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Become Whole Again and Love Yourself

There are times when the hole where our heart should be seems to be as wide and empty as the Grand Canyon. It feels like there’s something missing, and no matter how hard you try to fill it, it remains empty. For me, I filled it with food and my career. Others have filled the emptiness with other distractions. The end is always the same, and until we are true to ourselves that hole remains empty.

Talking with a psychic helps to remove the distraction and allows you to see how to find what you want and need to fill the emptiness. These psychics can help find what you’re missing through a love reading:

Psychic Pilar ext. 5677

A big believer in free will, she assists by explaining options. Her higher-self connects with your guides and loved ones beyond. You may hear her taking deep breaths while she hones into the extrasensory world. Please share your name and birth date and Pilar will focus on your needs. And get ready to take notes! The information just flows from Pilar. Pilar wants you to “feel clear on what you want the reading to be focused on” and she hopes that you “come out with an amazing sense of clarity that far exceeds your expectations.” Is your relationship a bit unclear no matter how much you try to define it? Talking with Pilar can help gain the clarity you need.

Psychic Ainsley ext. 5635

Her answers make a difference in your day to day life by providing a glimpse into what you cannot see. She is a no tools reader who excels at time frames. Want predictions on when and where? Ainsley views those timelines in her mind’s eye with precision. To begin a session, tell her your name, and if your question has to do with another person, please state that name, as well. Need to see your love path? Talk with Ainsley to see what’s coming your way in love.

Psychic Anastasia ext. 5610

Anastasia asks that you think of your question while she cuts the cards, but please do not say it out loud. By having you not state your question, she eliminates any intellectual bias so that she may read more purely based on the cards and her intuition. When she finishes interpreting the cards, you will hear your answer. At this point, if you choose to share the question, she can then hone in on it further. Gain the insight and clarity you need (and deserve!) about your love life with a reading form Anastasia.

Psychic Jeremiah ext. 5672

Jeremiah begins with a silent prayer as he connects to the other side. He then shares his psychic visions to confirm messages from spirit. He enjoys the interaction that the one-on-one environment of a phone reading can bring about, so please feel free to share any confirmations you feel. His goal is to always make sense, because he feels that clear communication is the key to connecting. He can relate to what you are going through and sees the potential for positivity all around you. Jeremiah isn’t just talking, he understands! Want to find your special someone? Let Jeremiah connect to you and see your path ahead in love.

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  1. Sally

    I have spoken, in the past, with Calista and would like to again but really need to know the cost per minute as my finacial resources are not unlimited !! Thank you !!


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