Psychic Tenley: Dating During the Holidays

Season of Love

The holidays are upon us and it is only natural for us to think about how romantic this time of year can actually be. Where will you be on Christmas Eve for your kiss? Will you be cozy by a fireplace or in front of a lighted tree? Who will your New Year’s Eve kiss be with? Will it turn into something more?

These and many other questions come to mind during this time, but all the while we are all so busy. We shop, we plan for family time and sometimes we seem a little distant because we have other things to think about. We don’t have our mind on the person we are dating or about to be dating. It’s a good idea to have realistic expectations when it comes to romance this season. You could feel a little left out if people have many commitments that may not include you. Don’t take it to heart, though.

Love tends to blossom during the holidays because we literally see each other in a different light. It could be those twinkling lights on the tree, or the soft light of a warm fireplace, or under restaurant lights at an office Christmas party. And the colder weather plays a huge part in all of this. Who doesn’t want to snuggle up with that special someone and feel the warmth of each other’s bodies?

Romance is all a part of the holiday mood. We just feel more romantic. Some of us may expect a marriage proposal this time of year and get disappointed if it doesn’t happen. Red is the color of love and it sparks that romantic feeling when we see it during this festive time. If you’re dating, it might be fun to get together to trim a tree or watch an old Christmas movie in an intimate setting with a lit fireplace.

The key to romance this season is not to over think it. Much like your decorations, don’t set your expectations too high—things could begin to clutter your head. Enjoy the moments you have and if anything is truly there between you, it will surely last much longer than this holiday season!

If you are unattached, get out there! Your future husband, wife or partner will be shopping for gifts and attending holiday parties too. In all the hustle and bustle of the season, you are bound to meet new people wherever you go. People seem to be much more approachable this time of year and you could always break the ice by wishing them a “Happy Holidays.” Who knows, they may invite you to share dinner or a cocktail with them.

You’ll want to keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum because it tends to lower inhibitions. Say you attend your office’s holiday party and the next day, a co-worker seems a little more than friendly at the water cooler. You’d want to remember why, right? Drinking somehow seems to be more acceptable during the holidays, so we could overindulge.

Have fun out there, be safe and fall in love!


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