The Top 7 Things You Should Never Do During Sex

Stop Doing These Things Right Now!

There’s plenty of bad bedroom mojo to be had, so this is why we’re going to talk about the top seven things you should never do during sex. While most of these behaviors are interchangeable between the sexes, we’ll separate them for fun this time. Read on to make sure your bedroom moxie isn’t being hindered by these erotic faux pas.

For The Ladies…


While it may be tempting to make yourself seem as desirable as possible to your lover by claiming to be more sexually open-minded than you actually are, neither of you will enjoy things if you’re too far outside your comfort zone! It’s best to talk things through with your partner, and if you’d like to experiment, find ways to do it that have you comfortable enough to really enjoy the experience. Sexual experimentation is only fun if you’re honest with yourself and your partner. Having trouble being honest? Psychic Alison ext. 9885 can help!


If you like or don’t like something he’s doing, you’re leaving him guessing if you don’t say something! Most men think women are more complex than they are and so they will be the first to admit that they sometimes need clues to figure you out. No need for a Shakespearean monologue—just let him know that whatever he’s doing is working.

A Million Questions

While communication during sex is key, overloading him with questions about how he’s feeling or what he prefers can quickly kill the mood. Trust yourself and pay attention to the cues he’s giving you.

For The Gents….

The Immediate Roll-Over

It’s a stereotype for a good reason: men typically feel like going to sleep immediately after sex, which can often leave women feeling revved up, awake and alone. As sex is the most physically intimate thing you can do with another person, take a few minutes to bask in the afterglow together. When you both finally do turn over and go to sleep, you wont have to worry about any hurt feelings!

Porn Bedside Manners

While you may love your high-quality porn movies and adventures, bringing certain graphic expectations into the bedroom can be a major disaster. First, you may need to come to terms with the fact that porn isn’t real life and many of those women probably aren’t enjoying themselves nearly as much as their screams proclaim. There’s nothing wrong with experimentation in the name of fun, but give your partner a head’s up and talk through what she’s comfortable with beforehand.

Bad Oral Sex Manners

It’s no secret that men adore oral sex, so that means if you want it a lot, it’ll serve you well to make sure she finds it enjoyable enough to ensure future reruns. This means letting her set the pace unless she says otherwise, and being courteous enough to let her know when you are going to orgasm.

Weird Pet Names

Throwing out weird nicknames that your lover has never heard of can be a major turnoff—especially monikers which intrude into highly sensitive areas. Demeaning nicknames that magnify a woman’s sensitive issues, particularly body issues, are a huge no-no. Your little pet names aren’t as cute as you think they are. For real ways to increase intimacy with your significant other, give Psychic Rianne ext. 9423 a call.

15 thoughts on “The Top 7 Things You Should Never Do During Sex

  1. elaine giterson

    Hello dear I met this guy on fb we start chatting nice we contineu chat every dayi ask him if he’s maried he told me his wife died 3years ago I told him iam a maried woman he told we can be friends he don’t want to desrtoymy maried life but as the days goes by we both start feeling for one another I will like to know if he’s seriousof he’s just playing my feeling for this guy its getting stronger day by day pls let me know how iam stand with him his name is mark albertuntil I hear from u soon

  2. Barbara

    This guy and I were actually in the middle of sex, when he told me he had a well endowed friend who he would to bring along the next time for role play. I didnt understand what this entailed and to be honest, I thought it was just a fantasy! I couldnt even hear everything he was whispering. Some days after when we were chatting online and texting…it turned out he was convinced that I was the type of woman who was into including others. I was horrified! I had hoped we might eventually have a relationship! To rub salt into the wounds, I found out that he’d had a quickie in a car with a woman…less than 3 weeks after sleeping with me. He was amazed I had found out…forgetting or not believing I have psychic ability! I bet that reading this you will think I regretted the night I spent with him but no! In retrospect, it was the best sex I’d had for years! Just a shame he wasnt the faithful type and that he didnt want a one on one relationship.

  3. O Really

    Men adore oral sex?!? How about women? Why didn’t you inform the men that if they LOVE to RECEIVE oral sex they should also LOVE GIVING oral sex. Be considerate and make your woman cum. After that, I’m sure she’ll have no problem returning the favor, as women are natural givers!!!!

  4. Donna Kerr

    I think a person shoud never rush into getting married! Live together before marriage to see if you can get along while being together just like it will be when you are married!

  5. Janine

    I’m really interested in everything all of you have to say, but non of you make any sense. You need to use punctuation, or all your words run together like soup.

  6. Sylvia

    Good points for both sexes. Another one that works for both: NEVER COMPARE YOUR CURRENT LOVER TO ANOTHER! No “My ex-wife used to…. would you try it?” Yah, right! and be forever trying to live up to someone else instead of enjoying the moment.

  7. Randy

    Oh boy what subject. If someone don’t enjoy sex you can’t get them through any means it’s not healthy if they don’t and you need to find the right partner. I never seen any women that didn’t enjoy you having a snack time sometimes and hey men do like to perform well to the one they choose or at lease that s the way I’ve always been. Loyal and loving and was proud of it. Offer her a drink afterwards to. Usally dry afterward and talk a litlle thats when you find out if things are well. I will leave my past where it is though I have a worsening case of dementi and I wouldn’t ask anyone to go through that wth me.

  8. Helvi

    Wow! it may sound weird but these things are really true. There is nothing bad than bad sex,thus we need to avoid alll these and just enjoy the sex

  9. Eleanor

    I think sex between two people who love each other is wonderful. But sex just for sex is very cold and uncomfortable. If two people want to be together then people should leave them alone as they will be miserable apart. Who can explain love ? No one. It is a feeling that only the two people envolved feel and they know it. Some thing chemical or physical happens. I think they both feel like little children. People fall in love and out of love. Why I do not know. Lack of understanding or for getting you are married and lose what you had. I believe there has to be a common ground between them for it to last and never put any one else before your mate. Money can kill a marriage faster than any beautiful woman or material thing. None of us can take any thing with us when we depart from this earth. We came in with nothing and we will go out the same way. So why fight and bicker over the little things that take away from the big things. ? Love is a gift from GOD, and should be cherished as such for us to go to the end with our partner. Love will conquer all from the cradle to the grave. It is more powerful than any thing on this earth and is free. Over come your faults. Always say your sorry and those wedding feelings will never leave you. The bells will ring for you and your gal as long as you let them and thats the truth. Do not be a one way person and your peace and happiness will be eternal. A commitment is for life. So saith the Lord and I believe it. amen


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