Unlock A Man’s Emotions With Sex

4 Ways to Get Emotionally Closer

You know the conventional wisdom when it comes to men and women’s sexuality: typically men don’t need or look for emotional intimacy during sex while most women would prefer it. As sex makes everyone vulnerable to some degree, it’s up to you to encourage emotional expression if that’s what you feel is missing between you and your partner. And while building a relationship with great emotional depth occurs primarily outside the bedroom (through quality time and personal investment), there are ways to unlock a man’s emotions with sex. Let’s take a look!

Eye Contact

As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul, so don’t overlook one of the best ways to express your feelings to him. Not only does eye contact amp up the physical intimacy during sex, but what emotions you choose to express while you are in the act can communicate a powerful message indeed.

Expressing Yourself

As women tend to be more comfortable expressing themselves emotionally, it’s probably up to you to steer things in this direction. You know the extent of your feelings for your partner, so tap into those feelings while in the bedroom. Not only will your feelings for him be conveyed in your eyes, but in the way you express yourself physically and the care you put into your gestures and body language.

“Sex is an action of the body. Love is an action of the heart.” – Psychic Quinn ext. 5484

Tapping Into His Needs

As women tend to be more emotionally wired  and men more physically stimulated, it makes sense to use our primary language as women to connect with his primary language which is physical. Focusing on his pleasure in the bedroom while expressing your emotions in your actions will engage any man’s feelings.

The Final Curtain

Reaching orgasm with your partner can be an amazing physical and spiritual bonding experience if you are both open to it. Connecting what you feel in that moment with that particular person is indeed considered one of the most beautiful of human experiences, so express that to him through actions if not words. Cuddle afterwards, bond with your mutual satisfaction and feelings of togetherness and watch how he smiles or otherwise demonstrates his contentment. If you’ve done all of the above, it will definitely be there!

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  1. melissa

    we have tried a lot of stuff like toys enhancers viagra to get my boyfriend to stay hard but when he enters me it goes limp what can i do to help him climax?


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