Share Your Gratitude and Enter to Win a Free 10-Minute Psychic Reading

Share Your Best Way to Experience Gratitude, Enter to Win a 10-Minute Reading

Here’s an open question to our readers: What’s the best way you have to experience or express gratitude? How do you remind yourself to stay grateful? Is there some kind of ritual or way that you keep yourself in a state of gratitude? How has keeping a grateful attitude changed your life?

We encourage your open commentary on the blog—we’re looking forward to your feedback, and a lively discussion with both readers and psychics!

One lucky winner who posts the most inspiring story will receive a free 10-minute reading—now’s your chance!*

The contest is going to be a frantic, fun experience—get ready to compete in real time to see who can come up with the most incredible experience, with psychics participating and assisting. The contest will end December 1 at 5 p.m PST… on your marks!

* 10-minute reading applies to calls that cost $3.50 – $4.00/minute. Stories containing specific names, legal or medical information, or pertaining to illegal activities, will not be posted. Psychics cannot enter to win. All content is owned by California Psychics. Names will be changed to protect the authors.

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90 thoughts on “Share Your Gratitude and Enter to Win a Free 10-Minute Psychic Reading

  1. Olusegun Amoo

    Gratitude is showing appreciation for what someone did for you directly or indirectly. Thank you, is one way I usually express my gratitude. Another way is through Volunteer which led me into becoming a member of Rotary International. Am not as financially rich to being a member but because l want to touch lives of people l may never meet in life, l accept to make the sacrifice in order to appreciate my creator for what He had done, is doing and will do for me!

  2. Angela

    Some of the ways in which I express my gratitude is by praying, thanking creator, god, source, etc. for getting me through some really tough times and changing my life. I went through a horrible break up after 4 years with this person as well as dealt with an illness during our time together. I literally felt like everything was taken from me, my animals, my home, love, my life, self-esteem, self-worth, etc. I tell my mother how wonderful and strong she is for taking me in and literally nursing me back to health on more than just the physical level. I tell my little sister how much I love her, make her laugh, and do arts and crafts with her, help her with homework, etc. I have come a long way on so many levels: I have lost 20lbs., my attitude on life has changed, and my illness is well under control and I’m on my way to ridding myself of it. I have shared so many different techniques with my family that has helped my whole being such as meditation, yoga, affirmations, etc. which keeps me in a grateful state. All this has greatly improved their outlook on life as well as their life. I remain grateful by riding my bike or walking in nature and talking with the trees and animals, thanking them for their beauty. I love to share positive quotes, pictures, stories, etc. on facebook in hopes that it will brighten someone else’s day and maybe encourage them to change their outlook on life. I also remain grateful when I am in the moment and don’t allow myself to worry cause life will unfold the way it is meant to and opportunities always present themselves. I am grateful even to share this story. Thank you, lol.

  3. Kate

    I’ve lived what seems a long life of lessons, but I have come to realize that “gratitude” is the “joy” of excepting “what is” and excepting my life’s path.

  4. Sally

    Hi my is Sally. Like a lot of people today, I have had very difficult times. So when I’m feeling out of sorts, I remember the beautiful smiles of the clients that I work with or just ask them “How are you doing today?”. There are so many miracles that God blesses us all with and seeing them helps me show so much graditude and thankfulness everyday to the wonderful people around me.

  5. Julie

    My face lights up when I feel gratitude for my life, my experiences and for all the people that share in them. For several years after my divorce I remained bitter and held resentment for the ‘wasted years.’. It wasn’t until I was able to see all the blessed gifts in my life – past and present – that I could be happy in THIS moment. Every day I try to express to someone how grateful I am for at least one thing in my life. Sometimes that one thing is the new job that I began 6 weeks ago, or that my ex-husband is actively involved with our children, or that a total stranger acknowledged me with a warm greeting. There is so much to be grateful for and the gratitude itself transforms my mood and state of mind, opening up even more opportunity for gratitude. What could be better than that?

