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Maryanne connects with you and yours by "letting go" and feeling the thoughts and emotions surrounding your life. Feel free to ask questions, but know that she also enjoys giving general readings in which she does not need any info from you. She gets in the zone and feels the energy! Reading professionally for over 36 years, her soothing voice puts many to ease. She aims to bring you closer to truth, raise your confidence, provide you with a view of the future, and a course of action. Maryanne wants you to know that you are of tremendous value and have options. She says, “All is not lost! There's a lot of good living ahead!” A fourth-generation psychic, Maryanne has always known things and receives information in flashes. As a small child, she could tell her mother who was calling when the phone rang (before caller ID). She cares deeply, delivers detailed answers in a loving manner, and treats your concerns with respect. With a background in Human Resources and business consulting, she has worked with Federal grant funding and done work re-directing juvenile offenders toward education and career paths. Maryanne does not need tools, but can use numerology, oracle cards, and tarot upon request.

Time with California Psychics: > 7 Years

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