You both need to consciously create romance, but you also need to define what that means to both of you.

2. Get Out of Your Head

If you’re assuming that your partner should be making more of an effort to be more romantic, you’re wrong. It doesn’t matter who starts recreating the spark. The important thing is figure out what you both need and want and do it! You are responsible for yourself and your needs. If you need more romance or va va voom in the bedroom, talk about it with your partner. Not your friends or co-workers, your partner.

3. Get Out of the House

When was the last time you two discovered a new restaurant together? Or found a unique used bookstore? How about picking apples? (I’m from the Midwest and love doing this.) I’m asking you: when was the last time you two had an adventure, together? It doesn’t have to be expensive. As Maryanne says in the video, it can be a weekend away or just one night.

4. Who Are You?

Take the focus off the relationship and move it to you. I firmly believe that you should take at least two hours a week away from your daily life, house and obligations and go do something fun. But you have to do it alone! Don’t take anyone with you. This is a time to explore your interests and live out some of your dreams. I found I was a budding photographer and enjoyed wandering around gardens. Eight years ago, I would have never dreamed I would have enjoyed photography. But now, I love it thanks to my two hour breaks. You could do something as simple as getting your nails done, buying a nice new shirt or just sitting quietly in the library surrounded by a few of your best friends (books). After each of my trips, I came home energized. My partner wanted to know what happened, and I found we had tons more to talk about. Oddly enough, I discovered he was a photography buff, and I didn’t know that. New chapters unfolded before me, and that turned into passion for my partner.

Go rediscover yourselves and your bodies! Remember what it was like when you first met and how wonderful things are now. Embrace the changes and bumps along the way. Celebrate your couple-ness, your uniqueness as two people who love each other completely.

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4 thoughts on “Video: 4 Ways to Crank Up the Passion

  1. Sharon Mathews

    Thank you I needed that, because our sex life is almost dead, we need a boost. We use too go to the movies, dinner, go out dancing we don’t do any of that anymore.
    I disabled now, and I have severe pain on my right side


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