  6. danielle m yost

    i share my gratitude by baking and sharing with every one i encounter that day although the goodies may be for the secretary at work i share them with neighbors and fellow train commuters and even the guys at my bike shop when i go in at lunch to have it tuned up just about everyone loves and appreciates the unexpected surprize of some home made baked goods made with love and in fact many kind souls have gone out of their way to do something kind or benevolent and call my attention so that they too may be the purpose and the recipiend of my coveted baking gratitude

  7. Starty

    I would say gratitude is something you acknowledge to the person with all your heart. . It can be a simple smile, a warm hug, a thank you letter, a prayer, a simple phone call that you care – the list is endless. I had a teacher who was always there for me. She was always there to listen to me and support me . I am really grateful to god that he made these wonderful people cross my life and
    made me understand – people like these exist. I am also grateful to my Mom for always being there for me to understand me, to nurture me and to bring me in this world .

  8. Diana Navarro

    Like many others I’m having a challenging year. I too do intuitive consults and I am wondering if I am truly on the right track. Many clients cannot pay and hence I am in dilemma if giving them information anyway to relieve their plight while wondering how I’m make a basic living. I am truly grateful, that thus far I am able to provide for the basics for me and my animal companions and have a rich life with family and friends. In any case, I am glad for this opportunity.

  9. Fiona

    When you feel like your whole world is crumbling down, whatever the circumstances are in your life, one must express gratitude by living today as if were the very last one. Sometimes our troubles make us blind in not appreciating the smallest things in life. Every single breath we take is an indication that we are here for a reason. Our troubles do not define us but makes us stronger as human beings. One should always remember that there are many individuals that have worse problems than you and don’t really look at the negative aspect of things, but are grateful for whatever they have. Why is this so? It’s all about the law of attraction. Thinking positively and truly being grateful for the little things allows for the universe to grant you wonderful things. Most of us don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it when it shouldn’t be that way. So close your eyes, think of all the wonderful things in your life: your loved ones, your job, that new car you just bought, etc. Say to yourself ‘Thank you’ for giving me…. (fill in the blanks). Imagine that a ray of light is penetrating through your brain, reaching all the way to your toes. THink of this light as a healing one, a light that burns away all your problems. That’s what I do to keep myself from falling through the cracks. So being grateful and keeping a positive mind will surely heal even the deepest wounds. 🙂

  10. Samantha

    I am a single mom of two beautiful daughters. Neither of their dad’s are in their lifes, their choice NOT mine. My own father passed away when I was 19. My mom has stood by me no matter what “bad” life choices I have made and has been an amazing help with helping me raise my girls. I try to not burden her as much as possible and finances permitting, I try to take her to dinner or trips out of town when we can. I appreciate all that God has done in my life and continues to do. I want my girls to see that no matter what happens in your life, that you can go on and still be happy. I am taking my AS Degree online starting in January, so that I can better myself and have a better life for myself and my girls. I would love to finally take my mom on that trip to Italy that she has always dreamed of.

  11. Laura

    When you shift your focus from the negative no matter what is or has happened. Sit down & breathe for a minute and think only of the positive things that are happening it shifts your mood & your entire energy & puts a smile on your face.

  12. Susan Sirex

    To sum it up, I am grateful for TRANSITION. Here, let me elaborate for you…

    I can sit here and write two pages about how the last two years of my life have been trial after trial AFTER trial. Starting with loosing my secure job in my chosen career due to greediness (money is the root of ALL evil, right?), to loosing my God-son in a tragic drowning, to loosing my last living Grandparent two weeks before her 100th birthday (all of that happened in a 3 month period, mind you).. and how EVERYTHING has been slowly drudging downhill since then with a few bumps in an upward direction, only to be brought down again and going even faster than before.

    But through all of this, I stood and continue to stand FIRM IN THE FAITH. Trusting and KNOWING that the Lord will NOT give me anything I CAN’T handle. Each life experience (the good, the bad, and the ugly) has a lesson to be learned with it. As I’ve spent months at a time bawling my eyes out, not having any consideration for my health or my life in general.. I realized that I was allowing the Devil to tempt me.. and worse.. I was AWARE of it and didn’t care!

    Church, my congregation, my family, the new man in my life, and my Bible (not necessarially in that order, or in any particular order at any time) has helped me to cling to my faith and stay strong, and now the TRANSITION I’m experiencing is anything less than bittersweet.

