Top 5 Lies Married Men Tell

Lines to Have Your Guard Up For

Would a married man having an affair with you tell a lie? Nooo… and it certainly wouldn’t sound like one of these lines:

5. “We’re staying together for the kids, and as soon as they’re out of the house, I’ll be free!” If his morals are so impeccable that he can’t break up the family, he’s not going to be having an affair in the first place. This is an excuse to keep you hanging in there for another XX years, until he can think of another excuse why he can’t leave. Why is your life on hold, while he (and his family) lives his?

4. “But if I leave her now, she’ll get the money/house/dog. I’ll leave her as soon as I find a way to dupe her out of the money/house/dog.” My only comment is this: What kind of a man would do that, and if he’ll do it to the woman he built a family with, what makes you think he wouldn’t do it to you? (If, in fact he ever does come up with that plan.)

3. “I can talk to you, feel for you, etc., like I’ve never been able to with her.” So… why is he still with her? If it’s that incredible a connection he has with you, he’s going to want to be with you and not take the chance that you could find someone else. You deserve someone who actually shows you how special you are all the time, not just during the time he can sneak away from his wife.

2. “I’m so miserable, and she treats me terribly; she watches my every move!” Umm… he’s having an affair, and I’m sure she knows “something” is up; there is such a thing as “women’s intuition.” And, like any person who feels their partner is cheating, they’re going to nose around to try to find out the truth.

1. “We’re really broken up, are just roommates, and sleep in separate beds.” If she is indeed just a roommate, then you shouldn’t have to sneak around, and she shouldn’t have a problem with your dating her “soon to be ex.” What does a “roommate” care who he dates? Trust me… if they’re still living together, and he’s sneaking around hiding you from her, they’re still a couple, still sharing a bed, and chances are, they’re still having sex—and he has no intention of leaving.

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18 thoughts on “Top 5 Lies Married Men Tell

  1. Kate

    To Denise:
    I just had the same thing happen to me. It hurts so much, and I still miss him and love him. He always said he would never leave his wife – except once I think in a moment of weakness – but once we got caught, he went back. And it ended. Now he has to pick up the pieces and fix his marriage. i just am hurting and sad. I know he still cares as he waves when I see him and I see it in his eyes. But, she didn’t do anything wrong: we did.

  2. Stanley Koskiewicz

    I love a certain woman, but feel I have little or no chance at all with her. As time goes by totally wasted, instead of staying home, staring at the four walls, I am trying to date again.
    It doesn’t mean my love for that woman has gone away, it means I am trying to survive! If
    that’s lying, then I’m guilty!

  3. Pat

    If you are believing the lies & continue on with the relationship be sure that you want the relationship on a full time basis. There is a 50/50 chance that you will get what you want. His wife had been the other woman 15 years before I became the other woman 5 years ago. I did get him full time & have been trying to get out of the relationship for the past 2 years. All is not always what it seems. Don’t get caught up in the moment!

  4. Denise

    What if your married man never lied to you? What if you got involved, fell in love and he said, “I love my wife, I am not leaving, but I fell in love with you and never expected to be here?” It took me a year to get out of it and it ended because we got caught – and he is dealing with the fallout, trying to rebuild something that he broke. I helped break it and I got out with a broken heart, but he is still paying. He does Email or call occasionally to check on me and to let me know how he is, but he and I are very careful about not going into conversational territory that brings us back.

    Not all cheaters lie to their mistresses – some find themselves in a situation much like the other woman. They love who they love and don’t want to hurt anyone. I think he is hurting as much as the women are in this situation. I hurt for a long time, but I’m moving on. I know he still loves me and still hurts. And he’s trying to do the right thing because he does care about his wife and family. I do hope they can fix it because he really is a good person who made a mistake.

  5. Palesa Pangalele

    In my case I dated him (Gcina) in my teens then we broke up. I met somebody else (George) and he got so jealous that he would ask stuff and talk about me to the guy (George). Things between me and George ended and I later met my current husband and father of my two daughters. Dated three years before my first pregnancy and our marriage. Gcina already had two children with his now wife whom I have no clue what was going on between him and her at the time. He seriously wanted me back, even almost took me to his place forcefully. I then fell pregnant with my first child, Gcina came to see me and asked if he could take over from my then boyfriend and at this point I was highly expectant. We are now both married to other people and I have finally given in to his proposing. We are sleeping together and I feel like I love him more than I do my husband. Why is this? Please help, I just really need to understand what it means. Regards, Palesa P

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    and to Robert… are right… cuts both ways…..

    I read for as many, or more, women who are cheating on their husbands .

  7. Mary

    Just a comment to #1. It’s not so set in stone that if they are still living togeather, although sleeping in seperate bedrooms that they are still having sex(with each other). However I know from my own experience with my husband, that our living togeather is just for legal responsibilities. When that contract has expired we plan to go our own way (divorice). But while still living togeather I must respect him and not go out on him.

  8. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    While I know very few women who are happy being the “other woman,” we love who we love and the heart goes where it will. Sometimes the above mentioned lies are lies, but sometimes they hold something much deeper that men can’t always express.

    If possible, don’t be the “other woman,” but if you find yourself in that role, there may be a good reason for it.

    Reed 5105

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article…..but I feel it only applies to 50% of married men having affairs.

    I’d say sometimes yes…..sometimes no….. do the tips above apply….

    First off, I feel it is not wise to stereo-type readings… every client’s situation is unique…as is every client’s Karmic life path.

