The Real Relationship Killer

Protect Your Relationship and Allow it to Grow

Psychic Abigail ext. 9570 is a customer favorite at California Psychics and is known for her insights into relationship issues. “I’ve always been an empath, a feeler, and a knower,” she said. In addition to her natural empathic abilities, she also uses her skills in clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognition, and relays messages from her spirit guides.

During her recent visit to California Psychics’ offices, she discussed a big problem that prevents her callers from developing the relationship of their dreams. Abigail said, “The real relationship killer is trying to force something before it’s ready.” She explained that women often have an impulse to define what the relationship is and where it’s going too early on. “If people would just be in the now and enjoy the journey they would have the relationship they seek.”

When women try to define the relationship too soon, they risk their partner backing away. Not because he doesn’t want the relationship, but because he hasn’t reached that stage of the process yet. You need to give your partner a chance to grow with you, Abigail explained. “A lot of the time I tell callers that relationships grow in phases. If you start assuming the wrong things you’re not allowing it to flow. Fifty years ago people would marry early and go with the flow of their relationship as it developed. Now we all overanalyze everything.”

Abigail has a solution to avoid harming a newly developing relationship with this overanalysis. She says to know and understand the natural phases of a relationship. “There are growth phases—you don’t necessarily go from point A to B. If you rush it a lot of junk can come up that you’ll need to deal with.” She advises not to rush through the getting-to-know stages with your partner. “It’s like getting a degree; you need to do the work until you pass it.”

Interestingly, Abigail connected gaining greater awareness of growing together with a partner with what’s taking place in the world as we move toward the 2012 ascension. “The world is not ending but changing.” she said. As we move forward, Abigail explained, it behooves us to be in a state of allowing growth, as globally we’re growing toward a higher level of consciousness.

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13 thoughts on “The Real Relationship Killer

  1. gsdmom

    Dear sxemtbld: Why would you be bothered if a woman asks if you are asking her on a date? If you are just “hanging out” as friends who pays? I expect to pay my own way with friends. Not that men always have to pay for dates! One date does not mean you are exclusive, getting married, or owe each other anything. If you like the woman as you say and are asking her to do something with you, it’s a date. Don’t get hung up on the terms. Word of warning: if she pegs you as “just a friend” and you ever hope for more, you won’t get it. There have been many articles on this site about this subject matter. All women do it. It’s just a fact. So keep your options open to be more than a friend in the future and have fun dating. There’s no reason to get scared because it may NOT be a loaded question, just a practical one. Now if she pushes for a ring after one date or wants to know your bank balance, run! LOL


    Right on spot. I used to rush things with a girl right away and now it seems like girls are doing it to me now. Karma is a BLEEP but I am willing to accept that the next few women I plan on dating or getting with will come off strong with me.

    However, I hate it when I ask a girl I like if I want to “hang out” with her and her response is “is this as a friend or as a date?” This questions gets under my skin because she is cornering me quick with a loaded question.

    Ladies, even before getting exclusive, asking this type of question will scare a guy off as well.

  3. gsdmom

    Hi Abigail. Great pic. As an overanalyzer I have heard this advise and it works every single time. It is frustrating when men grow so slowly. I’d like to add fertilizer to a certain someone. Better yet Miracle Grow. No one needs more of the main ingredient in fertilizer in their lives. Many hugs.

  4. abigailx9570

    You did exactly what your spirit was telling you to! You set the boundaries about sex up front and weeded out a man who was not interested in a relationship. This article is about going with the natural order of getting to be in a relationship and having sex with someone before you know any thing about them is like giving a stranger all your personal information and bank account information and saying here you are I hope you will be kind ~ You are being real in saying if you want sex do you also want a relationship the two are suppose to go hand in hand. You will find that stick to your boundaries remember the right man will abide by them and also aprreciate that you had them 🙂

    Many Blessings

  5. katrina

    I meant to say, Kathy… comment on rascals…..

    Yes, we are in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde….Love to hear the wise counsel and experiences of colleagues and clients!

    xo Katrina

  6. katrina

    Very insightful, Abigail and spot on. Wisdom, timing and not hitting someone over the head with a hammer….Emotional discipline is key. Not sure why folks can use so much restraint and smarts in their professional life but when it comes to love – zilch, nada, bupkiss.

    Of course, Miss Krystal…there will be those rascals that just “want one thing.” And that too requires wise and skillful navigation and diplomacy…..Some of those chaps may be able to be “trained.” (:

    Wonderful and very useful essay!

    Thank you for this…..

    Fondest wishes,
    Katrina xo

  7. flumples

    I wish someone had told me this was what i was doing when i first met Andy. Things i was doing that i thought were just nice i think he looked at as moving things along to fast and making things more then they were. So what happened? Well i scared him off in a way. We’re still friends and every now and then with benefits. However i don’t believe i will ever be anything more. Which hurts like h*** especially because he’s the one. Yet because i was to overzealous i messed it up. He did say though in the beginning that he was getting attached to me and i truly believe no matter what in some way he is still very attached to me.

    I also had another guy i was interested in. His cousin told me to just be cool about it but that didn’t work either. So i guess you have to find a balance,

  8. Kathy

    I don’t mind “going with the flow,” but when he wants to get/be sexual early on, I have to draw the line. Sex before we’re even holding hands? Of course I’m going to ask where [he thinks] this is headed. If it’s something that both truly desire for the long run, sex can wait. Love can wait, lust can’t. I said ‘no’ to him and haven’t seen or heard from him since, and I don’t think it’s because I asked where things were headed.

  9. misskrystalmisskrystal

    Dear Abigail,
    Thanks. I so agree with you.
    As simple as it may sound to, “Go with flow-roll with it” 🙂 etc., and something so nice and easy, yet, so many reject this, easy does it,” spirit in order to make it more complex. The start of something should be fun and super exciting. …I think it is good to really pray for patience in these new relationships, I bet if some anxious folks did, there would be less drama and, more comfort in new relationships-I heard an elderly man, tell his granddaughter, in a cafe, the other day, “Play it cool” –I almost started to bust up laughing, only because he was so right…She must have been about 30 years old. I thought to myself, “He really is wise”
    Wonderful article. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. Fantastic photo posted here, of you, too!
    Huggies, many thanks, Miss Krystal


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