    I have a new car coming down the pike, I’m loosing my very first home where I lived on my own and learned all about freedom and independence, but have been given the opportunity to move into a beautiful area that is safe, welcoming, and where I can save some money up for all these big changes happening soon by having a couple of roommates. And even though I’ve lost a job as well… I have every opportunity to grow and be a success in the remaining two that I still have.

    What POSSIBLE way can I show GRATITUDE for the things the Lord has blessed me with? The lessons He has given me? The life that I’ve been given an opportunity to live? Just that.. I can LIVE MY LIFE! I can smile at everyone I make eye contact with.. I can respect my elders and superiors.. I can wake up every morning and be thankful for another day.. I can set 15 minutes aside a day to meditate on my life, its current lessons, see the value in them, and give THANKS.. and I can encourage people to press on in times of struggle because I’ve been there. I’ve been to Hell and back. I’ve been in the darkness with no light visible.. I’ve been on the verge of giving up.

    I’ll continue to pray before every meal, I’ll continue to pray in public places when I feel the need or desire to, and I’ll continue to sing praises and rave about our AWESOME Lord because I wouldn’t be who I am without Him.. and I wouldn’t have this LIFE TO LIVE without the glory and mercy of my Lord and Savior.

    A free 10 minute reading would be great, because I love to talk to intuitives.. and I’ve spent many a dollars on them in my past. And I always enjoy hearing that I am going down the path the Lord intended me to take, and for the encouragement given to keep going.. to keep on truckin’! But, I’ll just be happy to know that someone out in the world read this little blurb, can relate to the pains and struggles I’ve experienced, and can take something good away from what I’ve shared. Thanks for the opportunity to share my story, and remember to KEEP ON TRUCKIN’!! =)

  13. Monique

    In August 2008 I had a miracle happen to me. I was unhappy with my job but was afraid to leave it because of the security and good pay check it brought me. I read an angel book that said feathers are a calling card of angels so not to be afraid to ask for one. I thought why not, I have always known we are looked after so I asked my angels for a feather. I asked them if they thought it was in my best interest to change my job and follow my passion and do home staging and interior decorating to please give me a feather as a sign. I was taking a home staging course at the time. 2 days later, I found a feather on my living room floor but that’s not the amazing part! I actually told my angels that feather could have come from a pillow or a duvet so to please send me another feather that would answer my question without a doubt. I was VERY clear with them that this feather had to leave no doubt in my mind that I should change my career to decorating and home staging. About a week later, I was sitting outside with another angel book and it mentioned feathers as well. I said out loud to my angels “hey where’s my feather!” I started laughing out loud thinking if my neighbours heard me they’d think I lost it! Anyway, 20 minutes later I heard the LOUDEST paper rustling wing flapping sound! I looked around and I found a paper by my feet, I picked it up and turned it around and all I can say is the chills covered me from head to toe. The paper was actually a little floor plan I had drawn of my nephews living room that I was decorating for him to help him sell his house. The paper was from a steno pad (the kind with the metal spirals at the top and through the holes was a grey gold tipped feather!! I have never felt so humbled and loved in all my life! I have always tried to be a happy person but since that happened to me I have to say it’s much easier! I know without a doubt that we are all loved and watched over and that keeps me so grateful and happy. Since that day I always try and focus on the positive, I try very hard not to let any negativity affect me and you know what? It really works! The happier I am the more great things happen. Other things I do to keep me grateful is to talk with my angels often and to treat people with love, warmth and compassion. It’s truly amazing how a smile or an act of compassion changes the day people are having. If I have a bad day I try to remember to always find the silver lining because there is always one no matter how bad things may seem. I don’t even care if I win the free reading, if my story can help someone else be positive or grateful then I’m happy with that!

  14. Loris Bromley

    Reminding oneself of all the wonderful things we have to be grateful for can be difficult. We live complicated, stressful, busy lives sometimes.
    My grand-daughter one day, gave me a pink tourmaline stone to keep in my purse. Whenever I route through my purse to find something, which is often, the stone reminds me of all the things I have. I am also a firm believer in energy shifting/healing, tapping techniques and things like that. Practising everyday and receiving my own miracle recently, I believe this can raise the energy vibrations to help everyone.