    Second….I’ve read for 45 years and I’ve seen many men use these excuses in the beginning and end up leaving AND divorcing the wife to be with the girlfriend.
    Some leave….some don’t….based upon my own reading experiences I’d say that at least 50% do leave and they almost always go thru a phase where they use the above excuses but again, 50% actually end up leaving and divorcing the wife for the girlfriend.

    Third….The national divorce statistics are factual … that the divorce rate is 5 % to 60% in the USA….which means, if you stop to think about it, that somebody is indeed leaving somebody.

  10. Mary Lou

    OMG, I fell for all 5 for 15 years, and have spent the last five trying to straighten my life out and get over him! I slowly have made my way to less dependency. I don’t need to hear his voice all the time. When I am in a conversation with him, I realize it is a monologue, and not a dialogue.
    When it started, it was 6 months after my divorce, and I thought it was what I needed to keep me safe from myself. It was for a while, then it became a dependency, everything was really about him. I spent most holidays alone, and I am not sure if that was worse than the ones I spent with him AND his family. It really was being alone and lonely while being in a group. Ladies, get out right now, it will hurt less in the long run!

  11. Carmela

    California Psychics: November 28, 2011

    I took advantage of the 5 free minutes within the last 10 days or so, and I was so disgusted with the reading I called back and told them in customer service that I didn’t get the reading I expected; that the so called “Psychic” just kept repeating everything and told me nothing and she was supposed to be sought after by many people and if she was all the things her bio said, then she would have known that I couldn’t do the things that she suggested I do to meet someone.

    She was arrogant in her tone and kept saying “well you should know the answer to that”, etc. I don’t feel like I was given a proper “1st Reading” and the customer service person told me, “sorry, but there is nothing I can do”! I told him that the site says that if you are not satisfied then you can call and tell them and they will set you up with someone else. I was even willing to pay the dollar a minute thing, after my 5 free minutes were up, and he wouldn’t help me at all. If that is how your site works and treats people, expecially new clients, then I should probably find a different site to use. He didn’t care one way or another.

    I’m on a fixed income, like most of the country and cannot afford to just call all the time like some people can. I just wanted some advice on meeting someone and the path in life I am on. I don’t want to have to give information to a “psychic” that they should already be able to sense if they are truthful about their abilities. For example, if you are someone like John Edwards, he could do readings for others over the phone, not just in front of them and he is a true Psychic.

    If you claim to have the abilities to do this then do it, without any help from the client, except maybe to acknowledge what you do know about them and give as much information to them as possible (to the client) as it is expensive and no one wants to wait for a “Psychic” to try to figure out what she’s going to say and then when she does, your time is up and you get disconnected and then you never find out anything.

    If you are not living a Righteous Life and acting as a Psychic to earn money even though you have no abiities, then shame on you for “stealing” money from people who rely on what you say and who are in need of real help, not just to hear what they want to hear but the Psychic Truth, which is what they are using the last pennies they have to call.

    I hope your company will correct the issues I had and allow me a chance to pick a different “psychic” and for all my trouble and having to write this comment which causes me a great deal of pain, give me a free 30 minute reading as a gesture of caring about the clients and not the money. This is the proper and righteous thing to do.

    I’m not saying that everyone should be given this, especially if they write a negative comment, but no one should be leaving a negative comment if your Psychics are real and not phony as we can always tell, no matter what.

    We don’t need a friend to chat with, we want answers to personal things that are hurting us and causing havoc in our lives. This is why we go to people like you, for answers; for the truth and not a made up one, not someone who tells you negative things in an arrogant way or keeps repeating negative things till the time runs out.

    I suppose they see that it’s a free reading and they really don’t have to do anything except make something up. The Psychics should never know whether the client is a paying customer or a free reading ever, as it clouds their judgement as to the reading whether intentional or not, it is what happens.

    They are also supposed to be correct 80% of the time to be a true Psychic; so that’s 8 out of 10 questions if you do it that way. That’s a lot to live up to if you are not a real Psychic, as they can give you specific dates and times and actual events past, present and future.

    How does your company choose a Psychic? What are the qualifications? Do you test them? For how long? Do you have people that work in the company call up for a reading just to see if they are real or not; let’s face it, if they are a real Psychic then they will know that it’s a made up call in a way, a test.

    I have always been able to read people and have been told by many other Psychics that I should be doing what they are. I don’t agree and would never take anyone’s money; plus the fact that I have to be able to touch the hands of the person I am reading to be able to get an accurate reading. I would never lie and say that I can be on here and make a lot of money telling people what they want to hear and I can’t read myself either or my family members. I suppose I was not given those abilities for a reason.

    Anyway, there it is in black and white. I finally got to say my piece and hope that this company is righteous and believes as I do, in giving people a “fair” chance.

    I think a 30 minute reading with someone I choose is far better then the alternative, which is to post this on YouTube and every complaint site on the internet, as all I have to do is copy and paste what I wrote here and then see how many people decide to call your company. I know it is a chance, but negative publicity is not what your company needs, even by one person; because then others will follow about the bad experiences they had and it will snowball into a big mess that doesn’t really need to happen. It’s a good thing I’m not asking for a free membership with free readings for 6 months. lol

  12. bolly

    Truly these are exact lies that my husband gives to his mistress which came back to me and I found out in his phone. He has been telling these lies for reasons best known to him. Our relationship is not so bad like that but he says its because of children we are still together

  13. robert

    it just kill me that its always the male. ive had four relationships now. one 32years and 3 short term. it was them that cheated and lied.

  14. patty

    my friend says he is legal separated. he has a military pension if he were to divorce he would give-up half. he doesn’t live with her – but pays all her bills. says he loves her but not in love.
    should i just move on with my life?


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