Crossing the Line Between Flirting and Friendliness

Tell the difference between flirting and friendliness. Flirting can cross a line can include extended eye contact and touching. Are you a flirt?

How Far is Too Far?

The advantages of subtle flirting are many, from receiving extra discounts at the store, to establishing a quick way to advance in your job (studies suggest flirting can boost your career). However to many men, a flirt is a flirt. It doesn’t matter if it is accompanied by a smile, hair flip, butt wiggle, or dotted line. The problem with flirting is not that some guys don’t know how to take it, but that a lot of women don’t know when they’ve taken it too far. Let’s draw an invisible line in  the gray area between the concept of flirting and friendliness.

Girls, Slow Down… You’re Flirting Faster Than Us Guys Can Keep Up!

Flirting-on-the-go, describes the men and women who are finding dates during their morning commute to work. In fact, some surveys suggest that over half of these men and women are succeeding over a third of the time with some sort of romantic connection. What is perhaps even more interesting is that the success (or popularity) of these flirts has little to do with who is the most beautiful or friendly, but rather who is throwing out the most bread crumbs. A true master of her art can travel through life at 35 flirts per hour, and end up with up to 32 reciprocated advances from various guys throughout a single day. Everybody likes to receive a warm fuzzy. However, if you are a single woman, and wondering why that hasn’t changed, try saving the warmest fuzzies for that special someone, because he will notice, and appreciate the special effort.

Eye Contact is the Deciding Factor

We’ve been taught that holding good eye contact is the secret to establishing a connection with another human being. The problem is, if we allow this power to unleash itself, we can easily turn the resulting respect into an infatuation (romance). The typical glance at a passerby is only a brief 1.8-second interlude, which is nothing to get excited about. Where someone’s glance becomes significant, it is when it is extended beyond three seconds. This is because the ventral striatum portion of the brain accepts all extended stares as an invitation to fall in love (infatuation). Unless you want a man to experience those “special feelings,” you may want to keep your eye contact strong, but subjected to brief interludes. This gives the same focus and attention, but discourages men from getting the wrong idea.


We are not a particularly touchy society, so when a woman decides to initiate contact with a man, he may not know how to take it. While women are aware of any motion towards her shoulder, knee, and face, a man can get excited by any amount of contact. Most experts would agree that a confident hand shake is always appropriate, but reserve most other friendly touching for family, good friends, and love interests. Feeling a bit too rushed in love? Astrologer Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 can see what’s pushing you out of your comfort zone.

A Professional Flaunts Their Personality… a Love Interest Accentuates Their “Assets”

Some women like to draw the attention of men, even in a professional setting. However, flaunting a great personality is one thing; flaunting your devilish cleavage, or any other lady lumps, says more about you than just that you have a sexy body. In the monkey kingdom a butt in the air is like a cattle call, screaming, “Come and get it.” It’s better to flirt using your mind, especially if you are looking for a meaningful relationship. Are they just a fling or is there potential for a deep, soul connection? Vega knows.

Guys, This is When She’s Really Happy to See You

Studies show that the muscles used to create those unpopular lines, known as crows feet, when we smile, are primarily flexed via your autonomic nervous system. This means that you have to have a positive feeling about someone, in order to produce the kind of smile that could melt a stick of butter. A guy can know the difference between a woman who is looking for something (money, promotion, etc.), versus having something to give (love, respect, etc.), simply by taking notice of how brightly she smiles each time he walks into a room.

4 thoughts on “Crossing the Line Between Flirting and Friendliness

  1. Akonsift

    ahh, so sorry you had to go through this sndraa. i last a 5,000 word essay last year a couple of days before it was due and had the most dramatic evening of sitting on the floor of my bathroom balling my eyes out… until i finally just had to suck it up and write it again. it’s so horrible when stuff like this happens. glad to hear you managed to recover something though.good reminder to always keep a back up. love this shot of you! so ethereal and peaceful… possibly the opposite of what you’ve been feeling this past week?xx

  2. AuroraBoarder

    Bri – sorry about your experience! What a drag!

    When I go to snowboard camp, I’m totally indiscriminate with flirting. Some of the boys are half my age, or less! I’m not trying to get anyone; I’m just doing it for fun. I also collect autographs from the pros, and I got to dance with some who won medals in the Olympics! The camp owners actually told one of the pros I was the person to be seen with!

    Sometimes you get the best results when you’re the least serious.

  3. Bri

    There is this man at my job who was very attracted to me. He made me feel good about myself
    just by the way he looked at me. He always made my day! It was getting serious, until someone told him my age and now he hardly flirts with me and when I asked him about it, he
    said that there was too much going on in his life and now he does things to avoid me! Was he real or just playing? I think he is a boy not a man! By the way, I am older than him. I am very sad!

  4. Wendy

    Aww, there was one guy, only one, that I liked flirting with. And it was all with the mind….the eye contact, the smiles… but it never went past that. Was it not meant to be? I just felt very happy when I would see him, and I think he would too.


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