  15. mary

    NEED TO KNOW . does my future look better? have i already met my soulmate ? will i be moving to missoula? thanks abunch . mlp

  16. Tammy

    I try to remind myself daily that life is a classroom, and that for every thing that happens in it, (happiness, sadness, sickness, health, life, death, acceptance, rejection, etc.), and all the trials that come my way, is to make me a better person and for me to learn a valuable lesson in this lifetime, which will improve my next lifetime. I am grateful for every person and every experience that I have had, though some have been painful, while others quite joyous, it has helped to mold me into the person I am today. I also know that through all of these lessons it has allowed me to touch many lives with kind words, taking time to listen, a gentle touch, or perhaps even just a glance and a smile in their direction. Grateful is accepting what is, no matter how bad or how good, and still thanking the Creator of the Universe, your Angel Guides, and the spirit world. Appreciating the life around you, seeing the good in everything, even the situations we find painful, and being grateful for the experience of life. The knowing that this is NOT the only opportunity we will get to live a satisfying life – I’m so very grateful for that! You can experience gratitude in every single second of life if you take the time to accept what is and look around you at the beauty in this world. Being love, giving love, expressing love, and attempting to ALWAYS come from a place of love when interacting with the world is the best way to express gratitude. Honestly, what is there not to be grateful for?

  17. dixie

    hello, im not too good at writing things,im not well, and i know my days are numbered,im am greatful for each morning that i wake up , and i let the lord know i am before i get up . i say thank you lord for giving me another day and im greatful for my husband who goes through so much to care for me and my grandson, when he dont feal good his self ,and im thankfull i have a roof over my head, and a little food in the house, i have so much to be thankfull for i can never list them all thank you for your time and god bless dixie

  18. Patricia Hoffman

    I am a single parent on disabilty who suffers from severe depression. Each month is a struggle to make ends meet yet I am thankful for my blessings that I do have. I show my gratitude by doing volunteer work with the local Girl Scout Troop. I also do pro bono job counseling for others who are suffering job loss in todays upside down economy.
    I am very grateful that my daughter and I are no longer homeless as we were a few years ago.
    I may not be rich with money but I am blessed with non-monetary items which money can not pay for in todays world.
    thank you, Pat

  19. janis

    im so thankful for my mom who is 83 and in gd health except for her breating but other than that im grateful she in gd health she loves to bowl and beats me at times hee hee she loves life and always smiling at everyone she meets,so yes im very grateful i have her in my life.i just wish i could buy a home for her but i dont make that kind of money.but that ok we have each other and that the most inportant ,i love my mom very dearly ,very grateful for her raising me up to be a gd person and treat people as i want to be treated,i have only my mom so i try to spend as much time as i can with her,,

  20. Loretta Braden

    Everyday I wake to another day, I thank God for the opportunity to once again to possibly “Get things straight with Him and My fellow humans on this earth, another chance to offer a “smile” to another human being “just because”; another day to smell the roses that are missed normally in our hectic days; another day to offer “help” that is possible to another less fortunate person; to offer hope to someone who is in despair and sees no “light” in the wonderful day that has been granted and above all, another day to not sweat the small stuff and just be thankful for all the blessings I have. I may not have everything I want, but I definitely have “all that I need” for this time and space. Another day to be grateful I am alive!

  21. Cindy

    I find that the best way to express gratitude is to begin when I first open my eyes for the new day. Saying that it will be a wonderful day again and again sets my mind in a positive way. Before falling asleep I do affirmations. I’m caretaking for my mother right now, and she and the family need me to stay positive. I find that it helps by living in the moment. Each moment has it’s special beauty if a person can clear their mind of the endless chatter of problems and past hurt, or future fears. When you feel your energy slipping, it can be perceived as a quiet time. When an activity becomes difficult, slow down, relax, and it inevitably lightens the mood. This is precious time for me, and although I don’t know what will happen next, it helps to keep reminding yourself that the world is a beautiful place and this very moment is blessed. Peace and blessings to all!

  22. cynthia

    I feel the best way to show gratuide to someone is to sincerely be there for them when they need you unconditionally, to be honest and true.



  24. Yvonne Quigua

    I believe that when you think of “sharing your gratitude” you automatically think of doing something that makes you feel good or appreciate the little things that come your way…. but I have come to the realization that is not always the case. I see that in all my surroundings people experience pain.From every day stresses from “big” issues to “little” issues, to break ups , and losses and I believe the most painful of “deaths.” As twisted as it sounds if you go back and kind of reflect on those things not in a negative way, but what you learned through the whole experience and being and just grateful that you pulled through you will have a doulbe blessing by being the angel who will help another with the same situation and they will appreciate it and in return you will bre grateful that you did.

  25. danielle

    This year has been extremely rough. I lost my job and my husband lost his. My husband also lost his father and could not afford to fly to jamaica to bury him. To top things off he is still fighting for unemployment after 5 months and counting, We are litterly living off of hope and prayer. my grandmother and cousins are battling cancer and my mom a disease related to lupus. I am also losing my home,my first house unfortunately. My husband and I have four kids and are not sure everyday how we will provide for them since we have been looking for work and cannot find it. What makes me have gratititude is that through all of this our children as well as us have our health. We breath everyday and god provides everything we or our children need. I am so greatful to have four healthy children, a warm place to sleep at night, a church family that cares, as well as a family that cares. With that being said I am most greatful for a creator that cares and blesses me with breath in my body everyday!

  26. bettina

    well this as probly been the worst year of my life , lost my mother 6 months ago four weeks later lost my sister due to her having a tuma on the brain, to top it off my marriage as gone down the drain, and to top that off i had a bad car crash that put me out of work this year to,,, does it ever ever get better ?

  27. gerard whalen


  28. Sandy

    When I experience or express gratitude everyone around me will know it…I’m like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, no matter where I go…when or if anyone does anything for me special I just feel so amazing and blessed inside to have anyone and everyone in my life who would go through the trouble of surprisIng me or doing something especially thoughtful…I never forget any sweet gesture and can’t wait to recipricate my appreciation with hugs, love, and gifts… my brothers and family are the main recipiants of such behavior…I’m a sucker for simple thank you’s and surpises from them 🙂

  29. paul

    My gratitude, is Life itself. My most grateful and thankful for my health, state of being, independance with the freedom of mobility of my whole body and to care of myself. ( How alot of us take for granted in the daily tasks we do for ourselves and for others without expecting anything in return. Example: Being able to hold a glass of water, to use utensils when eating, to bath and go to the bath room. Just getting out of bed by your self. To hold a door open for the elderly ( I’ll get there eventually) To gaze upon beautiful sunset with your eyes and that bonus would be to share that moment in time with someone. Showing and sharing a simple smile to a stranger walking pass on the street and then quickly see how they smile back. Whomever reads this, you know it’s the small things that counts. Think of them as some have done for you. Yeah! Life is pretty cool even with it’s up and downs. I’m thankful I’m here.

  30. sabrina

    My grandmother always taught me to be grateful for what I have no matter what. And for the I’m very grateful to her. She passed on in November of 2009. the best way I show my grattitude is to help someone less fortuneate than myself and there are always people around that could use help. Be it the homeless lady on the corner with kids to feed. Or donating to a local charity. Or baking cooking, fudge or just a goodie and giving it to a lonely old person that lives all alone or doesnt have much or any family. This is the way I show my grattitude.

  31. tonya pierce

    One way that I show my gratitude for those that are good to me is that I try to do whatever I can to help them in any way whether it be providing transportation, help with household chores or taking them to dinner or getting them some type of gift. If someone is that good to me they will forever have my gratitude and may call me to help with anything I possible can because a friend who is willing to stand by you is hard to find and deserves my loyalty to assist them.

  32. dawn

    i was in a very bad relationship for 16 yrs of my life. i was abused physically, emotionally, and mentally. i never thought that i would ever get away from that life. but i finally did and i was so lost. i was 15 yrs old when i got into tht relationship and into my 30’s when i got out. it took every ounce of my being to try and survive but i did. i had to start all over again, and i struggle to this day. i work multiple jobs, i try very hard to trust people again, and i pray alot. the way i show my gratitude is by looking at the only 2 things tht were good out of tht relationship. my daughters! i would have done it all over again and sufferred all the abuse jst to have them. and all i have to do is look at their beautiful faces and im so very grateful tht God blessed me with such wonderful children. no matter wht ive been thru i have them and i will forever be grateful for that….

  33. Gaye

    I guess the best way I can show gratitude is by being there if any of my customers(I work at a fast food place)need to vent . Just being there to listen to them I think helps them and knowing that somebody cares what is going on with them.

  34. Brenda

    Please. Always a catch. This is why I stopped calling. I was told something that was going to happen within a month, but guess what, NOTHING. I have been a member since 2009. I do not believe anymore.

  35. Marian

    The way I express gratitude is when I receive something I thank the giver. If it is food or something I can donate to someone less fortunate than me, I will do it. Some friends know that the gifts they give me go to the less fortunate. God has blessed me everyday by the beauty in everything alive that surrounds me.

  36. soghra

    every morning i write and read aloud a page of prais and gratitude in GODS name and thanks for all GODS favour and goodness and expecting the more coming into my life as it happened before then can happen now and here i declare it and expecting GOD favoure now so be it so it is.SECOUND EXERSICE I WRITE AND READ ALOUD EVERY MORNING CALLED WISHING FULLFIELD ACT AS IT ALREADY HAPPENED WHAT I WANT AND NEED AND DECLARE IT IT IS ON ITS WAY COMING INTO MY LIFE ALL PEACE JOY LOVE PROSPERITY IN ABUNDANCE .WITH LOVE SOGHRA

  37. india brooks

    excuse me im very sick but some of my words did not come out clear what i was trying to say is that some ppl that dont know someone would not take the time out to recognize a strangers pain or even be concern but are you ok sometimes help or try to do something to cheer them up my mom is sick and i cried on the bus and this person looked at me like i had two heads, but it hurts my heart so i cried.

  38. india brooks

    a patient was crying outside of the hospital and i went inside the pharmacy to get medicine bc i have asthma i brought her water sometimes some people do not show gratitude bc sometimes they dont know how are it can be selfish reasons, but that day i showed my gratitude to recognize another person pain and at that moment they needed someone to probably ask if they were ok. Some people they are related to or friends but a stranger is very important as well bc we are Gods children no matter what thank you.

  39. Cherunda

    I had the most amazing reading several years ago. She saw two very powerful men and both of them were using me. That just occurred. I gives me the strength to see the situation with crystal clarity and my am I grateful.

  40. Lainey

    While also keeping a gratitude journal (jotting down everything and anything that makes me thankful) I also like to pay it forward. I reach out to someone else who is in need or feeling down and either directly or even better, secretly, try to make their moment, their day, or their life a little bit easier. It doesn’t take much–sometimes a simple kind word makes a world of difference.

  41. Dee

    The best way to experience gratitude is to get out and help people who are in need.Sometimes we over look the amenities we have which is so basic, such as food & shelter. When I worked in San Francisco, I cooked food and brought plates to the homeless who slept at the bus stations.It made me feel more grateful about my life.

    It’s also a humbling experience to be out in nature and experiencing what surrounds you. The beauty of what the creator has created.

  42. shanta hardy

    My mom taught me to be grateful. To remember who I am and where I came from. I always smile at others because u never know what they may be going through, my smile may help them. Expressing ways to be gracious don’t have to be big even the smallest thing can go a long way to helping someone believe!

  43. Rona Lynn

    Hi my name is Rona,

    Frankly I always try to show my gratitude everyday. My way of thinking is, if you help someone in need(Give a helping hand, give some money to the homeless,etc) I always feel like I made a small difference to that persons day. Even a little smile or nod can go along for someone so I try and smile and give a nod of acknowledgement to people I hardly know just to show that I know they’re there. Even so far as to just chat with them, because I know that some people would simply love to talk to someone to get some of their stress out or just to know that somebody is actually there to listen.

    I feel a warm happy feeling whenever this happens and I am greatful just to be ME.
    Thanks for your time, Rona.


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